Making Do ~ DIY Chevron Ribbon Vase

October 31, 2016
I grew up "making do."
I had an abundance of what seemed to be everything and yet now I know it was a very, very frugal lifestyle and we did so much "making do."
I thought about this all morning in the shower, folding clothes, watering plants and then I realized that the life I feel the most comfortable living is a life spent with simple abundance.
My parents made do by "recycling" most everything and that was before recycling had a name.
Since Momma was a grow your own and preserve it sort of gal, we always had jars of all shapes and sizes sitting on tall shelves in the basement.
Well naturally that gene of hoarding, saving jars has been passed on to me and I have a entire shelf of 
pickle jars, jam jars, olive jars that are all neatly organized on a top shelf in my pantry...and I soak the labels off them too.
You do know the longer you live the more you become like your Mother...sorry dear daughters to tell you this...smiles...a little laugh too.
Did you know that there are so many projects that a person can do with jars-including making homemade jalapeno jelly.
Or this DIY STENCILED FALL JAR CANDLE, which was featured in the Hometalk newsletter.
So about three weeks ago one of those jars took on quite the transformation and even though it is so simple, it's sort of cute and making do is sort of a neat thing to do....
I am not short on flowers (even though it is the end of October...sigh...) but I am short on vases that would fit the bill for this little missy.
Granddaughters and grandsons are like magical sprites which flicker here and there. 
My husband and I have been blessed with the joy of really getting to know most of our grandchildren and most of them as soon as they were born!
So on this particular sunshine filled day Maisy Lou had a Birthday Tea Party. 
My daughter asked me to bring a bouquet of flowers from my gardens, she mentioned to me that the girls associate me with gardening and that Maisy would really like them.
This request was just what I needed to get busy crafting!

Materials for The DIY Jar Project

1. One empty recycled jar (I used a pickle)
2. Chevron ribbon
3. Faux flower
4. Faux butterfly
5. Glue gun and glue sticks
6. Scissors.


Directions for Making the Chevron Vase Jar
1. Measure the width of the jar and cut ribbon to the size of the jar.
2. Apply hot glue to jar (adult supervision required)
3. Wrap ribbon around jar and hold until set.
4. Glue on Flower and Butterfly
5. Add Flowers

Tea Time!


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Did you know that living an intentional life with with less makes you appreciate what you have more.


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  1. These vases are darling. And those grandchildren are pretty lucky to have a wonderful grandma like you!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, Jemma! I grew up recycling before it had a name, too. Everything was used and reused...and there was nothing wrong with that!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous, Jemma! I grew up recycling before it had a name, too. Everything was used and reused...and there was nothing wrong with that!

  4. I too love jars of all shapes and sizes. My Granny saved this like that for us to craft with when I was younger (hello minute maid frozen OJ containers). That is darling and a great keepsake for her.

  5. This all reminds me of my Mamaw, Jemma. She's really the one in my life that taught me about crafting with anything and everything. I have so many fond memories with her like you are now experiencing with your grands. They will treasure these times with you. :)
    xo, T.

  6. Love it! I grew up with a family making do too. My mom and grandma spent days in the summer canning their veggies.

  7. Hello Jemma!!!

    I so understand, appreciate and PREFER to live a life of abundant creativity with the basics. Yes, my parents did not gift me many gifts, but what I did have around the house I used to create. It's still part of me!

    I love that chevron blue ribbon. Festive and perfect for any occasion! And your little grand is beautiful. She must adore coming home to Grandma's castle!

  8. This is so cute! I love all of that vibrant color. The pinata teapot really caught my eye also. Isn't it so much fun to create for grand kiddos! Love it. Have a beautiful week.

  9. I love this project Jemma! It's so bright, cheery and festive! Perfect for your granddaughter's party! ...and she is so cute! Hope she had a wonderful birthday celebration!xo

  10. How sweet! The jar is adorable, but not as adorable as your grands. What a fun tea party Jemma. so nice to see you enjoying your littles. xo

  11. That's a cute jar. Your granddaughter is too cute. You are teaching them good values!

  12. I grew up saving jars and still find myself fascinated with saving jars, this was passed down from my grandma, and mom and yes deep down we all have a little bit of our mothers in us. The concept of saving jars I think was leftover from the depression, I remember when mayonnaise jars were glass, grandma would recycle and use for canning. Her jar collection was amazing and I think it was donated after she passed. Anyways I love your connection with history and how you embrace it, it's very inspiring. This jar with the chevron ribbon is cute and that butterfly is the perfect accent. So many great ideas here thanks for sharing!

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  13. Jemma, what a sweet, sweet sentiment you shared, both of your growing up, and how your daughter says your grandchildren think of you and think of gardening/flowers! Some would say lucky, I say blessed.

  14. You are so very fortunate Jemma, and if your children are reading from where I stand they would be very lucky to become more like you as they grow older.

    I have a cabinet full of empty jars and a pantry with jars filled with seasonal goodies. I love filling them and love the way they look.

  15. Very pretty, Jemma! And the table is so festive. I loved all the warm feeling in this post. How adorable your grandchildren are.

    As for jars -- well, I certainly should do something with all the ones I have! You are an inspiration!

  16. How super cute for Maisy. What great memories you are creating for your grandchildren. So sweet they think of you and gardening. Love any kind of jars and love them re purposed too. I love when the littles do something old fashion like a tea party for their birthdays instead of some high tech birthday. This is really so sweet. Happy New Week.

  17. A tea party, how wonderful! Your granddaughter looks like she's having such a fun time. The table is whimsical and delightful, Jemma, and the paper tea pot is darling. I'm glad to hear that you "made do" when you were growing up. I didn't have all that much either, and it was a simpler time when clothes and things were handed down from my sister, but it was a sweet time too. Maisy will remember this tea party always.

    love, Sheri

    by the way, thank you so much for the Halloween e-card. It made me laugh. Loved it, loved it!!!

  18. Your jar is adorable. I also grew up in the use something you have or maybe borrow something from a neighbor tradition. When did we start needing so much stuff?

  19. Love this Jemma. Sweet Maisy looks adorable ready for her tea party birthday. Your jar vases are so pretty and what a nice addition to the table. So festive and cheerful. You are so creative and make the prettiest decorations. These are the birthdays that are most remembered. The special celebrations with homemade goodies.

    Your growing up years sound a lot like mine. Mom taught me to make do and homemade was something we did naturally. She saved jars of every kind as my mother canned everything and I remember well our fruit and veggie cellar in the basement. If she needed a vase, a mason jar could fit the bill. Food coloring might pretty up the jar. Creativity was abundant! I agree we do become much like our own mothers. I see her in myself now and if I can be just a 1/4th like her, I will be blessed. I have the jar saving down pretty well, maybe the rest will follow.

    Thank you for sharing your heart and inspiration. xo

  20. What a sweet birthday party for a beautiful little girl. I too use any kind of jar or can I can find or have on hand and then me and the hot glue goes to town! Everything is sweet Jemma. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  21. I am a jar hoarder too! I like putting bottle brush Christmas scenes in them ;-) Your flower vase is quite pretty and Springy! Oh, how I wish that was the season we were entering!

  22. Hi Jemma, your vases look so bright and pretty with the ribbon and flower! Thanks for sharing at C&C with J&J.
    Enjoy the week.
    Julie xo

  23. Awwww...I just love this!

    I would love for you to share this with my Facebook Group for recipes, crafts, tips, and tricks:

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!


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