Summer Bead Challenge

June 21, 2016
A very big thank you to Carole from Garden up Green for inviting me

and Karen from To Work with my Hands for creating this fun and inspiring challenge.

This is no ordinary challenge, it is a Summer Bead challenge, a perfect challenge for 

creative Summer crafting.

There are 8 bloggers who participated in this project and you will be able to see all of them 

at the end of this post.

We all purchased one package of  In Bloom multicolored glass beads.

They are on sale for $4.00 at your local Hobby Lobby this week.

These vibrant glass and acrylic beads come in such lovely Summertime hues.

Beads, chargers, Diy, pink beads, blue beads, clear beads

These beads inspired me and before I knew it I was thinking of blue ocean waters and a 

vacation on romantic beach.

When I held the beads in my hand I knew they would be perfect for a special handmade gift 

for my daughter on her Wedding day.

Wedding idea, gift for wedding, chargers with beads silver and linen

With a plan in mind I purchased two chargers which have a vintage look, along with some 

paper tags, a little package of ocean blue bows, some ribbon and gold polka dot plates in 

the Wedding section of Hobby Lobby.

With one very important word embellished on them...L-O-V-E.

Wedding idea, beaded chargers, gift, colorful, elegant,

The hubby and I took these with us to our daughter's wedding which was on June 16th.

I should have wrapped each of the bead chargers in tissue paper as some of the beads 

fell off while traveling.

The good thing is that they can easily be glued back on.

Note to self for the next time I give these as a gift.

Bead napkin rings, striped napkin rings, blue bows, beads, colorful

I thoroughly enjoyed this project and I actually sort of got lost in time while placing each tiny 

bead in hot glue on the chargers.

I guess these things happen when your daughter is about to get married.

glue, hot glue, DIY, handmade, gift, glamours, elegant,

Supplies for Bead Studded Chargers & Napkin Rings

1. Chargers.
2. Beads.
3. Hot glue gun and sticks ( Quick Grip) better choice recommended by AnnMarie.
4. Ribbon.
5. Bows.
6. Paper tags.
7. Decorative Paper plates optional

Directions to make Bead Studded Chargers & Napkin Rings
(This project uses hot glue and a hot glue gun-supervise small children and be careful to avoid burns)

Bead Studded Charger
Prepare your work space and cover table with paper.
Pour beads into a bowl.
Heat hot glue gun and place a small of dab of hot glue on the edge of the charger.
Place a bead on the hot glue and press it down, hold in place for a few seconds.
Repeat this process until you have achieved the desire look.

Bead Studded Napkin Rings

(Use the same safety precaution as above)

Repeat the same process for the napkin rings as for the charger.

wedding, silver, decorative, beads, candles, teal, blue, pink

I think that I need to make some for the hubby and I !

glass beads, multi colored beads, teal, gold, candles, crystal,

Summer beads, love and a wedding, what a happy ending!

DIY, make a gift for the bride and groom, chargers, glass beads

Thank you for joining me today, now lets hop on over and see what other bead inspiration 

we can find!       

Please Join me~

My Thrift Store Addiction                                                      

DIY, clay pots, decorating pots, garden pots, projects

                                                  Carole @ Garden Up Green 

Decorating a flower pot with beads

                                               Karen @ To Work With My Hands

glass bead projects DIY

                                                     Patti @ Garden Matter

Interesting things that can be made from beads

                                                    C.D @ CD's Country Living

Decorative uses for beads

                                                  Meredith @ The Pallette Muse

Garden decor made from beads and wire

                                                     Susan @ 

Decorative glass beads

                                                     Bon Bon @ Farmhouse 40

Thank you for joining us all today!

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  1. Hi Jemma, What a fun way to make something special for your daughter, I love this bead project and your plates look amazing! Something she will treasure for a lifetime. She is a beautiful bride, and I love the pic with her handsome groom. Congratulations…………….

  2. Hi Jemma,

    Love your sweet idea using the beads to decorate a charger. Sometimes white just doesn't cut it. These bright colored beads really add a little extra something to the dish! Congratulations!

  3. Very happy ending and what a beautiful couple. I love that you made something special for them and incorporated it with this challenge. Dinner for two is a wonderful thing and the beads add that splash of wonderful. Great project and I have some beads left I may just so something fun like this and surprise my hubby. Thanks for joining us with this challenge this was a lot of fun!

