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11 Safety Tips For Exercising Outdoors

February 23, 2016
Before we know it Winter will have passed and Spring will be resting on our door steps.

As you know by now, Spring is sort of resting on my Texas doorstep already,

and I am just afraid we are going to have an early and hot Spring.

Anyway, one of my favorite methods of exercising are long walks outdoors.

While I am walking I am often times thinking of topics that would be interesting and 

beneficial for you and I.


On this particular walk, I was thinking of safety.

The information which I am sharing today is applicable for any jogger, walker and someone 

who is out for a morning or evening stroll.

We are talking about safety that goes beyond the sunscreen and water, it is about 

keeping ourselves safe from assaults.

Assaults that we can prevent from being smart and educated women.


After doing some research I discovered that many assaults are never reported.

So rather than depend on statistics to substantiate the need to be safe, I thought we could 

use good old common sense, and look out for one another.

After all in the "good ole days," that was what everyone did, neighbors helped neighbors. 


It is vital that when we are exercising outdoors that we practice safety measures.

Every single time.

I am glad that I refreshed my safety practices as I have become a little slack and

comfortable in my routine and that is not being a savvy or smart walker.


Ladies, lets be smart, pay attention to our surroundings no matter where or what we are 

doing and not stop there. 

11 Safety Tips for Exercising Outdoors

1- Pick a safe route.

2- Take a self-defense course.

3- Have a plan of action-for the worst case scenario.

4- Don't drown out your surroundings with your iPod, you need to be able to hear.

5- Carry a whistle.


6- Vary your route, it makes it more interesting for you and prevents someone from memorizing your route.

7- Be aware of your surroundings, this includes people and cars.

8- Carry Pepper spray, cell phone, and your ID-

9- Have a attitude, walk with a purpose, eyes up, stride purposefully and don't text.

10- Avoid lonely areas.

11- Review Safety Tips Every 6 months

Do you have any smart women tips to share?


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  1. Great tips, Jemma! I always walk with a buddy. I feel safe and it motivates me to get out there and walk in the first place!

  2. Thanks for sharing and for the reminder. Our neighborhood news recently posted the same type of reminder as there have been recent assaults in Austin on women walking or jogging during the day. As the article pointed out, it's important to remember that though we should be free to exercise while enjoying audio, it is important to be aware of our surroundings. Thanks for sharing all the safety tips and reminders. Stay safe!

  3. Such great advice! I used to walk miles and miles when I had time to do that. I walked with a girlfriend and we always carried pepper spray. There were only a couple of times that we ever felt anxious about our safety but always best to be safe than sorry. I always am aware of my surroundings too!! Thanks for some reminders!

  4. Great reminder! It's sad to say, but we need to be aware of our surroundings *all* the time, everywhere we go. I'm cautious about going in and out of stores, especially if you have bags to carry. Hold on to your purse and don't leave it in the basket while shopping without watching it. I love long walks but I only walk during the day and yes, I carry pepper spray and my phone. Having one's ID with you is a great idea! Leave a note at home or send a text to someone in your family and advise your intended route.

    Thanks so much for sharing!


  5. Jemma,
    All the tips are important and appreciated it's just sad that we need to safeguard ourselves in this day and age. Hope your family vacation filled your heart with joy, sunny California you lucky girl. Spring holds promise but not yet. Today is 41, Grey and rainy in Philly.

  6. Thank you for sharing these tips. So VERY important to look out for one's personal safety.

  7. Dear Jemma, when I walk, I usually walk with my big strong son, and I feel safe and protected at the time, but I was just taking a short walk with a friend on Monday and was telling her that I don't like to walk alone. She walks alone and it doesn't bother her cause the neighborhood is safe, but I'm a bit more cautious, and like to walk with someone. These are nice tips for walking, thank you Jemma.

    love, ~Sheri

  8. Good morning dear Jemma!

    You are so right; I am so used to walking with my husband that I fail to even think of this when I have gone out, and shamefully I have to admit that when I've gone out alone, it's in the early morning, sometimes under the moonlight. WRONG!

    Your tips here are important and logical reminders that we must keep ALERT at all times, even with our husbands. THANK YOU! I sure miss you....

  9. What a great reminder to be safe. Another hazard can be unfamiliar, scary dogs. They run in packs at my Dad's house & pepper spray is a must outside, even in the yard! Cities have ordinances but out in the country it is a real concern.

  10. Pepper spray is something we couldn't purchase in NY, but we managed to get some in Massachusetts and brought it with us on our trip. But have I taken it with me when out and about?? Noooooooooo....I always forget!

    I watched a movie last night called 'breakdown' which was a thriller about a couple being targeted by some low life's and all I could think of was if they only had pepper spray!

  11. Great post! My husband and I were just talking about these things today. Varying your route is probably a really good suggestion to keep you from becoming too comfortable. We have to stay aware. I'm a chicken all hours of the day and night so I try to keep my eyes wide open and always let someone know where I'll be walking.


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