My Real Working Kitchen and a Cake Recipe

April 11, 2016
Greetings friends, from my real working Kitchen, a fully working kitchen that bakes way 

too much.

You know what I mean. I eat what I cook. 

And you know what that means...hmmm.  

Lots and lots of walking and gardening to keep the sugar gremlins under control.


This is a kitchen that seems now to have the full responsibility of keeping me grounded.

I have written before how I feel that the kitchen is the heart of our homes.

My farmhouse/french style kitchen has not complained yet and hopefully never will.

I try to keep her spic and span and all shined up. 

Today, some very sweet friends- Stacey from Poofing the Pillows as well as Laura 

from White Spray Paintare sharing their kitchens with you too.

I realize that I have five favorite things about my kitchen that inspire me and encourage me.

Everyone needs a little inspiring, right?  

How about a Brown Mountain Cake recipe too-yes, no, maybe???

If you like a seriously, scrumptious rich chocolate cake, then this one is for you.

I know many of you are staying away from sweets, so I just left the recipe for  last.

One of the very favorite things I like about my kitchen are the walls of windows.

On each side of the breakfast nook are windows.

These windows bless me with the privilege of watching Mother nature awaken bright eyed 

in the Spring and close her heavy eyes in the Winter.

Colorful cardinals flit through the air without a care.

While shy and wary deer appear to tiptoe gracefully by with many a worry and care, always 

looking over their shoulders in anticipation of needing to flee.

My island is so handy. 

Today she is decorated just for you and Spring.

My island is just right for me - not too big, not to small.

It is a built in fixture with electricity for mixing, decorating, serving and of course a spot for a 

flying pig.

My pantry and pantry door make me happy and as you can see, there are pastries and 

such on the door too.

My pantry is not huge but it is so much larger than the our last home and I can keep it all 

organized, the sugar, vanilla, flour...oh yes and there is real food in there too.

I promise.

My ceiling, I love my ceiling and my light fixture.

Combined together, I feel like I am living in another time period and that is such a 

awesome combination to me.

I think that all of those feelings, inspire me to bake more...hmmm.

This is one moist cake and when you top it with wild flowers and raspberries, it  makes for

a fabulous presentation!

If you like raspberries you might also enjoy Raspberry Almond Cake.

Thank you for joining me today, now it is your turn to tell me about your kitchen!


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  1. Jemma... love your kitchen and accessories! That cake looks positively delish! Have a good week.

  2. Your kitchen is beautiful! I love that ceiling too and might burn something because I'd be too distracted looking up. Happy Spring Sweet Friend. :)

  3. I used a very similar light in a clients mudroom I love it!! Great wood ceiling too! You must love your new home!

  4. Your kitchen is lovely and reflects your personality. I just noticed that you have an extra oven on the wall!! I will save your yummy recipe to make when the kids are home so I don't eat the whole thing by myself.

  5. Hello Jemma, I love the pretty views of your kitchen and the lovely flowers. The cakes sounds delicious. I try wlaking more if I have something bad to eat too. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  6. Your kitchen is so beautiful, and I love what you said :
    "This is a kitchen that seems now to have the full responsibility of keeping me grounded."
    That is what our homes do, right?
    They keep us grounded.
    I am so blessed to call you friend Joyce.
    And I love your values of living a simple life from a simpler time.


  7. Your kitchen is beautiful, it's such a happy space! I love the pantry door, so cute!

  8. Your kitchen is fabulous. I too have a wall of windows and it lets so much light into my kitchen. I get to watch the kids swim, the animals, the's wonderful! I agree!! :)

  9. Oh the flying pig is adorable and the recipe sounds delicious.

  10. Your kitchen is just gorgeous, sweet friend....I am drooling over that light fixture and that pantry door - too gorgeous!! Oh, and the cake? Pinned....have to try this one!!

  11. Adore your kitchen and that light fixture - WOW! The cake sounds and looks delicious. Will give it a try.


  12. Jemma, I can't get over that cake, it looks so moist and delicious! I can see why you love all these things about your kitchen. Your countertops are such a pretty color, and that flying PIG, love him! The light fixture is very unique. I've never seen one quite like it. Isn't it nice to have a pantry? That's the one thing I miss at our old home.

    Your kitchen is wonderful, and you remind me of my aunt, Jemma. She was the Baker in the family, and I used to go over there when I was little and she had rows and rows of baked goodies on her counters. I never really asked for any. When you're little, you're too shy to ask for things, but now, I'd definitely ask for one of her homemade treats hehehe. Your family will always remember you baking, Jemma. It's a wonderful thing to do.

    love, ~Sheri

  13. Oh, Jemma, your kitchen is truly a dream! i just love it. That island looks wonderful and the trim you've used really is pretty. The vignette is darling and that cake! Lord, have mercy! I want some!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  14. I have an island as well. Don't think I would want a kitchen without one now! LOVE the flying pig :)

  15. I just love your kitchen! That light fixture is so unique and gorgeous. And how pretty is that pantry door? I would love to have a walk-in pantry. Your cake looks way too good. I have been a very good girl with no sugar, but if I were visiting you, I'd be very tempted to have a small piece of your cake. :-)

  16. Your kitchen is beautiful, Jemma! I love the brightness of it, and the wonderful light fixture.
    Yes please, I'd love a slice of cake and thank you for the lovely presentation and the recipe!! I'm not one of those that doesn't eat sweets.
    Have a lovely week!

