The Art of Making Snowflakes

December 17, 2014
You know, I so loved making snowflakes growing up.

I do believe, that I may have looked a bit like a version of Edward Scissor Hands.

Busily fashioning snowflake after snowflake and then taping them on doors, walls, windows

or wherever Mom would let me.

(She was a bit of a stickler about tape on the walls-back then when the tape was pulled off the walls,

some of the paint seemed to come off with it-not good.)

As the children came along I made snowflakes with them too.

But, children grow up-childhood crafts are no long made and sadly enough some of these

wonderful childhood crafting skills are forgotten.

But I was rescued, resuscitated, saved by these unfortunate lapses of memory by a very

gracious and talented granddaughter, and her little sister.

Little granddaughter opted out of snowflake making and went straight to the Nativity

scene to play with baby Jesus.

Fortunate for me, our oldest granddaughter graciously shared with me her artistic

technique on how to create the perfectly wonderful and wondrous snowflake...


You see, there truly is a certain amount of celestial charm this time of the year,

when love is given generously,

lights glow extra bright,

tiffs are forgotten,

and if you are blessed to have children around you,

the magic of the season is around each and every corner of the house.

And then she sat down and with such ease, such patience.

She drew a circle on a solid piece of white paper, smiling and talking and instructing.

With nimble little fingers she cut the circle out and proceeded to fold the circle,

until it was every so tiny.

Then snip, snip, snip....

Swiftly, and creatively she created three beautiful snowflakes.

I think these will be a beautiful addition to some Christmas packages with ribbon and bows.

Thank you sweet granddaughter, this was fun!

Please Join Me~



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  1. Making snowflakes is such a wonderful tradition in childhood :)

  2. Oh Jemma I loved seeing your beautiful granddaughters! They are beautiful like you. And they helped you out - knowing you - they have a lot of talent from you. Loved the snowflakes. And I love your tree in red! What a beautiful home.

  3. Cute, cute granddaughter! I use to love making snowflakes, but I have to tell you; a couple years ago I tried and forgot how. lol! I needed this lesson. Enjoy the holidays!!!

  4. love jemma, they have beautiful grandchildren and I love the paper snowflake !!! it is true that one has forgotten many things that have been crafted as a child !!! here are the decorations simple the best !!! angie love greetings from beautiful and holidays

  5. Jemma, your granddaughter is precious. This post made me smile because I remember taking colored construction paper and making all sorts of things when I was little. My mom would get me a pack of paper, and I would go to town! I love the snowflakes your precious one made, and Yes, wouldn't they be cute to put on gifts? The wonder of a child always brings a smile to our face. I noticed your tree in the back ground, it's beautiful. I LOVE RED at Christmas.

    I love the way you write, Jemma. Your words come from your heart, and I think there's no better way to write. The merriest Christmas to you and your family.


  6. How sweet! Your granddaughter is adorable! I remember making them as a child too and hearts with cut outs for Valentines Day!

  7. What a sweet story! Thanks for sharing, and reminding us how important it is to take a moment with our kids (or grankids). Thanks for sharing on Fridays Unfolded - featuring you this week!!


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