Sweet Sunday

March 08, 2015

The beginning of our week looked like this, truly a lovely snowfall.

Of course knowing that most of the snow would be gone by late afternoon, made it so much

more beautiful.

Thinking of all of you who are so tired of seeing the white stuff, it will be gone soon-I know it will.

I love the bright red cyclamen and magenta orchid on my kitchen windowsill framed against the

pristine snow.

Later that day-this is how fast the snow melted!

Last weekend was spent with these two happy go lucky souls, they stayed with us while their

parents celebrated their 12th anniversary in the sun.

Going to build a bear was a must.

All Grammy's must bake a few chocolate chip cookies for their grandchildren...

Thinking of you all and wishing you a lovely Sunday evening.


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  1. Build a Bear was always a favorite when my kids were little. Such cute girls!

  2. Daffodils with snow melting round them are a beautiful sight. Sweet times with your granddaughters - looks like you had a lot of fun!

  3. Grandgirls, cookies and daffodils... hard to beat that!! ;) The snow was beautiful... but, I'm so glad it left as quickly as it came! blessings ~ tanna

  4. Lovely grandgirls...and yummy cookies. My grandmother always had a batch of those cookies too! :)

  5. What sweet girls. I know you had a barrel of fun with them.

  6. Jemma,

    Your snow is like our snow: it makes an appearance, as opposed to staying a while, and thus, as you say, is treasured. And speaking of being treasured, your darling granddaughters look ecstatic to be spending such fun times with their grandma, munching on delicious cookies and hugging their beautiful bears! What a precious time you must have had! Congrats to their parents!

    Thanks for your email, sweetie. Will reply soon - have been trying to spend less time on the laptop, due to the head/neck discomfort, and am catching up slowly.:)))

    Big hugs,

  7. I think you had more snow than we did. Your granddaughters are beautiful. And I love the bears - love the bows in their ear....

  8. Hi Jemma,
    We had our "Build a Bear" days too! What fun with your granddaughters! They look like they are enjoying their stay with you. Their photo made me smile!

    Your snowfall really is so pretty. It looks prettier there than here though we are in for some more Sunday. This week though we are expected to get close to 50 degrees (YEAH!) so a lot of our snow should be gone by the weekend I would think!
    Happy week ahead!!!

  9. Jemma,
    Your red flowers look beautiful against the white snow. You know, I love to see snow on my blog friend's posts because I don't get to see it much here, unless we go to the mountains, about an hour away. Your Grandkids are precious, and build a bear - how fun! I remember creating one or two also. I wish I had one of those chocolate chip cookies to go with my morning tea.

    Have a wonderful week, dear Jemma.

    love, ~Sheri

  10. Jemma that's what I love about a Spring snow. It's gorgeous but it melts quickly and just gives the ground a good drink! I had to laugh when you said grandma's have to make chocolate chip cookies. That's just what I did Sunday afternoon because 4 of my grands were coming to spend the night. Yup, grammy needed a homemade treat for her sweethearts!

  11. Snow can be pretty! Love the framed window and the daffodils mixed with the snow! How fun to be with the grandkids! Cookies always sound good to me!

  12. They are indeed happy go lucky souls, and why wouldn't they be?! Cookies, bears and who knows what else grandma spoiled them with ;).

  13. Hi Jemma,
    Lovely pics of the snow.........and I rcan really appreciate them cause after all I live in Florida so don't get to see any!! Your granddaughters are adorable, and how fun to have them spend the weekend. Yep, all grammy's have to make cookies for their grand kiddles...........lol Beautiful daffodils in the snow too.

    Thanks for coming by, and for your really sweet comments. I finally got some lemon curd, and let me
    tell you those scones tasted awesome with that on them. So will probably buy them again. If you have
    never had lemon curd and like lemons then you will love it I am sure.
    Well, you have a lovely evening and rest of the week hon,
    Look forward to hearing from you again sometimes.
    Blessings Abundant, Nellie

  14. I still cannot believe you're old enough to be a grandma, I don't care what you say lol

    You do have beautiful granddaughters though :)

    I just love Sundays.


  15. Such a gorgeous shots of the snow; I love the one looking through the window. Such a pretty stain glass window. Your grand daughters are beautiful and I know they had fun visiting with you....I hope you have a wonderful week ahead sweet friend...


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