How To Make Easy Christmas Wreath Ornaments

October 16, 2016
Well by now you know me and wreaths.
I think we can truly say  that I really do not need a season or a reason to make them!
So, when I spied these adorable mini grapevine wreaths I knew that we were a match made in heaven...smiles.
So here we go friends an easy Christmas wreath ornament tutorial.

First off I would like to welcome you to day 16 of the second year of 31 days of Handmade Christmas Ornaments Blog hop.
I am so thrilled to be part of this extraordinary group of bloggers who are inspiring us with Christmas ornaments all through the month of October.

Time from start to finish for Christmas Wreath Ornament's~under 1 hour.

The mess~minimal

The Cost~under $2.00 per ornament


The Supplies~

  • 1. Mini Grapevine wreaths (package of 6)
  • 2. Mini embellished wood slice (package of 4)
  • 3. Mini Gold bows (package of 8)
  • 4. Thin Gold metallic cord
  • 5. Scissors
  • 6. Glue Gun
  • 7. Glue Sticks
  • 8. Gold faux stick with beads


The Tutorial~

Step 1.
Snip 11 gold beads off of the gold faux stick.

Step 2.

Space gold beads evenly on mini grapevine wreath and hot glue into place.
(being careful not to burn yourself, supervise young children)

Step 3.

Remove twine bow from embellished wood slice and replace with gold metallic cord.
Attach wood slice to grapevine wreath by tying the gold cord around the wreath.

Step 4.

Hot glue gold bow on top of the mini wreath where you attached the wood slice with
gold cord.

That is it!

Easy and ready to hang on your own tree as soon as the snow flies!


Thank you for joining me today!


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  1. Oh! I am so far out of the loop. Are we headed for Christmas already? I guess we are. These are cute, Jemma! Hope you have a great Sunday- xo Diana

    1. Well thank you! We are inspiring all of our friends to plan ahead, so they can enjoy the Christmas season!

  2. Those are very cute and rustic! Perfect for a farm-style Christmas look.

  3. Jemma, that really is a clever idea! And just like Brenda said... perfect for that rustic style tree.
    We are so blessed to have you joining us on the blog hop. :)

    1. Diane,
      Thank you for this fun and ever so inspiring opportunity to join you all!

  4. Such sweet little wreaths Jemma.
    Pinned to my Handmade Christmas board.

  5. I love the rustic wreaths. It's so beautiful.

  6. Oh, I'm so happy you made these! Last week I got those same cute little wreaths and now you have given me a great idea on how to decorate them. I love all of your wreaths!

  7. This is such a lovely ornament! I love the rustic look to it!

  8. Good morning Jemma! I love little wreaths and I have a few to make for some vintage horses necks'....teeeeheee..YES, TRUE! Lovely share. Have a beautiful day!

  9. Good Morning!
    Super fun, love the wood and twig wreath together - These would make great package add on's too for gift giving. Wreaths are the best...

  10. Well these are really cute Jemma :) I love the rustic look that we are seeing everywhere right now. Although I'm not getting things together for Christmas just yet, I'm definitely looking at all kinds of decorating ideas already. Have a great week.

  11. Very cute, Jemma. I'm still trying to get my holiday sale (which is Nov. 3) together before I even think about Christmas (apart from what needs to go into the sale.) Yikes! Well, it will come soon enough and these are really simple and fast -- a fun crafternoon activity with friends, I think!

  12. Love this Jemma. Super cute and fun. Love all the inspiration here. Have a great new week ahead. Going back up to check out some of the fun crafts.

  13. Wow, Christmas already? You are way ahead of me. Your ornaments is so sweet. Love the natural look of it. years ago, I made all kinds of Christmas ornaments and crafts. I do a few here and there. Have a lovely week Jemma. xo

  14. Very sweet, Jemma. I too have a soft spot for wreaths, big and small, but tiny is my favorite. Off to pin!!

  15. Jemma, this Christmas wreath ornament reminds me of the one that Jess made for me in school one year when she was little. They look very easy to put together. I really like the one you made with the gold and the little reindeer. You know, I usually have silver at Christmas time, but sometimes I just want to put gold out. :) You are so creative, Jemma.

    love, ~Sheri

  16. what a lovely little wreath.. i would have never thought to put those items together to make a wreath.

  17. Hi Jemma how cute are these little tree wreaths! I've been lost in creating my fairytales I really am not focused on the Christmas. You have given me a wake up call with this post.
    Lovely share,

  18. Jemma,
    Another great tutorial! Thanks for sharing it with Monday Social.


  19. What a cute ornament. I love those mini wreaths.

  20. I love those little wood slices you found, what a lovely way to make them a bit more special.

  21. There is nothing prettier than handcrafted ornaments- especially when the creator will use them in her home!

  22. These are adorable, Jemma. I just came in from watering my wilting plants on the porch and I am feeling pretty wilted myself. Christmas ornaments trick me into thinking it's cool outside so I'm all for it! ;)

  23. Jemma, your wreaths are so cute! What a great craft project! Looks like fun!

  24. Jemma, what cute wreaths...and an easy to follow tutorial! Great craft project! Pam @ Everyday Living

  25. Great ornament Jemma and such s perfect style for farmhouse rustic or woodland theme. Love it and your tutorial was excellent. Thank you for sharing. xo

  26. Those are so cute, Jemma! They sound so easy to make too. Thanks for sharing how to make them.

  27. These are adorable Jemma! Thanks for sharing with us, this would be a fun craft with the kids!

  28. What a fun and festive ornament!

  29. The deer head is the perfect detail. Love it.

  30. Really cute! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  31. You're a genius to turn these into ornaments! So cute :D

  32. Oh, Jemma, these are absolutely adorable!

  33. Very cute. I am hoping to pull off a spontaneous Christmas Workshop this month (next month) with a drop-in craft that people can do relatively easily and without a lot of mess or fuss. This might end up being it!


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