Our Kitchen-Heart of Our Homes

February 24, 2016
I truly believe that our kitchens are the heart of our homes.

It is where the meals are cooked with love, it is where, as homemakers we wait...and wait 

for those that we love to "come home."

Spring home tour, kitchen, farmhouse, french country, farmhouse sink

The kitchen; a place where all of those special meals are prepared.

Birthdays, holidays, welcome home meals, soothing hurt meals, loving you meals.

The kitchen where so many dreams are discussed and therapy sessions take place.

granite, french, farmhouse, country, pot filler, marble, home

Our kitchen is not huge, but it is cozy, functional and symbolizes home to me.

It is where we welcome the loves of our life and where I cook daily.

Meals are prepared with time and care for my loving husband.

Farm house sink, flowers, Spring, decorating, styling a kitchen

My husband always appreciates the cooking I do, and although even now, my meals are 

not always perfect, they are perfectly prepared with love.

Our kitchen is not totally open concept, because you know, I grew up when a kitchen was a 

kitchen and a living room was a living room.

I am all for whatever makes you feel comfortable in the design of your home, so for me this 

is comfort, familiarity and I like it.

One of my favorite features in our kitchen is the tongue and groove pine ceiling, it sets the 

tone for old fashioned goodness.

Do you have a favorite detail in your kitchen?

I think my pot filler is pretty and yet I have never used it!

It is definitely on my to do list...smile.

We splurged a tad on the lighting, because in a functional kitchen it is very important to 

layer lighting for all of the tasks that go on in the hub of the home.

We love our white kitchen but we combined some custom stained knotty alder built in 


Our kitchen island and this hutch are both knotty alder.

Do you see the little scallops on the hutch? 

Well, the young cabinet maker was a little worried about how they would turn out, he 

thought it might make the kitchen look too Grandmother like. 

In the end he liked it too!

Blending the white and natural wood creates warmth, depth, interest and showcases many

of our vintage pieces.

I have enjoyed unpacking boxes, because I have found treasures that were long forgotten.

Whatever your kitchen looks like, however you choose to decorate it, please just remember

one thing.

It really is the heart of your home, and one of the best places to make timeless memories.



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  1. It's beautiful and you have to be so happy to be all settled in and cooking there now :)

  2. It's beautiful and you have to be so happy to be all settled in and cooking there now :)

  3. Good morning, Jemma! Your kitchen is beautiful. It would be a joy to be cooking there. My kitchen is old, but well used. I love the tulips. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  4. Your new kitchen looks lovely Jemma. I love a white kitchen too, although I painted mine blue & dove grey :) You have so many pretty features that must have been fun to choose. You'll be using that amazing pot filler once your vegetable harvest comes in ... canning season! Then you'll be so glad you have it. My mother always had a rocking chair in her kitchen set at a tall window where she could watch our long drive. She'd have supper waiting on the stove and rocking in her chair waiting for Dad to come home in winter storms. That rocking chair is now with me (of course).

  5. Your kitchen is so pretty. I always, always love a white kitchen. The touch of wood is so cozy.

  6. You are right the kitchen is the heart of the home! Countless hours are spent visiting, relaxing, dining, cooking and baking. Your new kitchen is perfect. I love the details Ike the lighting and the pot filler I can't believe you haven't used it yet! Time for pasta!!

  7. Your kitchen is just gorgeous and I can imagine how much you love it! Every surface is so beautiful! The wood cabinets are so lovely and love all of your pretties!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Beautifully written post and it is a pleasure to be able to experience your lovely new kitchen. The heart of the home is so very true. Families spend hours in this very important space. Cooking and baking for loved ones and more. Ever notice, how people gravitate to the kitchen when there is a party? Your kitchen is so warm and inviting with the white and wood contrast. The details really make a difference. Enjoy your beautiful heart of your home with family and friends. Xo

  9. Beautiful kitchen, Jemma...you are so right about the kitchen being the heart of the home. I love spending time in mine preparing our meals.
    Have a great week.

  10. Absolutely perfect. Love your back splash and lighting! It must be a pleasure to cook in.

  11. Love your kitchen and your photos are breathtaking! Enjoy your week, Jemma!

  12. I really like your kitchen and I relate to what you say about a kitchen having it's own designated space. All the details really brings it all together so nicely. Most importantly even in pictures the energy is so loving and beautiful. Blessings.