  17. I love to do work in kitchen, now just trying different varieties of food. Love your brown cake...

  18. Good morning Jemma! OH THAT ISLAND OF YOURS! YES! That is the French piece that anchors the room. Lovely space to work and whip up those sugar fantasies! I love that ceiling.....the combination of elegance with farmhouse style is my favorite. LOVE IT!

  19. Very pretty! My kitchen is my favorite room in my house although I'd love more counter space. I do have an island so it works! Your kitchen looks like a dream kitchen, especially with that flying pig!

  20. Your home came together spectacularly! It truly is so beautiful & homey! It's very inviting! The cake looks delicious. How did you get the icing so perfect? It looks like a sheet of sugar laid over the chocolate yummy! It is a visual treat as well as a treat for the taste buds! I'm sure hubby hates all these photo shoot goodies! I get bored with cooking very quickly but I could bake every day! Wonder why that is?

  21. Beautiful kitchen. I love the mix of wood. The island is my favorite.

  22. Oh that flying pig ...
    Your kitchen looks great. I often think kitchens are at the heart of the home ... and the kettle is (nearly) always on in mine for a cup of tea!

    Have a lovely day

    All the best Jan

  23. The ceiling, pantry and chandelier are my favorite, but truly everything is lovely and done to perfection. I can tell you're happy there, and for certain it was worth the wait and work to make your dream kitchen happen.

    The other day I came across the prettiest edible flowers at the supermarket and was tempted to use them as you have, but alas, I'm afraid my scale has not been kind to me lately...


  24. Your kitchen is gorgeous. I can see why you like to spend time there. Everything is wonderful! I love your ceiling! I've talked my husband into putting beadboard up on mine! Yay to covering up the popcorn and being able to move my dining room light over. Very inspired by yours.

  25. Hi Jemma, I just adore your beautiful kitchen. Everything is perfect and I love the display on your island. Spending time here has to be so much fun and enjoyable. The room is cozy and inspiring. Thank you for sharing the recipe. Yes, I watch the sweets too but appreciate a good recipe for times when you need something wonderful to treat your family and friends. Thank you for sharing and inviting us into your wonderful kitchen space. So enjoyed catching up with you this morning.
    Enjoy the day. Blessings sweet friend. xo

  26. Your kitchen is adorable! Love the cake recipe! Will make it soon! Thanks!!

  27. The wall of windows would be my favorite, but your entire kitchen is just gorgeous.
    Cake, cake, cake! I love chocolate cake...I must try this one. I almost made a chocolate cake last weekend, but settled for a banana coconut popsicle. Yeah, not even close!
    Beautiful post and please do continue on in your happy kitchen! xoxo, T.

  28. Well you've got this amazing kitchen right there, so what are you going to do. Of course there's going to be lots of baking going on! Rightly so :) I love the farmhouse aspect of your kitchen. The ceiling & windows being my favourites. How lucky to be able to see so much flora & fauna just on the other side of the glass. Beautiful. The cake looks delicious, and the ingredients are very similar to a very rich brownie recipe I have ... I don't make it as much these days ... SO. rich. but yum, yum, yum! Enjoy your day Jemma! Toodles,

  29. Jemma,
    You have the most beautiful kitchen! I love everything about it--I'd be hard pressed to pick just 5 things!!! The windows are awesome, the light fixture is perfect, love the tall ceilings, the island, the color, the pig,....I'm already past 5 and there so many other things I love!! LOL! xox

  30. Love the kitchen tour -- so bright and airy (especially love the little vases on the table!) No wonder coming down to the kitch in the morning is a good thing! A nice way to start the day!

  31. Jemma,
    Your photo peeks into your kitchen are visually intriguing. I am absolutely smitten with your photo of your pantry and door - very interesting angle shot. Love your ceiling and light and understand your words of living in another time period. I love surrounding myself with the past, the present and a nod to the future. I have drastically cut back on sugar, but with that said will make your recipe that looks yummy and rocks for dinner guests soon. Funny my new post starts out in my kitchen, something about the warmth felt in the soul that only kitchens that nuture and feed can convey. Ok my friend off to go check out your friends kitchens.

  32. Well now I want cake. I love your kitchen. Your ceiling is wonderful! Have a wonderful week.

  33. Love, love, your kitchen, the island, ceiling and fixture and pantry door. I pinned your cake recipe, it looks so pretty and sounds delicious. Thanks for the tour and recipe.
    Happy week…...

  34. You have such a lovely kitchen!
    Thanks for sharing the cake recipe at Cooking and Crafting with J&J.
    Enjoy the week.

  35. Jemma, your kitchen is so lovely. Loving the lighting and all of the windows to let in natural light. The island is a great tool for working or showing off your cute pig. Kitchens are such a major part of the home. Lots of use and many memories. xo

  36. Oh my! I am in love with your darling kitchen! Love the light fixture! YUM...that cake looks devine. Jemma, your home is beautiful! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  37. With every little glimpse inside your kitchen, I see more and more of your sweet personality! The kitchen is "the heart of the home" in my opinion, too, and yours truly speaks to that. I would join you in your kitchen any day, to have a sweet or a simple glass of iced tea!

    Warm hugs,

  38. Your kitchen is beautiful Jemma, love the island, light fixture and pantry door especially! You've inspired me to change up some of my kitchen spaces! Thank you!

  39. Thank you for sharing a peak into your kitchen, it is really stunning. To top it off, you shared that chocolate cake, how lovely.

  40. Your kitchen is so wonderful!!!
    What a yummy cake, may I have a slice?
    Happy Friday

  41. SO pretty! :)

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!


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