DIY~Garden Wreath

August 09, 2015
Summer time in Texas, where the cicadas sing, and the temperatures rise to 106 degrees.
This is our pay back time for having such amazing Winters, and it is painful.
It doesn't seem logical that we are housebound in the afternoons when the sky's are blue, and we are
clamoring to be outside.


We are also apartment dwellers, while our home is being built, and we miss our yard and pool.
(I have some great news to share later on in the week about the construction of our French Country Home )


So when life gives you scalding heat,

Think crafts.

I haven't made a wreath since I made this Patriotic Summer Wreath.
I enjoy designing, and crafting wreaths, and have been doing this for years, and selling a few as well.
I have shared several of my designs, and tutorials with you all, and here I am today sharing another one!


I have French Country on my mind 24/7 seriously, in the night, in the morning, in my sleep.
So anything that I am thinking of purchasing or making is French Country.
I am immersing myself on the French Country style- for our home I am choosing to add this
Garden Wreath to our future Front door, or on one of our bookcases in the Library.


Supplies For DIY Garden Wreath


I find that purchasing bouquets are more economical than individual stems especially if they
are the large blooms.
Please remember to always purchase your floral when it is 50 percent off, otherwise there is a chance that you could purchase a pre-made wreath for the same price of buying all of these items.
You are my sweet friends, I am looking out for you, and I want you to have a DIY project that is
not only fun but super easy on your pocket book....smiling....


Directions for DIY Garden Wreath

  • Take those bouquets and clip all of the individual stems off, including the leaves and separate them into little groups.
  •  Beginning with leaves first tuck or wire them into place on the grapevine wreath.
  •  Tuck or wire in the flowers beginning with the large flowers first.
  •  Add all flowers
  • Add petite flowers


Presto a DIY Garden Wreath is born!

Do you have any DIY projects happening in your life?

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  1. Jemma, I saw your rose on my side bar, and had to come over and look. I think it's so nice that you are continuing to make your wreaths even though you are in between homes. I didn't realize you were going with the French country theme, so pretty. I love the soft yellow colors on your wreath, and it's going to look nice wherever you hang it in your new home. I absolutely love the picture of the book, the rose, and the crown. That's my kind of picture.

    love, ~Sheri

  2. Very pretty wreath. Will be beautiful on your new home's door.


  3. Hello Jemma, your wreath is gorgeous. It will look lovely in your new home! Happy Monday, have a great new week!

  4. Good morning, or rather, BONJOUR!

    OOOOOOH my friend, wreaths are on our minds these days! And I love your photo of all the flowers laid out, ready to be put together! I wish your summers were easier on you because outdoor summer fun would be much nicer to experience! But keeping creative is a great way to cope.

    How I wish we who love to create could get together for a fun day of sharing, giving, making what is beautiful. Enjoy your crafting, and I so hope that as September rolls around, that the temperatures will allow you to experience the outdoors. On your way to your walk this morning? I am....back later on IG?


  5. Sooooo lovely...

    But I am not a DIY kind of a person. My husband is the woodworker and can-do-most-anything person around here. (Should have at least one handy person, in a home, say I... -grin-)

    Can hardly wait to go along with you, in the making of your French Country home! Hooray for some coming news, about it!!!!

    Monday morning hugs,

  6. Beautiful wreaths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As usual. I did make mine but nothing like yours. I will send you a photo!

  7. You are turning me into a French loving convert! Love your wreath!

  8. Really pretty wreath, Jemma. I can't wait to see your new home!

  9. Love your sweet wreath! So pretty and yet feminine. I guess I need to get my DIY on. Have a lovely week Jemma. xo

  10. Everything you create is a true expression of your style...pretty, feminine and stylish. I can only imagine how much 'French Country' is on your mind. Your head must be spinning!

    Glad to hear there is some good news about the house. Maybe it's going to be built sooner than you expected?! Do tell!


  11. Your wreath is just lovely! I too love making wreaths and I agree! Buy at 50% off. Supplies can really add up. I usually don't like the premade ones though!

  12. I love that wreath!! It is gorgeous! Looking forward to the good news on your home!

  13. Your wreath is beautiful! I love French country. Your blog is full of so many inspiring ideas. Love it!

  14. This is a stunner, Jemma. Very nicely done and explained. And you know me -- there's always a DIY somewhere!

  15. This is so pretty Jemma! I hope you've gotten to use it at your new home!

  16. You make the most beautiful wreaths Jemma! I see you were hoping to put it on your new front door or in the library ... did that happen? I hope everything is going well with you. I'll have to check out the Garden Party next (my garden is still without one flower - too cold!). Enjoy your day :)


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