Decorating With Faux Flowers & Wreaths

February 09, 2016
If you have been reading this blog for awhile, I thank you!

It is my joy and privilege to have you join me in my homemaking journey.

You might just know that I frequently write about flowers, and wreaths.

You probably have guessed that I am crazy over family, reconstructing a simpler 

lifestyle, living with gratitude and making a house an inviting home.

So today, let's chat a little bit about flowers and wreaths.

Decorating with them is an economical way to add gentle charm, timeless elegance, 

quaintness and makes a home warm and welcoming.


Wreaths have changed so much throughout the years.

At one time they were mostly found on front doors and usually it was an evergreen 

wreath with a bright red velvet bow, welcoming in Christmas.

Wreaths have evolved and now they are so much more than a decoration on the front 


They "say," welcome no matter where they are placed.

When you add flowers and a wreath to a room, it is a winning combination.


The artistic side of me enjoys the process of designing, envisioning, and hand crafting 

many things in our home.

I come from a family that creates-we have always wondered how things worked, how we 

could craft something from bits and pieces.

Do you have an artistic passion that directs your decorating style??


My Mother and Father were the original DIYers, it wasn't so cool then, it was a necessity.
My parents grew up in the depression years so being frugal was the catalyst for making parts last on farming equipment or making colorful and cozy quilts from scraps.


Depending on the materials you use wreaths can add rustic elegance, charm, or whimsy 

and often times they add just the right touch to those challenging niches or crannies


I began this project with a heart shaped grapevine wreath, dried flowers and ribbon.

I mentioned in my Pretty Posies post that I was going to dry some asters and roses.

I did, and here are some of them.

For some wretched reason, most of my roses fell apart and I am not sure why, I have dried 

them before and never had this problem.

Has this happened to you?


Since I had poor luck with my roses, I felt this wreath was just a little too plain and lacking 

some luster so I added some faux flowers and greenery.


It is very acceptable to mix different elements together, so don't feel shy about 

experimenting with what you have in your craft room, we love our craft rooms...

I was pleased, that just by tweaking this wreath a little, it made such a difference.


I enjoyed sharing a little decorating in our Dining, perhaps we could even say this was a 

prelude to Spring!


Please Join Me~

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  1. Like you, I am a lover of wreaths and flowers! xx

  2. Good morning dearest friend! I almost feel it's been ages since we last exchanged our passions for home life, flowers and just plain old creativity!

    I am mad about wreaths. I have several metal ones in my home above doors, on the wall, etc....those outside are laid flat at the mouth of urns, nesting on top to hug the pot within the urn. Their design is so appealing, their suggestion of the cycle of living.

    Flowers for me are a must in the home, and since last April when a stylist and her photographer came out to photograph the house for the spring issue of French Country Living, I was changed. She had an abundance of flowers that she used in every shot of the house and I realized that it was fresh flowers that my home missed!

    Whether they are fresh or faux, flowers add that gentle touch of home.


    1. Good Morning Anita,
      Isn't it exciting that your home is going to featured in French Country Living and that you were able to pick up some decorating tips.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the joy of flowers too!

    2. Anita! Your home is in the Spring French Country Living?! I cannot wait to see it.

  3. Jemma, your wreaths are gorgeous! You have such a talent for bringing nature into your decorating!

    1. Monica,
      You and I love nature don't we?
      We find anyone possible to infuse it into our homes!

  4. Hello Jemma! You are so creative, the dried wreaths look beautiful. I especially love the heartshaped wreath. LOvely post, thanks for sharing. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your week ahead!

  5. So pretty, Jemma. The best thing I've realized in the last year or so is that the quality of faux flowers has increased 10 fold. You can find some that are just incredibly real now. Your heart wreath is beautiful!

    1. You are so right Stacey, faux flowers are a different bird compared to a few years back.

  6. You have some gorgeous wreaths, Jemma. I am so glad that the wreath went beyond the Christmas season! I always have something up -- wreath, swag, flower basket -- something to welcome guests at the door! I'll be taking a square hanging wreath at Southern Exposure later this spring and am very excited -- and looking forward to pulling out my forsythia wreath I did last year!

    Like you, I came from a family of creative types and I can't imagine NOT doing something creative, whether for decorating or a card -- whatever!

    Happy week!

    1. I so enjoy your posts on Southern Exposure-looking forward to the next one.
      I am thinking that just maybe I could gather a group of women together here and begin a mini version of Southern Exposure in Texas.

