Please Pass The Desserts|5 Fabulous Desserts

November 05, 2015
Some of my sweet friends have asked if I would put together a little collection of our favorite desserts for the Holidays, well folks, here they are with links included!
I have shared most of these desserts at family gatherings, and with our large Texas family,
I have never seen one slice, or one scoop left behind on the dessert dish.


I have included a little note about each one of them, because some of them are prettier than others and some have a flavor that suits me better.
After you look, let me know what you decide!

This cake is a show stopper for your Holiday gatherings.

This cake sings and dances and says"look at me!"

I made this cake two years ago for Christmas.
Now, this cake is heavy, dense, and eggnog delicious, that is, if you like eggnog.
Take a peek at this top pin Bundt Cake Love.

I am a fan of bundt cakes, because they just look so pretty and special.
My Mom was a fan of two layer cakes and they look fabulous too, so take your batter and make these cakes either way.
Up next Lemon Blackberry Studded Pound Cake.

I used The Cafe Sucre Farine recipe for this cake and then made it my own, I love lemon so you must too, if you decide to bake this cake.
This recipe would also be good with Lemony Cream Cheese Frosting, for extra zest.

Not everyone loves a cake, but I must say most everyone loves Banana Pudding.
My dear husband is from the South and he gave this banana pudding a A+.
Nice thing about this recipe it is easy, and that is a good thing!
Just follow this link to Southern Banana Pudding.

This is a seriously good dump cake, and perfect to take to any of your Holiday gatherings, because you do not have to worry about it's appearance.
It's a dump cake, it's going to be good and it's going to look like this.
I like it because it comes with no expectations, except delicious cherry flavor, 
for an added treat top it with ice cream.
Find the recipe to Cherry cobbler dump cake right here.

As I was going through my past posts I discovered another Apple Cake that I had made back in 2013, it was hit as well.
So I am including Fresh Apple Cake and Marjorie's Apple Cake.

I hope you enjoy these desserts and find one that suits your fancy.

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Thank you so much!
Have a lovely weekend,


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  1. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Oh Jemma dear, all of these looks fabulous. I think however, that the last one speaks to me for many reasons. The taste and perfume of apples in the kitchen at this time of year brings back memories NOT of my childhood, but of my time away as an adult with Ruben, in New England. THIS IS THE ONE for me! Lately, I have been itching to bake again like I used to, but haven't been able to due to work. But there is so much expression (artistic, nesting instinct) in baking. I will try this one!

    Wishing you a brilliant day my sweet friend.

  2. I always love tried and true recipes from friends, Jemma. I love the way a bundt cake looks, too, for presentation. For a long time they kind of "disappeared" and now I see them making a comeback. I made them when my kids were little, didn't you?

    I make that dump cake with apples and also with blueberries, too. The cherry is my favorite though.

    Hope you have a great weekend. xo Diana

  3. Lovely desserts. I remember the dump cake and many childhood memories. Difficult to pick a favorite. They all look yummy. Have a wonderful weekend my sweet friend. xo

  4. Oh Jemma, I think I gained weight just looking at all of these. I really must go now...have to clean the drool off the screen!

    Jan ♥

  5. Jemma, this eggnog bundt cake looks amazing! Nel would love it too - when the holiday drinks come out at Starbucks, the first one she gets is the eggnog latte. These cakes all look so yummy and great to serve at Christmas get-to-gethers. That apple one looks pretty good too. My mom used to make bundt cakes, and it would be nice to get back to baking them.

    Have a lovely weekend, dear Jemma.


  6. I think I am going to make the triffel for a luncheon I have been invited too - thanks.

  7. I'm thinking the bundt cake is for me! They always make a dramatic presentation. Whoever invented the bunch pan was a genius in my book :). You know, I gained back ALL the weight I lost for Sarissa's wedding :(. I was just telling a friend today who's coming to dinner tonight NOT to bring dessert. I'm really trying to be good, but you're not making it easy!!

  8. That Eggnog Bundt cake looks delicious! They all do, really. I usually serve a light dessert on Christmas since everyone is full from the main course. But there are plenty of opportunities for rich cakes like this one. Yum!

  9. Wow! They all look so yummy! I LOVE. YOUR BLOG! I read this for the first time and I am in my 50s! An old fashion new farmgal on my 26 acres outside of Boise!! Love! love your comments about living old fashion !putting the tablecloth on for Sunday supper!!! We have the chickens! Goats! Dogs! A darling cat who adopted us! And just this late summer our horses !! , my Dream!!! Love the clothesline! A dinner bell! My farmhouse front porch and all things farmhouse! yeeeehaaaaw! Well! I'm sure your home is adorable! Would Looove to see your kitchen!bye for now,Cindy

  10. All of these look so delicious and beautiful too! I'm going to pin these because we are definitely cake eaters here at our house. :)

  11. Oh boy....I am trying to be good this week and get back to healthy eating. And then, I come across your yummy post! Dear friend, they all look fantastic! I am drawn to your Apple cake, but want to eat them all. So sweet of you to share with us.

  12. This is the season, a season full of baked beauty, taste and aromas baking in the kitchen.
    I love to back seasonal cakes, pies, and cookies. Your family sounds like a wonderful family joining in on the holiday festivities and what better way then the love that goes into a fresh good and pure right out of a home oven cake.

    My daughter and I do bundts, we love making coconut bunts for Christmas like mini snow balls of yum!
    Apple goods during Giving of Thanks.
    Enjoy all that the holidays inspire you to create in and out of the kitchen.


  13. All are beautiful and I feel sure they're delish! I have a "bundt pan addiction" and haven't found a 12 Step for it. I wouldn't want to attend anyway! :) I do love to bake and I love the different designs on the pans. I think I'd like to try each of these.


  14. They all look delicious! I love bundt cake recipes, they are some of my favorites!! Great post, thanks for sharing!

  15. Oh these look fabulous! I've been looking for a good bundt recipe and I think I've found it :)

  16. I am always so happy to have new dessert recipes! Thank you!

  17. Jemma, I printed out the blackberry studded poundcake! Can't wait to try it when family comes to visit. I also printed the cherry dump cake as it's been years since I made a dump cake but I remember how everyone loved it, hot out of the oven with vanilla ice cream on top!

    Isn't it wonderful to be able to go back to old posts to gather recipes? Our youngest son and his wife asked me to make a cookbook for them for Christmas of old family favorites. At first it seemed a daunting task until I realized that so many of them were ones I had in old posts, so easy to do after all by just printing them out.

    I'll probably have to add yours to that book!


  18. Oh, my goodness...that cherry cobbler dump cake!!! It's been years since I've had one and now I'm totally craving it! Every one of these looks delicious! I have a huge sweet tooth, so this is such a great post for me! Thanks for sharing!

  19. They all look amazing!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  20. These recipes look fabulous, Jemma! I can't wait to try the apple cake!!


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