Darren Gygi Artwork-A Review & Giveaway

November 09, 2015
I have always loved paintings from the very early days of my childhood, when I would make 

chalk drawings on brown paper grocery bags.

Although, I never became an artist, I do enjoy having art in my home and respect those that 

have the talent to create.

So, when the courteous, and professional folks from Darren Gygi Home Collection,

inquired about an opportunity for you and I-well I said yes!


You see Darren has been interested in Art all of his life and his doodling in the margins of 

his notebooks did not stop there, his talent led him on an artistic journey.

He began his career as a freelance illustrator, commissioned high-end portraits and now 

he creates gorgeous, high quality giclee prints for the home.

Today I am sharing one of them with you!

For you my friends I chose one of the most beloved flowers in the world.

The delicate and beautiful hydrangea.

All of the artwork is wrapped around the outside of the frame and is ready to incorporate 

into your  own decorating style.

When you look at these high resolution giclee prints, you feel as though you have the real 

flower sitting right in front of you, how awesome is that!

Gygi not only creates the original artwork he also wants to insure that the quality meets his 

standards, he manages and produces all of his artwork here in the USA. 

I chose the delicate daisy for myself, as it will complement the muted, earthy, natural and 

quiet hues that we have chosen for our new home.

I am so looking forward to moving and being able to hang my art on the wall!

You all know that story, no nail holes in the apartment walls.

This is all quality and charming goodness which makes me smile, just at the very idea of 

both you and I receiving some pretties for our home, and just in time for the Holidays!

Our giclee prints are 9x9, I have them both right here with me, so no waiting for them to 

ship out.

In fact, you know you can tell quite a bit about a person, no matter what their occupation, by 

the company they keep and Gygi's customer service is courteous and professional.

Thank you and good luck, the winner will be announced on Monday November 16.


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  1. How beautiful! I followed on Instagram and poked around their profile. The work is lovely! Thanks for the chance! :)

  2. What a wonderful give a way....I love both of the ones you have chosen. I too followed on Instagram and I want to go back and ramble around the site. Thank you so much....

    1. Nancy,
      This artist will speak to you, because you are a talented photographer.

  3. Oh my goodness, I have a piece of artwork by that person! I bought it in a cute little shop in Canton. How sweet that they shared with you. You can see mine here: http://www.poofingthepillows.com/p/home-tour.html

    1. How nifty is that! Canton is close to Rockwall and I intend to get there more often once we move.

  4. These are gorgeous! I follow on Instagram and would love to add this to my home! Thanks for the chance!


  5. I tried to follow on instagram and it would not click over. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Anyway - his artwork is beautiful - I love your Daisy and the hydrangea.would go beautifully in my bedroom.

  6. Okay I came back and followed her. Now am i following you on instragram? I can't find your address.

    1. Updated my blog post with my Instagram information and sent you an email.

  7. Hi I just discovered your blog and IG account, Nice giveaway but please do not enter me in your giveaway since this is my first visit. I look forward to reading your posts.

    1. Good Afternoon!
      Thank you for stopping by and all who visit are put in the drawing and are automatically a new friend-welcome and drop by again soon!

  8. Never saw a flower I didn't like!

  9. Such a great giveaway for your readers Jemma. Flowers are so pretty and a gorgeous stye. I am already following. xo

  10. Lovely artwork and a great giveaway, Jemma! Don't sign me up though- I have no walls left...lol...and I just gave one of my daughters two of my favorite pictures.
    Did you ever try using those command hooks for the walls? They are fantastic and the little "gummy" part peels off like rubber when you are ready to take them down...not a mark to be seen.
    Hope you have a great night. xo Diana

  11. Those are pretty pictures! I'm terrible about using instagram so I guess I won't qualify for the giveaway. If I did though I'd give it to my daughter- she's about to purchase her first home! I bet you are just itching to be in your new home!

  12. I love that hydrangea print, but don't enter me into the giveaway. I'm not on Instagram and I don't want any more social media in my life. He's a very talented artist.

  13. It matches my home so nicely xo

  14. It's so lovely Jemma, and the one you choose will look so beautiful in your new, gorgeous home. Heading over to follow...

  15. What sweet paintings and a lovely home!

  16. Good morning beautiful friend! The daisy is PERFECT for your décor! I will go over to follow him right now! Wishing you a fantastic week sweet one. Anita

  17. Absolutely beautiful work, I love them both but the daisy is my favorite. Thanks for the chance to win one of these lovely paintings. I'm heading over to instagram right now.

  18. Following you both on Instagram. So glad I just signed up for it!

  19. aahh, the daisy print is so pretty. You know, daisies remind me of my dear mom. The hydrangea print is lovely also. I would love a chance to win this fantastic print, Jemma. Blue in the home is so pretty, and I don't have enough of it.

    From one red lover to another........I knew you'd like my red kitchen. ; )

    love. ~Sheri

  20. Absolutely gorgeous pieces! Both are so beautiful! I'm a hydrangea girl, but that daisy is something pretty special! I follow you but will look for Darren! Hugs to you my friend!!

  21. Beautiful! I am in love with that daisy and might get one for myself and a special friend. The hydrangea is lovely, so is all of his artwork.

    And thank you for the cake recipes in your last post. I love bundt cakes too :)


  22. You've probably already had your drawing but if not, enter me, for there is nothing I love more than hydrangeas and this is gorgeous. So is the daisy. Very beautiful and very generous!

  23. Simply beautiful works of art, Jemma. I love both paintings. Darren is a great talent. Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway!

    Jane x

  24. I love these beautiful paintings! That hydrangea picture would go perfectly in my bedroom or master bathroom. As you know, I'm a follower of yours on IG - and now I'm following Gygi. Thank you for hosting this giveaway and the chance to win!


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