Mid-Century Home Tour

March 30, 2015

I had such a lovely visit with my daughter, her husband and my grandson a couple of weeks ago.

The days sped by with glorious adventures, time well spent savoring precious moments and

before I knew it I was on that plane heading home to the blue skies of Texas.

I have so many tales to share with you, but I am going to begin in a chronological order, so this

post will be focused on Amanda's and Preston's Mid-Century Home.

I find their home to be so cozy and welcoming and well, actually familiar because this home was

built the year I was born.

I enjoyed all of the wonderful details that Amanda has taken to showcase the beauty of her

own treasures as well as keep the integrity of the home shining.

She even made this jute lampshade and pillow.

Entry way with antiques and special treasures.

Stunning Vignette

Mid-Century Homes are between the years of 1930-1965, these years reflect the rise of the middle

class as they thrived and became wealthier.

Ornamentation returned, as you can see in these photos-

which include stained glass, decorative wooden arches and brick.

When Amanda and her family moved in their home they made a few updates.

Fresh paint always refreshes and lightens-in this photo they painted the wood paneling in their

dine in kitchen.

Original stained cupboards.

Subway tile which they measured, cut and installed themselves!

New soapstone counter tops and a farmhouse sink (no photos-I got side tracked)

See photo below as to why.

This little guy, my favorite guy in the entire world waiting for a short stack at Mel's.

A total and complete perfect distraction!

Guest Room, where I slumbered away and awoke to the happy chirps of very pleasant birds.

Coziest of linens and bed adorned with a DIY reclaimed door transformed into a

handsome headboard courtesy of the hubs and Preston.

It was a cherished week in time for this Grammy/Mimi!

Please Join Me~

Ivy and Elephants

Cedar Hill Farmhouse

Cozy Little House


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  1. Hi Jemma, your distraction is perfectly understandable! Your grandson is so handsome!
    Your daughter's home is lovely, many homey and unique touches. I assume you got to stay in the beautiful guest room. I love that headboard! Sounds like you had a wonderful visit!

  2. Hi, Jemma! While your daughter's beautiful mid-century modern is gorgeous, it is that little guy waiting on his stack of pancakes that stole my heart!! I know you were in heaven on earth! blessings ~ tanna

  3. Welcome back Jemma! You've been missed, but how nice to see that you had a well deserved vacation with your lovely family and adorable grandson. He's precious, and it's easy to see why he was a distraction.

    I didn't realize mid-century went as far back as 1935. Learn something new everyday :). I like the touches your daughter added...the white wainscotting, the handmade items (looks like that apple didn't fall far from the tree) and even the things she didn't touch, like the cabinets in the kitchen. Her home is truly a haven and a reflection of her personal style.

    Have a wonderful week my friend! Good to have you back.

  4. What fun you had...the time does fly by, doesn't it? I love this beautiful home with all of the collected treasures arranged so beautifully. The piece of furniture with the glass fronts reminds me on one my neighbor had when I was a kid and it was filled with books. The guest room is so inviting and I like the Western touches here and there, too. Very nice...she has such style. I'm sure she takes after you! Sweet hugs, Diane

  5. You had a nice visit I am sure - and let me say her home is wonderful - it's beautiful - but I can't say I am surprised - she has you as a mother - she has your talents and has applied them to her home!!

  6. Your grandson is adorable, Jemma! Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your daughter and family. She has a beautiful home...does she use the old Singer? I have one that just collects dust as I don't sew!
    Have a great week.

  7. Jemma, your daughter has made a lovely home with all the d├ęcor and projects she's worked on. These mid-century homes have always been charming to me, and I was born during that time also. The chest in the entry way looks like an antique, it's gorgeous. I love the brick in front of her house. My mom had brick all throughout her kitchen, so whenever I see brick, I think of her. I like the open cupboards, they are very nice. What a precious grandson you have, and I love love the saying about the boy.

    Thanks for giving us a tour of your daughter's home - everything looks wonderful (and please tell her that I have that same gold frame). Have a very nice Easter week, Jemma.

    love, ~Sheri

  8. Sweet Jemma, welcome back; we've missed you!

    But, I can completely understand
    how this handsome little man,
    this precious, pancake-eating gem,
    can distract his pretty gram,
    from all her friends in blogland!

    Amanda's house is beautiful! I feel that she and her hubby really respected the roots of its architectural origins, accenting its structural features and highlighting the details that give it the signature style of its day. I especially like the white wainscoting, the stained glass windows, and the freshness that natural materials add to a home's decor. It's cheery, airy, and bright, a quality I see in many California homes.

    Now, if only this mid-century blogger could look as good! My roots just don't 'take' to the changes I make to them every 5 weeks!;))

    Have a lovely Tuesday, my friend.


  9. Dear Jemma, thank you so much for you visit and comment. I'm so happy you had a nice time with your daughter. You have wonderful family. The little grandson is so pretty. Also the home of your daughter I like very much. I wish you Happy Easter. Lots of love ... Dorothea :-)

  10. Hello Jemma, sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your daughter and her family. Your grandson is a cutie. And your daughter's home is lovely..she has a special touch with home decorating.. Have a happy week and Easter!

  11. What a lovely time you must have had. Isn't it wonderful to see your children so beautifully settled and loving their home? The guestroom is gorgeous!

  12. Loved the tour! I grew up up in a mid century home too! Love the chair fabric and the pillow she made. She's done a great job of decorating her home. That's an awesome bed and I like the linens on it. I'm soo glad for you that you got a chance to go out and visit them!

  13. Thanks for the tour! Such a lovely home. Both of my daughters live in mid century homes and love that style of decorating. So fun to watch our children develop their styles.
    Glad you had a great trip.

  14. She has impeccable taste. It's just gorgeous and so is that little one! :)

  15. They have a darling home, Jemma and that grandson of yours is adorable!


  16. Jemma, I had to come back to this link to Amanda's house, so glad I did. How did I miss it before? Now I know they will bring the same creative talent to their new house. I love the soapstone counters, and naturally I love your favorite little man!


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