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Christmas Present

December 14, 2015
Christmas present, is a time to rejoice in the moments that surround us, and this past Saturday my Christmas present was bursting with them.
I wrote a little post this past Sunday on Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas where I shared with you how my heart was a little heavy and melancholy as I thought about Christmases past.
You know those misty memories of what was and missing those who are no longer physically with us, even though I know in my heart they are spiritually.


However, as I reflected on Saturday, I embraced the enchanting afternoon we had as we attended the performance of the Nutcracker.
The Nutcracker is a tradition for us and although we usually watch this classic at the
Bass Hall in Fort Worth Texas, this year we attended the performance in Irving.

The reason for the change of venue was for watching our little granddaughter perform in this marvelous classic.
Maisy Lou is one of the baby clowns and you can see her in the far left of this photo, leaping in the air.
This little clown really got herself way up in the air-whew!

And here Maisy is again with me, after her outstanding performance.
I just love her little smile and her great big heart.

Good things kept coming my way on Saturday.
Our new mail lady, Theresa ( who has already welcomed us to our new neighborhood) delivered this delightful Mason Jar Snow Globe straight from a dear friend who you might just know.
AnnMarie From Musings of a Vintage Junkie.
AnnMarie is a gentle, talented and creative friend who made and sent this keepsake decoration just for me.
You may not know this AnnMarie, but I collect snowglobes.
Thank you again SO much, dear friend.

Snow globes, The Nutcracker and Christmas go together in a priceless and timeless way.
It was a memorable and special Saturday filled with joy.

Did you have a good Christmas Present this weekend?


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  1. Oh my sweet friend, the Nutcracker and snow globes....sounds like a poem in the making to me! But seeing your darling grand dance is the icing on the cake. She is beautiful, and I can imagine the emotions running through you as you watched. The ballet itself is enough to bring out the dancer in us all!

    I had a great Christmas PRESENT all weekend. Our party of Saturday was literally magical. Silver platters all around with luscious food, ribbons and ornaments hanging from the chandeliers, friends' laughter, all good things. THEN YESTERDAY, we went for a walk at a local mall. What do we see in the parking lot as we entered the mall? The St. Paul Mounted horse was outside greeting people, the other in the trailer. The officer allowed us to pet "Jett" and I fell in love. teehehee....we walked in the mall, and there was the BASSET HOUND CLUB hahahahhah....the dogs were dressed up in elves outfits, and were giving out free hugs and tail wags. My goodness, it was my kind of Christmas present.

    Well my dear, this is the week for us both; my last week until two weeks of blissful vacation, and hopefully for you, full entrance into your home. Keep me updated, please!


  2. How wonderful that play must have been. The clowns all look so festive and as if they are truly enjoying giving this performance. My eldest granddaughter was in a play over the week-end also and I just beamed with pride. xox

  3. Hello, what a pretty gift! I just love the shot of you and your granddaughter. She is a sweetie. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  4. What a wonderful Christmas present you are having. How exciting to see your granddaughter perform in the Nutcracker. My sister is here visiting from Arizona, so we spent a wonderful weekend laughing and reminiscing. It is always great to escape from our troubles for a brief time and just laugh. So happy that you are settling into your new home, sweet friend. xo Laura

  5. How special that your granddaughter performed in the Nutcracker! Every year I treat my two daughters and their daughters to a girls day out. We keep talking about going to see the Nutcracker but haven't done it yet. We went instead to dinner and then a drive-through light show on Onondaga Lake in Syracuse, NY. They loved it! Spending time with my girls was my present this weekend. Thanks so much for showing the snow globe and for your sweet words!

  6. Snow globes and nutcrackers. I'm not sure you get more Christmas than that! We are having a lovely season, if a bit of a strange one. (Rick takes off for a five-day business trip today -- what horrible timing!). But this weekend we had a lovely Christmas present, first entertaining at a senior care facility's Christmas party, then going to a fun party later on Saturday. Yesterday we got Rick's tree up and trimmed! A lovely time.