  13. Your sooo right! Beautiful post and beautiful kitchen!!!

  14. Jenna,show your ceiling and a larger view of your. Kitchen! I have a farmhouse kitchen and my kitchen is also a seperate room ! I love it!

    1. Cindy,
      If you happen to stop back by here, I want you to know that I have tried to email you, but cannot find a way to do so.
      How fun that we share in the joy of having a Farmhouse Kitchen! I will definitely write another post showing the ceiling and some other spots that we have pine tongue and groove.
      Thank you again!

    2. Thanks Jemma! My email address is papjohngram@yahoo.com !

  15. Oh my mercy...it is all so beautiful! Yes, the kitchen is my everything it seems. Most used room in my home! Hope you have a great day my friend. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  16. Jemma, Very pretty! Enjoy making lots of memories in your new kitchen. Joan-My Cookie Clinic

  17. Jemma, your kitchen is beautiful and I can tell how much you love your home. It is filled with so many lovely treasures. I adore my kitchen, too. I spend virtually all day in here when I am at home...and it's not open concept either. Our cottage is old and while we did renovate, I left the walls intact, I love the charm of rooms!

  18. Your kitchen is breathtaking. I would love to see more details, as well as the entire room!Love that light fixture - I can see why you chose that. My kitchen is very outdated and all I have for light is an ugly ceiling fan fixture (as well as a light over the sink and stove). We desperately need recessed lighting (as well as an entire kitchen re-do, lol.) It's all on the "someday" list when we can afford to do so. In the meantime, the kitchen is functional but most importantly, filled with lots of good cooking and love. :-)

  19. Your kitchen is simply wonderful -- full of light and I can tell it's always filled with people and love. Mine is very, very tiny and the light not natural, unfortunately. I think my favorite part is the curved sink -- but it makes replacing the counters almost prohibitively expensive!

  20. Your new kitchen looks like you have everything in place. :) The tongue and groove ceiling is beautiful. The favorite part of my kitchen is the wooden pot rack that my husband made as a Christmas present for me the first year we were in our new house.

    See you tomorrow at TOHOT,


  21. What a beautiful kitchen! I love all the details like the pretty lighting and that ceiling! Gorgeous!

  22. Your home and kitchen are beautiful! So glad you're "home."

  23. To cook in such a beautiful Kitchen is an experiance in itself, it just makes a simple box of macaroni and cheese feel and look like gourmet dinning...not that I am implying this is what you cook :) it's just how could not anything out of your kitchen be anything less then wonderful. What a kitchen to love.
    Your lantern chandelier is the icing on the cake.

    A kitchen to love, and I bet it loves you right back.


  24. It's a good thing I decided to come by tonight or I would have missed this! I have been dying to see more of your kitchen, and here it is! The ceiling is wonderfully detailed with the wood, and I agree; white with wood gives a great balance of warmth and cool. I have not photographed my kitchen because I wish I could paint it white. The walls I can paint, but the 1940s orangy maple just doesn't look the way I want it, but you have reminded me tonight that the memories of a place begin with the love created there. The colors fade, the articles filling the room end up in an antique store, handed down, or lost. But we the vessels of this force take the place, the people and the love with us. Beautifully designed my friend!

  25. What a sweet post, Jemma. And I think your kitchen is stunning! I love the cabinet trim detail, the light, and the ceiling. It makes me want to remodel my kitchen!

  26. Your kitchen is stunning and your sweet heart shines through this post. :)

  27. Joyce-
    Every single thing you write is filled with your love of family and home.
    It is a breath of fresh air my friend.

    Thank you!


  28. Dear Jemma your words in this post sing with happiness and joy nurturing your family and cooking for your husband. I too express my love through cooking from my heart to pamper and nourish those most special to me. Your kitchen is beautiful, the combination of wood and White painted cabinets add interest and warmth. Your sweet scalloped wood cabinet shows an affection for recalling style from the past, very charming. I have two favorite elements that grace my kitchen since you asked - I love the legacy and soulfulness my 110+ year old barn beams add. The second is my glass front sub zero, because food holds comfort and another artistic expression for me and looking at it in the refrigerator tickles me. Thank you Jemma for your beautiful share.

