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Five Walking Essentials

August 03, 2015
Walking, I enjoy it so much, and it is such a wonderful way to shed pounds, maintain a brighter

outlook on life, and help beat those estrogen doldrums, ( at any age.)

You know those moods, the lack of energy, the forgetfulness, the dra..ggy feeling of almost

needing to have someone pull you through the day, irritability and general "leave me alone,"


Well guess what, walking is a pretty simple way to cure many of these feelings.

I have chosen some of my personal favorite walking essentials,

which I would like to share with you today.


First up, a good pair of a walking shoes is a MUST, not an option.

  • Here a few tips on choosing a shoe~
  • Look for a low supportive heel that is round or beveled.
  • Lightweight and breathable.
  • Go shoe shopping at the end of the day when your foot may be swollen.
  • Try the shoe on both feet (your feet can be different sizes and accommodate the large foot)
  • Wear the socks that you will be wearing when you are walking for a proper fit

Walking and running shoes have a limited life span and I am at the end of wearing these shoes.

I have been wearing New Balance shoes forever, even when I was younger and running a few 5k's.

I am just so sad that these shoes need to be replaced as they have become my trusted friends-

even molded to my feet and are ever so comfy.

 Facts on the the life of a walking or running shoe

They are truly worn out long before they appear to be.

  •  By 350- 500 miles most shoes are dead, they can be recycled for other purpose's,
  •  I usually recycle mine for garden use.
  •  Our weight is a consideration on how long shoes will last.
  •  If we are walking 3-4 hours a week, walking shoes will typically last 6 months
  •  If we are walking 7 hours a week, walking shoes should be replaced every 3 months.
  •  Dangers of wearing dead shoes can lead to shin splints, heel spurs,
  •  plantar fasciitis, littiobial band syndrome, stress fractures.

A hat is another must for walking, especially in the Summer heat.

This Nike lightweight cotton hat is perfect as it is cool, washable and air dries quickly.

Here I am pasty and sweating and wearing my sunblock.

I have plenty of sun damage, there is not one doubt, but doing my best now to prevent anymore.

Sunblock for the face and arms always, always-never miss a day!

Long gone are the days of baby oil, and baking-(can you believe I did that...)

Now I have wised up, and protect my skin with Elta Md.

I purchase mine at my Dermatologist but you can buy it on line here.

For more tips on Summer skin care you may enjoy this post End Of Summer Fashion.


Grab those sunglasses too, by protecting our eyes we may help prevent certain damage to the

cornea, lens, as well as cataracts, macular degeneration.

Read labels and choose glasses which offer a 99-100  UVA and UBA  protection and polarized



Love this Lululemon fanny pack.

It is not new, in fact it is years old and holds my walking essentials perfectly.

I always carry my keys, phone, identification and one other important item.


Pepper Spray!

I would much rather be prepared than regretful, so my Pepper Spray stays in the pack.

I am a huge advocate of being proactive with ones own safety, as well as educating other women

on being aware of protecting themselves.

If you would like to gain more information on how to stay safe,

you might just enjoy reading this post Ten Safety Tips for Exercising Outdoors.

I am one of the contributors At The Women's Room, where you will find this post, as well as

other articles on various topics written by other women.

See you tomorrow where I will be announcing the winner of the Body Soap giveaway!


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  1. I must admit, I've never had sun block on in my whole life. I can't stand anything on my face. Only occasionally will I put hand lotion on my hands! And yes, I did the whole baby oil thing too. We were too young and naive to know better. But, I'm not going to be wearing anything, as I can't even stand to put night cream on my face. Yeah, I'm weird like that.

    1. Brenda,
      What crazy kids we were way back then and yet here we are today!
      My dermatologist recommended Cetaphil face lotion-it is very light and not greasy, you might like to try that some day:)

  2. I have to tell you - that is perfect what you said - I think you have everything - water too! You are a pretty gal too by the way. I haven't started the wreathe - have it all ready to start next week - can't figure out the very first step. LOL I will tho.

    1. Sandi,
      Thanks for the sweet words, I was pretty sweaty, but wanting to share the real deal of walking in the Texas heat! I sent you a link to a You Tube video on how to make a deco mesh wreath, I think that will help.

  3. Hello Jemma, Great post and advice for the walker. I do a lot of my walking on the hot days on my treadmill. But, I enjoy walking outside on the cooler days. I do have to remember the sunscreen. Thanks for sharing the info and post. Have a happy new week!

    1. So happy to hear you are staying strong and protecting your skin:)

  4. Jemma, what a nice list of things to take while you're walking. I walked with my son around a trail the other day, but it was so hot that I couldn't think of anything else but the heat. I must start early in the morning. What a cute picture this is of you wearing your hat. And I like that tote bag, and especially the purple color. I know what you mean about our exercise shoes - we get so used to them and they fit so well, that we don't ever want to get rid of them. :~)

    Have a good week, dear Jemma.

    love, ~Sheri

    1. I just know how special these times are with your son and what a marvelous way to spend quality time together. I'm glad we share the love of the outdoors and thank you for your kind words too.

  5. As I commented over there, thank you for this list of safety rules. Especially the one about always being able to hear!

    I am amazed and scared, by all the women I see, with ear buds in their ears. Simply amazed. To me, it seems like basic common sense, to have all of one's senses, on alert, when exercising.

    Plus, how can they _not_ listen to early morning bird song, for instance?!?!?!

    May your week have some whimsey and magic, in it,

    1. Oh Tessa! I know, it's really quite dangerous and I have been at fault myself. Listening to music, has such a way of making the workout easier and faster. But it really isn't safe. Thank you for taking the time to comment here and At The Women's Room.

