New Year's Day Dining Room Table

January 01, 2015
Happy New Years Dear Friends!

I have been thinking of you all and wondering how you are doing~

I hope you had a very blessed and joyous Christmas.

Our Christmas was full of little ones, a few surprises and this gorgeous blooming Amaryllis!


I posted a tutorial about six weeks ago on  Growing Amaryllis, so hop on over

and see for yourself how fast these bulbs sprout-


With such gorgeous, massive bright pink blooms, I am using this Amaryllis as the

center piece for my New Years Day Table.

My theme is cherishing the old and embracing the new.


I wanted to use a table runner not a tablecloth and really did not have one for this particular

table setting.

Luckily enough, I had this gorgeous fabric which I ordered awhile ago.

I have been so wanting to use it somewhere.

So,  I went ahead and made this simple no sew table runner .


I am just beginning to take down the Christmas decorations, and I am actually glad that

I didn't make much progress, because I am using some of them for this New Years Table.

 I used a few of the pine cones and greens from my dough bowl Christmas center piece.

I placed them around the base of the Amaryllis and then I tossed in a little battery operated LED

string of glowing lights.


A few extra pine cones, a couple of green porcelain apples and some candles,

have created just the warm, natural ambience of the Season.

I want to keep it simple, natural and reflective.


Oh, and do I have neat little a tip to share-these clear round candle stick holders, they are actually

vases from Michael's ( $1.50) can you believe it-seriously!

I just did a little carving on the white tapers and they are a perfect secure fit.


You know me, I have to have just a wee bit of glitter or glam so I combined gold placemats,

silver chargers and my Caroline Noritake China edged in platinum and topped it off with

traditional silverware.


And then, can you believe these monogrammed napkins?

These were my grandmother's ( Emma) and her maiden name was Anderson-hence the intial A.

I do think these were hand monogrammed-do you?


And, my Friends here is my sincere wish for you...

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  1. What a beautiful New Year's Day Table. The Amaryllis certainly takes center stage as it should and all the other decorations just add to the beauty....Aren't you glad you could reuse some of your Christmas decorations? Happy New to you my sweet friend and I hope 2015 is filled with many blessings for you and your family....

  2. Your New Year's Eve table is beautiful! Your grandmother's monogramed napkins are lovely and they do look handworked.

    I've never seen an amaryllis with so many blooms at once. Love that pink! I've had amaryllis bulbs re-bloom for as many as 7 years straight. I just put them outside as soon as the nights get warm, after Mother's Day, then stop watering them in August for a couple of weeks, bring them in and lay them on their sides on newspaper in a dark closet for 6 to 8 weeks, bring them out and trim leaves back to look like yours did when you potted them and start watering again.

    But they don't bloom for Christmas for me after the first year. The two old ones I have going now have buds on them finally so hopefully will bloom later in January. I wish I could get them to re-bloom for Christmas.

    Maybe because I don't fertilize them in the spring?

    Have a Happy New Year!

  3. I love the Amaryllis...very pretty. Your table setting is so beautiful with all the special Christmas additions. I enjoy seeing the old linens and silver used on tables.

    Stop by my NEW blog...Jan's address for it too! Happy New Year!!!


  4. Jemma,
    Your New Year's table is lovely, and the Amaryllis is striking with such a pretty pink color. I wanted to tell you that your china looks very much like my wedding china. Back in the day, I only got two sets for our wedding, so you can imagine how much they mean to me. Your monogrammed napkins are so special and a reminder of your dear grandmother. Thank you for the new year wish. I noticed that you wrote 'sincere wish' and thought to myself.......she is always sincere and I think that's why I like her so much and appreciate her so much.

    Happy New Year, dear Jemma.


  5. Your New Year's table looks so pretty! I have a thing for natural elements in decorating, so loved the pinecones, but also the little fairy lights in the flower pot. I'm going to check out your amaryllis post because I have an old bulb that is not producing anything (my mom's). I would hate to lose it completely. My Christmas decorations are going down on Friday, but I enjoy packing them away in all their special tiny boxes. Have a wonderful New Year's Eve Jemma, and all the best to you in 2015!! Wendy x

  6. Beautiful. Happy New Year!
    Hugs ... Dorothea :-)

  7. Beautiful Jemma! My Amaryllis is putting on an awesome show right now as well. Love the runner and the pretty napkins. Yes, I think they are hand monogramed. What a treasure! I always hold out a few winter things for January. Had fun decorating the mantle and table so far. Now I need to hop downstairs and start putting the Christmas away there. Happy New Year to you dear friend!

  8. just lovely, jemma! i esp love your g-mom's napkins, the runner and cute candle holders! have a blessed new year filled with happiness and good health!

  9. What a pretty table! The amaryllis look beautiful! Mine are done now. The candle holders are pretty and how nice to have the monogrammed napkins! I'm only just beginning to take down the holiday decorating. I Always wait until New Years Day to start. Have a great evening and best wishes for a blessed and Happy New Year!

  10. Hi Jemma! Oh, your amaryllis is just gorgeous. I've never tried to grow one before. Your table is beautiful too. I haven't even started on taking down Christmas. Maybe I'll start next week.
    Happy New Year and looking forward to blogging with you next year.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  11. The amaryllis is beautiful. I usually like to grow one, but I didn't see any this year. I love your idea of some pretty material for a runner! xoxo

  12. Awe I love your photos - Happy New Year.

  13. What a lovely table and the amarylis is so lovely. For two years in a row I received grow kits from myoldest son and girlfriend at Christmas and enjoyed watching them grow and bloom...generally around early February.
    HA...when they broke up, no more grow kits. Guess it was the girl who did all of the special Christmas gift shopping! :) At least I am enjoying yours :)

  14. Your tablescapes are always so elegant, Jemma, and this one, starring your beautiful amaryllis is no exception! The natural elements really bring the outdoors in, and at this time of year, especially, when it is cold out, having them grace one's home is refreshing.

    Wishing you all the very best in health and happiness and prosperity in the new year, my friend. Thank you for visiting Poppy View, and for all your kind and caring words throughout the year; I so appreciate your friendship.


  15. Such beauty over here. Love your pretty amaryllis.reminds me of my sweet mother. She had one that was so lovely. Today would have been her birthday and I miss her so much although she has been gone since 2001; You really put together a beautiful tablescape. Enjoy your evening.

  16. Beautiful New Years table, love the amaryllis! Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY.


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