DIY Clothespin Christmas Angel Ornaments

October 26, 2016
As the Holidays draw near I am reminded of the many traditions associated with the celebrations of the season.
I know each one of you have many that you hold dear to your hearts.
One of my favorite traditions began years ago when I was just a young girl at home.
My Mother would always give me a keepsake Christmas angel ornament to hang on our Christmas Tree.
It was such a special gift to me because I knew how much time and thought had gone into choosing it.
The years rolled on and I had children of mine own.
Each year I would go to the Hallmark store and choose the perfect ornament for the children.
Quite frequently I would give my girls Christmas Angels, just as my mother had given me.
For my son I would choose a more whimsical ornament that reminded me of him.
I still remember the year he took Spanish, I found the most precious little ceramic boy with a colorful Sombrero.
I  have all of those ornaments to this day and I decorate a special Tree filled with those childhood ornaments of theirs and mine.
Time marches on and now I have grandchildren who I give special Christmas ornaments to, as well as my adult children.
This year the grandchildren be will receiving personalized Clothespin Christmas Angel Ornaments from me.
These ornaments require a little cutting, sewing and hot gluing but other than those few simple tasks they are easy and enjoyable to make.
With a good dose of imagination these ornaments can take on personalities of their own or those of the people that you are making them for.


The List Of Supplies For DIY Clothespin Christmas Angel Ornaments

1.   Pinking shears
2.   Scissors
3.   Glue gun
4.   Glue Sticks
5.   4x4 inch squares of muslin
6.   Wooden clothespins
7.   Wooden doll heads
8.   White thread
9.   Needle
10. Gold wired ribbon
11. Paint pen
12. Buttons (Halo)
13. Mini gold bows
14. Faux rhinestones
15. Gold String 


How To Make DIY Clothespin Angel Ornaments

  • ·      Glue wooden doll head on top of wooden clothespin with hot glue.
  • ·      (Be careful not to burn yourself. (Adult supervision is required.)
  • ·      Hot glue button (halo) on to the wooden doll head.
  • ·  Make angel wings using 4-inch squares of muslin fabric cut with pinking shears.
  • ·    Gather “Wings,” together in the middle with a needle and thread and secure with a few stitches.
  • ·      Glue wings onto the wooden clothespin body.
  • ·      Hot glue gold bow and faux rhinestones onto Christmas angel ornament.
  • ·      Use gold paint pen to paint clothespin body of angel and draw on face.







Hang on your Christmas Tree and Enjoy!



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Have a lovely Wednesday!

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  1. You've been busy! I love these angels and they look pretty easy to make. Handmade ornaments are the best and when I look back those were always my favorites. Do you ever remember going to Christmas bazaars? They were plentiful where I grew up and my mom would purchase handmade ornaments for us kids. Then she would make similar ones and give to friends and family she was always crafting something. So with my kids I made them ornaments each year and then when they moved they took them so they'd have ornaments for their own tree. Was a neat thing.. Love these angels gave me an idea.

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  2. These are so cute! Reminds me of the crafts we always made in school. :)

  3. These are adorable! So much fun! I like that you can make a lot at one time. Happy Wednesday!

  4. Great memories you shared about collecting and giving ornaments over the years. It gave me pause to remember my memories of doing the same. I enjoyed going to craft fairs and finding that special ornament. My tree is full of those and I enjoy reminiscing every year when I put up our tree. I painted some wooden ornaments and cross stitched others. Those were fun times.
    Neat tutorial. It would be a nice activity to do with grandchildren.

  5. What a sweet story & craft! I love this!

  6. Love your sentimental story! Love the sweet angels. Have a great week, Jemma.

  7. Love your sweet little angel ornaments. I collect angel ornaments each year from family and friends for my tree and love them all. It is fun to have these special memories to hang on the tree each year. Love that you are carrying on that special traditions with your kids and grands. So sweet.

  8. Aw, those are so cute! I love how easy they are to make too! I love making Christmas ornaments! My mother in law used to give the grandkids an ornament every year. Special memories!

  9. We made these when the kids were little. They liked making them with their own clothes so they were their "own". We would cut up one of their shirts that was too small and off they'd go. They also loved making soldier clothespins with felt- so easy. I love handmade ornies- so nostalgic!
    xo, T.

  10. These are very sweet to make for grandchildren! I have the same tradition of giving ornaments to my children and grandchildren every year.

  11. So sweet Jemma! My mom used to make these! ;)

  12. These are some of my all time favorite ornaments. Thanks for the quick how to, they are on my list!! :)

  13. I have an angel tree I always keep up year round in the guest room -- it's one of my favorites and sometimes I just go in there to sit and be peaceful. I love your project and again must compliment you on your always very well illustrated tutorials.

  14. Your angels are so cute. It is so much fun to create this very special ornaments. Sharing your memories of giving over the years is touching. Always special when someone takes the time to make and give something homemade. xo

  15. I love the clothespin idea☺ So cute♥

  16. How adorable. Oh I just love the story Jemma. Last year I wanted to make ornaments with the grands but it just seemed that everyone was so busy. But your post brought back some precious memories of my grandmother. She always loved doing ceramics and each year she would make the great grands their on ornament. The girls always got an angel and it would have the date on the back. My oldest daughter still displays her angels made by her great-grandmother on her tree yearly. Melts my old heart! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  17. Love these!!So cute!! I have a bunch of angel heads and arms and also the wood heads with halos that I bought at a yard sale so I am looking for ideas for angels and this post caught my eye...Thanks for sharing!

  18. Your little clothespin ornaments are so cute, Jemma. That is a nice tradition giving your children an ornament each year. I try to do the same thing every year, and those girls of mine sure have a collection now for their family. These look like they are pretty easy to make. Your Christmas angels look darling on your tree with red berried.

    You always have delightful craft projects to share.

    love, ~Sheri

  19. Dearest friend, hello! I am late once again due to my early morning dashing off to work. I can't believe we are already thinking about the holidays! I love that pompom wreath. I look forward to making a few things for the house and by doing so, I am reminded of all the kind bloggers from whom I've picked up a few ideas, shared and have been inspired by. Lovely work dearest!

  20. Hi Jemma, this is the cutest project and such a great idea for so many holiday helps from ornaments to package pretties. Love the pompom wreath.
    I have the same ornament tradition at Christmas. Thank you for sharing your talents and excellent directions. You and your posts are always an inspiration!! xoxo

  21. Love these. We used to use clothespins all the time for VBS crafts.

  22. Sweet little angels! I remember one year long ago making so many little toy soldiers out of the old-fashioned solid clothespins. I wonder whatever happened to them?

    I love traditions like this and small children love them, which proves that I'm still just a child!

  23. Oh, how cute, Jemma. I had not thought about clothespin ornaments in years. I had a whole collection of them at one time when my kids were little. Toy soldiers and reindeer, etc. Love the angels....and it is so true that everything old is new again....xo Diana

  24. Jemma, those are the cutest! They would make adorable little package toppers and hostess gifts. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Jemma, those are the cutest! They would make adorable little package toppers and hostess gifts. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Oh yes, I can remember something similar...
    These are lovely, just perfect!

    All the best Jan

  27. These are so cute Jemma! Handmade ornaments are by far the best! Making ornaments with children or grandchildren is a lovely way to make memories that will last a lifetime.


  28. Your grandchildren will love these angels! They are adorable. Thank you for sharing them at Monday Social.


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