8 Real Fall Porches

October 26, 2015
I have been traveling to see family a bunch this past month, and during my trips I have taken photos of real homes, with real Fall Porches.
Cottage homes, brick homes, estate homes, homes from different eras.
They aren't over the top, but they are very pretty, and each one of them is a Fall Porch that anyone could create.


This porch caught my eye because the owners made such a great use of a flagstone addition. 
Notice that there is not an overhang, but they have created a very inviting and welcoming space.

I will always enjoy a home with a black front door, they just look so sharp.  
Pride of ownership shines here with pumpkins in flower pots, stems tied with bows and
urns with vines.

Sometime the simplicity of decorating makes the biggest statement of all.
A bountiful arrangement of very large pumpkins will take this home all the way through Thanksgiving.
I do think two wreaths on the front doors would have added the extra punch to tie it all together.
But, of course you know me, and my love of wreaths.

This home is in my daughter's neighborhood.
I like the way the homeowner's stayed with a black, yellow and orange theme.

I spied groups of three.  
The windows, pumpkins and mums.

Neutral Stucco Home with groupings of Fall essence.

I like the mums and pumpkins alongside the driveway, rather than inside the entryway.
They really caught my eye.

Last but certainly not least, my youngest daughter's home.
Her cottage style home, combined with blue shutters, turquoise chairs and youthful whimsy make this Fall Porch colorful and fun.

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  1. And as much as I love grandiose mansions and castles, your daughter's home here is my favorite. The brilliant use of those gorgeous BLUE chairs in the front coupled with the hints of orange is my color crush this season! Isn't it fun to capture these homes all decked out in the seaon's wardrobe? MUCH LOVE to you dear friend!

  2. All lovely to see, especially your daughter's! :)

  3. All lovely to see, especially your daughter's! :)

  4. Those are all pretty--and simply done--not on visual overload at all. I think your daughter's porch is the prettiest of the bunch. xo Diana

  5. Oh, that was fun taking photos of all those houses, Jemma. Each different and lovely in its own way! Thanks for sharing. Susan

  6. These are all very pretty and I do love a drive around. :)

  7. Love to see houses decorated for this time of year!!!!

    We never can. -pout-

    College students (from the fancy adjacent college) walk by, on way to and from downtown bars. And come back drunk and mess with things left out. ;-((((( Yeah... Sweet hu???? Grrrrrrrrr....


  8. You sure do have some fancy houses where you live! Your daughters home seems the most homey and lived in.. good for her. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. I thought when I reached the last pic that you had saved the sweetest for last!

    But they're all delightful!

  10. They are all so pretty and amazingly fit each house so well.....I love how our personalities come out in our decorating rather inside or outside...

  11. My dear Jemma, it's funny that you posted about Fall porches because I have a thing for porches, and I was just driving around the neighborhoods today looking at some decorative ones. These porches that you've shown here are delightful. And I have to tell you something, my home looks a lot like the last one, your daughter's home. Simple, downsized, with a cottage feel. I don't have blue at all, only a big orange pumpkin against a cream colored house. These porches are all very nice, and I especially liked the brick house. There's just something about brick. Thank you for the inspiration today. You always share the most wonderful ideas.

    love, ~Sheri

  12. Jemma,
    I adore your youngest daughter's front porch, dear one!!!
    I have that same color tourquoise on our wrought iron chairs in the Herb Garden!!!
    The blend of orange and blue make her home inviting!!!
    Thank you for sharing all these amazing out~of~doors Autumnal Decor ideas!!!

  13. First---your daughter's home is simply lovely...so cute and friendly and it says something about the people living inside!

    I'm really impressed with the big homes and how subtle the fall decorations are, I like that. I don't like big and flashy but I can't deny that big is pretty nice sometimes! And the smaller homes pack a punch with creative ideas.

    Thanks, Jemma. I've thought about visiting some of our neighborhoods for pics. We actually have fall and Halloween tours but I've been a bit too under the weather to go on any.

    I hope you are enjoying your travels!

    Jane x

  14. These are some lovely porches. I always enjoy seeing Fall decor.

  15. These porches show that less is more and it works in Fall decorating!

  16. Beautiful porches. I never tire of looking at them. Some of the houses are pretty terrific too. xo

  17. Ok, can I kiss up a little here and say your daughter's home is my favorite? Love the combination of blue and orange, and it looks so welcoming and cozy. Having said that, you sure do get to walk amongst beautiful homes Jemma!!

  18. Hi Jemma, all these porches are charming and inviting but I love your daughter's the best. It just says, welcome, sit down and be at home. Love the color and accents. Beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful rest of the week my friend. xo

  19. Those are all some pretty awesome homes! I always love to see how other people decorate for the seasons. I love your daughters house with the pops of color - so cute and cozy!

  20. Those are so pretty! I usually go all out with cornstalks, pumpkins, hay bales, scarecrows and such, but this year, decided to keep it simple...I just love all the colors of fall! Hugs to you my sweet friend!!

  21. I loved them all , but especially your daughters - she has your talent.

  22. The 6th one is my favorite, but have to say, I'm a fan of any porch decorated with fall details.

  23. I love front porches! Your daughters' home is adorable. Love the bright pops of color against the neutral. Cheerful and cottage-y.

  24. Thank you for sharing all these lovely pictures with us. Fall is such a lovely time of the year. And the pumpkins on the porches really stand out to make quite a staement.

  25. If I could choose only one, it would be the red brick. I am wondering if the interior is just as lovely... I bet it is. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous porches with us...


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