DIY Spring Twig Planter

January 22, 2016
Hello sweet friends, I sure hope that this week has been going well for you.

Today I would like to share with you one of the easiest and sweetest DIY Spring projects that you could ever make.

Seriously, if you have about 45 minutes to spare, a few twigs, hot glue gun, succulents, moss and sweet rose buds you will have made a twig planter.


The largest commitment you will have in making this twig planter is a stroll through a park, or a hike in the hills to collect the twigs.


I know this DIY planter is too early to make for many of you, because you are covered in a blanket of snow.

So, if this project catches your eye, but the time is not right to make it, just Pin it!


So, you see I collect all sorts of things when I go for my walks, as well as take photos.

I share many of my photos on Instagram, because by now, you know me well enough to 

know that nature is always joyful to me.


As I walk I sort things out.

I pray, ponder, and when I return home my heart is healthier and so are my mind and soul.

My walks are a therapeutic journey for me, they loosen my joints and help sustain my well 


At Home With Jemma

I really do hope you give this project a whirl, it is a nifty thing to do, while we wait for Spring.

Supply List For DIY Twig Planter

  1. 8 inch clear plastic pot and saucer or coffee can, coolwhip container...etc. 
  2. Be sure to puncture hole in the bottom of container for drainage.
  3. Hot glue gun and sticks.
  4. Twigs-break or saw in length to cover up your choice of container.
  5. Succulents (garden centers)
  6. Rosebuds faux, dried, or silk.
  7. Potting soil.
  8. Spanish moss.
  9. Ribbon (optional).
At Home With Jemma

How To Make DIY Twig Planter

  1. Roughly measure the length of the sticks so that they will over the entire container.
  2. If sticks are too long cut them to fit using pruning shears.
  3. Heat up glue gun and glue twigs in place.
  4. Add potting soil, succulents, rose buds and moss. ( Hot glue in place if desired.)

A few years back I put together a very simple

Decorating With Moss Posts and Baby's Breath, another great option for Spring decorating.


Thank you for joining me and Happy Spring!



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  1. This turned out so pretty and perfect for this time of year.

    Have you started the book? I have to get a copy first. :)

    1. Stacey,
      It was a great project and I picked up these twigs in our neighborhood-super easy and no fail:)

      I ordered my book on Amazon and it will be here on Monday-I am glad that you "have to have the bound copy too." I am way too old school, but that is the English major in me...

  2. Oh Jemma, thank you dearly for your beautiful comment at my place with including French oyster shells in my project.
    Your twig container is wonderful, it adds all the beauty of rustic beach charm to it as well. I could see this arrangement included with my sea catchers and crowns. Funny to see this project of yours here with the use of twigs, I was considering just last night purchasing this big bag of drifted wood scraps cut to about 5 " inches in length...they would also work really well for such a project as yours here.
    The arrangement looks like a florist arranged it... You could open a small cottage industry florist and offer unique arrangements and decorative pieces :)

    Enjoy the book club reading, I will have to check out the book :)


  3. Aahh, this is a sweet project, Jemma. I love everything about it, the twigs, the Spanish moss (since I'm part Spanish hehehe), and the pink rosebuds. It looks so charming sitting there on your table. It's lovely that you take nature walks and ponder and pray along the way. I think that helps make you the beautiful soul you are. Dealing with a family issue today, and your posts always bring a smile to my face. I appreciate you so much, dear Jemma.

    love, ~me

  4. Your planter is really of all, it looks pretty simple, which I like as I am not really good at crafts!
    Have a nice weekend, Jemma.

  5. This is gorgeous! I love going on walks too. It's so nice that we're in Texas where we can do that year round. :)

  6. What a pretty project!
    I love the colors in your succulents.
    It is time to get ready for spring!

    Have a blessed weekend!

  7. What a great DIY project. Thank so much - will have to give it a try.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  8. That is so pretty and I can see how it would be as appropriate for Valentine's as for Eastern. Thanks!

  9. Very pretty, Jemma. I'm saving this link for a possible project should my friend Barb and I host another make-and-take tea this spring! It looks pretty inexpensive and a nice take-away!

  10. Very sweet little arrangement. The twigs are free and with a little labor, you have created a lovely arrangement. Love the simplicity and the fact, it is created from nature. Enjoy your weekend. XO

  11. This is such a lovely project Jemma! I made something similar a while back, but this one is so much prettier. Even though it's rustic, I think it would lend itself to almost any kind of decor.

    I think I read that book years ago, but I'm not 100% sure. If I did, I don't think I liked it very much but I truly can't remember. Do you like it?

  12. How super sweet...and it makes me feel that spring really could be right around the corner. Until of course, I look out the window and see all the snow falling and blowing. I will pin it and keep my fingers crossed for a quick winter! ;)

  13. So pretty Jemma! Spring can't come soon enough! Enjoy your weekend!

  14. Hi Jemma,
    I love your sweet planter and it will look wonderful in the Spring. I'm going to go buy pink spray roses to dry. (when we can dig out our car and the roads are passable - maybe in a week, lol, blizzard in Philly). I want to make this with my Grand Gabrielle, she loves making things. She will love this in her place, especially with the Pink roses, her favorite.
    Pray and ponder... Must be us Virgo's!

  15. Very sweet and unique! I am one of those that has to pin now and create later! I love the rustic with a touch of pretty in it.

  16. Oh m gosh...this is so darling! I want to make one right now!! Thanks for the instructions, Jemma.


  17. I love it! I'm making this very soon, it's perfect and looks great on top of the pretty runner and lovely dinner table. Thanks for sharing, I just pinned it!
    Happy Sunday pretty lady.

  18. Such a sweet craft! I've got to find me some sticks!

  19. Pretty project - and so welcome when it's cold and snowy outside! Saw this on Amaze Me Monday.

  20. Wow I love this pretty plant and flower craft. This is the perfect way to brighten up a room!
    Thanks for joining and sharing this craft at Cooking and Crafting with J&J.
    We hope to see you again.

  21. LOVE this little project! I am going to get out for a little hike with my daycare kiddies and collect some sticks so we can make a couple of these together. I think it would make a really nice Valentine present for their parents, don't you? I even have some succulents growing out of their pots in my kitchen that they can use. Thanks for this great idea Jemma ... I'll post about it when we finish them ;)

  22. Well, isn't this fun! Bring in a little sunshine! :) Thanks for sharing at Table It!

  23. Oh my gosh...this is so pretty!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  24. This is so cute! Love the idea! and such a nice ray of spring in the middle of winter! Found you over at Table it link party!
    Anika |

  25. That is beautiful! Once the snow melts, I'd love to try to make one.

  26. It's a bit early here in Michigan to go out and collect twigs but I'm saving this project for when I can. Very pretty!

  27. Saw your sweet feature at the Table It link party, can't wait for spring to arrive!


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