  29. Alder is one of my all time favorite woods. I'm so jealous!

    You've done a fabulous job of combining old with new. If my kitchen looked like yours, I'd be cooking every day too.

    Well, maybe not EVERY day ; ).

  30. What a gorgeous kitchen! I love all of the details...and that sink is to die for. Thanks for sharing at Your Inspired Design!

  31. Hi there, I'm visiting from Lone Star Sisters/Thoughts of Home. Your kitchen is gorgeous--love the sink! Pretty tulips too!

  32. Your kitchen is beautiful, Jemma, and truly reflects the one who is "Master and Commander" of the realm! Each area is so charming and so you! I've wondered about those pot-fillers....they are very pretty, but I'm not sure I would use one either!

    Warm hugs,

  33. Your kitchen is beautiful! I love how you combined both painted and stained pieces. The effect is gorgeous!
    PS Thanks for the sweet shout out this week! You're a doll!!!!

  34. Oh, you're so right Jemma, the ceiling is Ah-MAAAZING! Well, the entire kitchen is! The hutch, the island, the backsplash... Love it all!

  35. Jemma, you kitchen is beautiful. I like the open concept too. The light colors mixed with wood are great. Also love your vintage finds that are showcased. Love it!

  36. What gorgeous colors your tulips are Jemma! Beautiful kitchen...I know you must love cooking is such a pretty space...the heart of the home! Happy Spring!

  37. I think your kitchen is, by far, the prettiest I've ever seen. Now, go fill a pot with that pot filler faucet and make us lunch....:)'here from Poofing Pillows

  38. Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! I am in love with your kitchen! Looks so bright, cheerful and cozy, truly the heart of your home! From the cabinet trims to the backsplash every detail is beautiful! hugs, Poppy

  39. Oh Jemma, you are so right! It doesn't matter what else is going on in the house, we always end up in the kitchen...so many wonderful memories are made there and it's always such fun! Love and hugs to you sweet friend! I just love your kitchen!!

  40. What a beautiful kitchen you have, Jemma. I love your lighting fixture and your subway tile. The farmhouse sink is so perfect for the ❤️ of your home. Now I want to to see the ceiling!!

  41. Jemma, your kitchen is very nice. I love the wide sink and sink fixtures. And that light fixture is so unique. This is the color that I wanted my countertops to be, but the home was already being built and it came with the grey, which I like also. Yes, the kitchen is probably my favorite place to be. Always something good to eat, and it's the place that gathers our loved ones there. I see your little angel on the shelf, so cute.

    love, ~Sheri

  42. What a dreamy kitchen!!!! It must be an absolute joy to cook in this space, or have a quiet cup of tea, or just stand and admire!!! The kitchen is the heart of the home for sure!!! Your home sure has a big heart!!!! Love it!

  43. Kindred spirits is what we are :) This was such a lovely post, Jemma and your kitchen is gorgeous.

    Thank you for the gardening tips too!


  44. Your pictures and so pretty and your kitchen is just lovely. I love to cook and prepare meals for my loving husband, too. I like the display area in your kitchen--wish I had one.

  45. What a beautiful kitchen, Jemma. It's everything a kitchen should be because it suits you and what you love to do in it. I like the idea of the paneled ceiling and I'd like to have seen a picture of it!

  46. I loved seeing all the photos of your kitchen. I found it interesting that you haven't used your pot filler because I am seeing them in all the new kitchens. I had to think about how frequently Steve might use one when he cooks and my guess is rarely.

    Thanks for sharing at SYC.

  47. Your kitchen is gorgeous. I love it!....Christine

  48. You have a beautiful kitchen Jemma and I love the cabinets and the light fixture.
    TFS at Cooking and Crafting with J & J.
    Enjoy the week and we hope to see you again.
    Julie xo

  49. Beautiful kitchen and sentiments. The favorite part of my kitchen is the bay window that gives us a great view of the birds that come to feed. Thank you for joining us at Celebrate Your Story link party.

  50. Oh wow. Everything is so elegant and pretty! :)

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  51. Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful... so warm and inviting! Thanks again for sharing at the Celebrate Your Story Link Up Party.

  52. What a beautiful kitchen:-) Lucky you:-)
    Love every single detail:-)


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