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  4. Hi Jemma,

    Love your sweet idea using the beads to decorate a charger. Sometimes white just doesn't cut it. These bright colored beads really add a little extra something to the dish! Congratulations!

  5. Handmade gifts are the absolute best and your beautiful daughter and her new husband will have a lasting reminder of your investment of time and love into their marriage.
    I love how these turned out and am inspired now to make some too.
    Thank you for joining us for the summer challenge. It's been an honor and joy to work with you!

  6. Jemma, I'm so impressed that you had time to make something like this while helping your daughter plan her wedding! They look absolutely beautiful on the table, and it's so nice to have a handmade gift like this. I'm so glad to meet you through this challenge!

  7. Jemma, I'm so impressed that you had time to make something like this while helping your daughter plan her wedding! They look absolutely beautiful on the table, and it's so nice to have a handmade gift like this. I'm so glad to meet you through this challenge!

  8. How lucky is your lovely daughter to have such a sweet and SUPER thoughtful Mum as you, Jemma! Homemade gifts are the absolute BEST-and your lovely chargers would stand out on any table! Congrats to the newly weds!

  9. Super cute. I have those same chargers. It's darling.

  10. Hello Jemma, congrats to the happy couple. Beautiful wedding photo. The craft project with the beads looks like fun. What a great idea! Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day and week ahead!

  11. Good morning Jemma!

    I need to get over to a bead shoppe or to a Hobby Lobby to find just the right aqua beads. I have a plan for a chandelier from which I want to hang some aqua crystals to match some aqua pendants I bought. I LOVE transforming things, and as you have so beautifully done here, summer fun is about making changes to inspire! LOVELY ideas,Jemma! HUGS to you!

  12. So pretty. Love this idea. I want to add some beads to my chargers now. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I really like the 'LOVE' plates and the polka dot candles. What a delightful project. Beads are so much fun to work with, and you have chosen some pretty colors to add to the plates and make them sparkle!


  14. I'm sure your daughter loves them! Very pretty.

  15. Your daughter is so pretty! What a great idea you had. I love beads. I got rid of all my fabric, but for some reason kept my beads. Haven't gotten them out in forever though.

  16. Hi Jemma, what a darling project using the beads on the charger and adding the love plate. It really makes a beautiful statement in the setting. Congrats to you beautiful daughter and hubby. They are a beautiful couple. Blessings always to them and thanks for sharing your bead project!

  17. So pretty and such a great keepsake for your daughter and her hubby. I have found that after awhile hot glue becomes ineffective with temperature change and eventually comes unglued! I use a glue called Quik Grip. It works great and it stays!

  18. Well, in the midst of writing a response, everything just evaporated into the ether! I hate when that happens.

    I love this beautiful craft you created and I'm sure your daughter does too! I want to try this and see how it comes out. Adding the ribbon, the LOVE dish and the napkin holder is brilliant! I can't quite see what the napkin ring is made of though.

    You really need to make these for yourself! Thanks for sharing ~


  19. You created something so beautiful and special for your daughter and her husband.
    The colors of the beads, summer, and a special occasion are the perfect combination!

  20. Love your sweet beaded charger and love plates. How lovely they are. you are getting your crafty on woman! Love the pretty aqua candlesticks. Pretty little project Jemma. xo

  21. Oh Jemma blue ocean waters and a romantic beach ... I am so there! Congrats on your daughter's wedding and such a precious and endearing gift you made for a treasured memory. You go girl, get your craft on and keep inspiring us with your talent.

  22. What a beautiful gift for the adorable couple, Jemma!

  23. How beautiful! I love these summery colors. And the photo of the happy couple is wonderful! I like your new profile pic too my friend. Enjoy your week! Hugs, Diane

  24. What a beautiful way to add color to your table! Hmmmm, this would be very cute for a girl's lunch on the deck! I'm pinning so I remember this creative idea!

  25. love the challenge I'm in the process of getting items to make my teacup candles and beads are a part of that thanks for sharing have a great week

  26. Jemma, what a thoughtful and beautiful gift for your daughter on her special day. I love the way you upcycled the chargers and the bead colors you chose! Thank you for sharing @Vintage Charm--pinned!


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