  7. I love that grapevine heart - charming just on it's own as well as the lovely way you decorated it! I have often dried roses but just tied them with a ribbon and hung as is. I've never tried to craft with them, they always seem so fragile. I have some dried hydrangeas I'm going to bring out after Valentine's day - they will probably crumble to dust but we'll see!

    1. I have received a few emails this morning suggesting that the key to preserving dried flowers is hair spray! So if it is not too late, spray some on those gorgeous hydrangeas.

  8. Lovely! I am a wreath lover, too...perhaps too much so for my tiny cottage!

    1. Kim,
      You are so talented, the red wreath that you have in your kitchen is gorgeous.

  9. Jemma,
    My luck in drying roses varies from so-so to disaster to not-too-bad. Your wreath looks great on your French Country china cabinet. I would love to see all of the other cabinet you hung the wreath on first.... white crackled finish with wood handles and white metal scrolled backplates.

    You have inspired me to attach some pink dried roses to a rustic grapevine heart-shaped grapevine wreath I've had for years. It just might be the thing to share on your first TOHOT this week.


  10. What an inspiring and beautifully written post. There is nothing I love more than connecting creativity to necessity.
    You have described it perfectly!


  11. I'm with you on wreaths....I love them and have them in several rooms in our home right now. I also switch them around or put one away and bring out another, and I love redoing them. It's too bad your dried roses fell apart, but I'd say you did a good save on that wreath by mixing the dried and faux together. I choke a bit at the price of faux flowers today, but you really do get what you pay for....the realism is incredible! Another lovely post, dear friend.

    Warm hugs,

  12. Jemma your passion for creating a beautiful home shines through with your creative DIY spirit. Love wreaths and floral embellishments in our home. I too have experienced a rose properly dried losing its petals, but haven't a clue why. Beautifully written post today filled with inspiration.

  13. Dear Jemma, this post just speaks to my heart. I too love to place flowers, wreaths and more in my decor. I am a direct link to my mother and grandmother who created and designed way before I knew I would go in this direction. Your words ring so true to me and I know you love to design and create as much as I do and you create such beautiful wreaths and arrangements. Yes, once you are gifted with the artistic gene, it's like breathing ~ you just have to do it.
    Have fun making your house a home and always inspiring us with your heart and creativity. Blessings xo

  14. I love your ideas...I've never made a wreath with dried flowers and I'm not really crazy about faux. But combining them? Super idea!

    I've made vases of dried hydrangea and peonies and a spritz of hairspray every now and then kept the petals from falling. Not sure if that would work with dried roses. Love the idea though and I think I'll do a Google search. Thanks, Jemma!


  15. Your wreath is sweet! I have a real addiction to wreaths. I make a new one every year so I have a lot of them. Can't wait for Spring decorating to hang my new bedspring and roses wreath hubby bought for me on Etsy. Once in a while I don't make a wreath...just buy one!

  16. You've opened up my eyes to wreathes placed in different areas of the home. Not just the front door!

  17. You might be surprised, but I have never hung a wreath on my door except at Christmas time :[ You, however, are always an inspiration in decorating your home with flowers and I've always admired your pretty wreaths. Love this heart wreath! I have dried cut roses by just putting them in a vase with no water. The petals didn't fall off, so I'm afraid I'm no help with suggestions. These roses look like old-fashioned roses? Maybe their petals don't hold together as well as the fuller roses (the kind in a bouquet). I really want to make up a wreath to hang on my narrow china cabinet (after decluttering!), and this heart and rose wreath has given me an idea for that. Thank you Jemma!

  18. Oh yes, bring on touches of Spring! Faux flowers are so much prettier now days than what they use to be. I think they added a sweet touch to your wreath. I have had roses fall apart before, not sure why. Love flowers in the home. Can't wait until we can pluck them form our gardens!

  19. I really enjoyed your post! It reminds me that even a really good faux arrangement can brighten and liven things up around the house. My folks were DIYers too as not many things were easily replaced and so we had to do whatever made them useable for as long as possible!

  20. Thank you Jemma for sharing your post on SYC, I couldn't decorate with out fake flowers, they bring a bit of the out doors inside. Jo

  21. I have a heart shaped wreath and a whole bunch of roses I dried. I need to give this a try.

    And as to your creativity question, my mother made all of our clothes, out of necessity. I continued that tradition, but more because I loved sewing than for savings. My mother never sewed again once I taught myself.

    Thanks for Sharing Your Cup!


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