  7. Hi Dear Jemma, oh what a beautiful photo of you with your beautiful little grand who danced in the Nutcracker. What a delight and special memory. Love your snow globe made by the talented and dear AnnMarie. Such a special time of year and made extra special with these wonderful moments. Wishing the days drawing near to your "move in" arrive quickly!! Merry Christmas sweet Texas neighbor! xo

  8. Maisy is so darling! I know you were so proud of her! The Nutcracker was one of Morgan' s favorites growing g up. She would have loved being in it!! Speaking of Morgan, we did our annual swing into Christmas, stop Christmas, celebrate birthday & resume Christmas full swing again. That is our tradition! I know you even remember the very first celebration at the hospital. What fond memories I have of that time period,including many with you! Celebrating the birth of Christ & the birth of a much wanted child with friends & family ! It doesn't get much better than that! Enjoy this special season my friend!

  9. You had some very special moments Jemma. The kind that stay with you long after the season ends. Maisy Lou has your smile :).

    Wishing you a week that brings many more...

  10. What amazing presents! I love the Nutcracker and to see your Grand in it is so awesome. I had a special Christmas dinner with my family at my Mom's retirement home, a very special day at church and a lovely kiss from my Grandson! Can't get much better.

  11. I go to the Nutcracker with my mom every year. It is such a wonderful tradition and I will always cherish those memories!

  12. Sounds like the perfect Christmastime weekend! Fabulous!!

  13. I am glad that you had some wonderful moments to cheer you on your way this weekend! Congratulations to your granddaughter on a wonderful performance! xx

  14. Thinking of you this week as you move!! I was in your neighborhood last night for book club. Oh our book for January 14th is Where'd You Go, Bernadette? by Maria Semple.

    Your granddaughter is precious and you look so happy to be with her.

  15. Oh, the Nutcracker! That must have been so enchanting to watch, and to see your granddaughter perform, how magical. You must have been smiling the whole time, Jemma. What a cute picture this is of you and her. And this snow globe is sweet with the trees and deer. A nice gift from your blog friend.

    These are special times for your granddaughter - a time to shine and a time to be loved by her beautiful grandmother.


  16. Your granddaughter is beautiful and in The Nutcracker - excellent - are you in your new home? New mail lady?? Just wondering.

  17. It is incredibly hard to digest the fact that you have a grandchild! You look like she could be your daughter - certainly not your granddaughter! Either way, you are both gorgeous. I love the photo of her leaping as a baby clown - so cute! Peace to you, my friend. Xo

  18. I love The Nutcracker! I look forward to it each year. How very special that Maisy performed and you were able to see her ~ doesn't get much better does it? :) That's a great photo of the two of you!

    Sounds like you have a delightful mail lady! That's a beautiful gift and so happy it arrived safely. I'm thinking you did get moved! You have some lovely weather now to get adjusted.

    Thanks for such a beautiful post!

  19. Jemma,
    The photo of you and Maisy with those big beautiful smiles is heartwarming. Grandchildren are truly the most rewarding and loving experience and you're got a precious little Grand who looks like she delights in performance. Love the Nutcracker, many people make it an annual Christmas tradition, my SIL has.
    Sweet snowglobe from AnnMarie.
    Hope you are moving in this week and enjoying the wonderment of your gorgeous home.

  20. What a lovely photo of you and Maisy! That must have been wonderful, to see her in the ballet! :)

  21. What a lovely photo of you and Maisy! That must have been wonderful, to see her in the ballet! :)

  22. Jemma, such a sweet photo!! And the Nutcraker ballet is one of my very favorites during the holidays! Isn't AnnMarie so very sweet to send such a wonderful gift?! Hugs!!

  23. Maisy Lou is precious (I love her name!). I've never seen a live performance of The Nutcracker and I could kick myself for not bringing my kids to see it here in Chicago where we have the next best thing to Broadway. Argh.... So happy for you.

    I'm plugging along. I lost my cousin last night...he had brain cancer and went very quickly. Some may think that's good and in this case it was because sedation wasn't working, I guess because of the part of his brain that was affected. But I am beyond heartbroken. It's hard to celebrate Christmas with such sadness. I lost my father three years ago on December 17. Such a difficult time, yet we do for the sake of those around us.

    Sorry to be such a downer. I keep this to myself. My blog is my happy place, my journals are different. But you are such a kind person and I treasure the fact that we met this year.

    Love to you,

    Jane x

  24. What an amazing, sweet granddaughter you have! She looks spectacular on stage, and you must be so full of pride over her. Beautiful shot of you together. I'm glad this year's Nutcracker performance was made all that more special for you Jemma ... right when you needed a little Christmas boost! The Christmas snow globe is so charming. Happiness coming in at you from all sides now ;) Enjoy your day Jemma!


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