  6. Great advice on the walking! I am an avid walker and always do it around our farm property, with our dogs. I did the baby oil thing back in the day. Wish I hadn't!

    1. Oh Michelle, I'm so glad you found these tips worthwhile, and I would LOVE to be able to walk where you walk. Gorgeous countryside!

  7. Wonderful advice for walking. Yes, good shoes are important and I love that you take along pepper spray. You never know. I hope you have a fabulous week! You look so cute in your hat and sun glasses. xo

    1. Linda, We just never know do we? Actually my sweet daughter got the bag and pepper spray for me, she knew I walked for miles and wanted me safe. I appreciate you kind comment on my appearance too, thank you :)

  8. Dear Jemma,
    you look wonderful with your hat. I walk a lot, too.
    Have a nice summer time. Much love ... Dorothea

    1. Thank you Dorothea, and you ride bikes too! Along your beautiful countryside.

  9. I GOT IN! Good morning, beautiful friend!

    This is a great reminder; thank you for sharing this information since many of us go walking. As far as shoes true about how long they last. It is sad that these trusty "friends" don't last as long as you wish. It seems that just when they become seasoned and molded to our feet, they have to be used in the garden (that is also where I reuse them!) This early summer when we went to Carmel, I opted to get a pair of walking BOOTS from REI. They are sensational for my feet. I used them as we walked the steep sand dunes on Carmel Beach, and here in our neighborhood with the many raised sidewalks (due to large trees taking over underground), these hefty but very lightweight shoes do right by me! They are so comfortable.

    I always wear my wide-brim gardening hat but one thing I am missing. Though my face is well covered, I have not used sunblock on my shoulders or legs! And like you, back in the mid 70s when I was in high school, baby oil was all the rage, but I learned quickly after high school when my dad had a skin cancer removed, that I best take care. The pepper spray is a very important item as well, and I need to think about that even if I do walk most of the time with my husband. YA NEVER KNOW!

    OK my is so good to see your beautiful smile here, and I wish you a great morning and walk! Talk later! Anita

    1. Anita, thank goodness you are here and what a glorious treat it is to see your comment! It sounds as though you are taking all the right precautions and now you just need to add one more thing and that is sunblock. Coppertone SPF 30 blocks UVA and UVB rays and has been recommended as well, as Banana Boat and Target Brands. Seems after many studies that pricey does not equate premium protection.
      I bet your boots are cute, what a great idea!

  10. Great post! Lots of great tips! Now I have to just DO IT!!

    1. Oh I am sure you will once the weather cools some, your part of the country just has to be glorious in the Fall, what a great time to start a walking routine!

  11. Oh you dear person, YOU. I just saw that you went to my blog last night. Thank you. OK, are you off for a walk this morning? I AM! Back later dear one!

  12. Great tips! I wear Asics and love them but got a better hiking shoe for the trails we go on. I look dorky in a baseball cap but I always wear one. If I'm hiking alone, I wear a fanny pack with my phone handy. I hike with a camera in one hand and a walking stick in the other. Getting on trails in the state parks, a walking stick is a must. It helps you keep your balance over uneven terrain. I love this post....I LOVE to hike! Hugs, Diane

    1. So you are an Asics gal-I have tried Asics and Nike and for some weird reason New Balance and I jive. hehe...I just know you are in such good shape, you do love to hike and I enjoy your blog adventures!

  13. You cutie! I must admit while I do wear sunblock on my face MOST of the time (it's built in to my moisturizer) I rarely wear it on my body. I remember the days of baby oil well. How crazy were we?!

    I'm not one for long walks typically. I prefer bike riding or going out on my kayak, but I have been known to walk around the lake a few times. I'm one that keeps sneakers FOREVAHHHHH, which is probably why I ended up with a messed up IT band. But heh, I don't let it stop me from moving those boulders ;).

    When we lived in NY pepper spray was illegal, but here in Mass. I believe it's not and I was just talking to someone yesterday about it because she's afraid to garden due to the bears. Not sure that would ward off a bear attack but you never know.


    1. Hi Pretty Lady!
      We were crazy, crazy and just look at us now-still going strong and living the dream!
      I love hearing that you bike and kayak and just think of the awesome exercise you are getting-woohoo. Oh you are one of those gals-a sneaker, keeper-well then it's probably time for a new pair:)
      Hum...I'll need to read up on Pepper Spray and Bears-

  14. You are so adorable! I have gotten so paranoid about my skin that sunblock is always with me....I keep extra in the car for just in case. And staying hydrated is a must in that Texas heat. I think people get dehydrated and feel bad without recognizing that it is dehydration! I enjoy walking, it is such a great stress-reliever! All of these tips are awesome!!

    1. Oh Benita thank you! Just keeping it real here-with a pasty protected face and sweat, and girl this heat has socked in with no end in sight. I think that you are so right about not getting dehydrated-I drink tons of water daily-more than I want, for that reason.

  15. Girl, you look amazing! I love your tips on it all especially the shoes. I can never seem to find shoes that I really like. And I am with you on NO MORE days of baby oil in the sun! Oh I wish I had taken better care of my skin when I was younger! We live and learn don't we? I really do appreciate the tips and two of my daughters are AVID with walking/running. Passing this information over to them as well. Have a great day! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

    1. Cindy,
      Oh, I am so tickled that there is information here that you can pass on to your girls.!
      My girls are runners too, and any little tidbits of information that we can share with them on protecting their skin and equipment, makes us Mom's feel so much better.
      Thank you for you kind comment-I just keep walking....


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