Natural Fall Wreath DIY

October 12, 2014
I am sitting here today with our windows open, a cinnamon candle burning, the rustling of leaves

jumping across the back patio and tortilla soup simmering in my favorite orange cast iron pot.

Loving every moment of it and remembering how much I love this time of the year and

just wondering why Fall takes so dreadfully long to arrive in North Texas.

So with the cooler weather arriving I felt inspired to make this  natural Fall Wreath over the weekend

and I snapped a few photos of it while the morning sun came into our bedroom.

You have seen this favorite armoire of mine many a time, it just makes a great backdrop and

I love to photograph it too.

You know how you have the same piece of furniture for many years,

 and tend to forget all of the lovely details.

Whenever, I add a new wreath to this armoire, I am always reminded of the quaint and intriguing

shop it came from in the historical city of New Orleans.

Great memories for me.

So, the items need for this wreath are sweet and simple...

For this Natural Fall Wreath I used-

1. Grapevine Wreath
2. Acorns
3. Pine cones- assorted sizes
4. Faux leaves
5. Faux red apples
6. Burlap Ribbon
7. Mini Felt pumpkins
8. Glue gun

I found these pine cones while we were in Colorado this Summer and tucked them in my

suitcase, I just knew I would find somewhere to put them, and the acorns came from the many

walks I take through our neighborhood.

North Texas may be short on water, but we have plenty of Oak Trees!

Oh, these itty bitty pine cones I saved from last year.

I found these at Wal Mart and they are even scented - cinnamon, an added bonus for sure.

So then, with all of these supplies gathered together, I usually place them on the wreath and

see where they look the best before I hot glue.

Then I make my bow, it isn't a professional bow, but I am getting better at making them.

From start to finish this probably took 30 minutes, to be honest I lost track of time, just

because I was enjoying the weather so, so much.

I think thats a good thing, though, don't you?

And then I ended the day with a little Fall vignette on a chippy cedar chest with some fun

attic finds from my own attic!

Now, that's a story for another day.

Do you have any projects planned for the week?

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  1. Jemma,
    ok, first of all, I'm in love with that chair and those cream pillows in your bedroom, the chair is gorgeous! I really like the fabric on it. The armoire is so lovely too. Your wreaths always add a special touch, and bring out charm in any room. This one with the orange colors is very pretty. Oh Jemma, I love this season like you do and appreciate everything that it brings to us. Thank you for reminding me of its beauty.

    Have a good week ahead.


  2. That's a pretty fall wreath! Thanks for the blog visit. Nice to hear from you!

  3. I can see why you love the armoire as it is beautiful….Treasured pieces are so dear to the heart….
    Love the wreath you made and that you found a perfect home for your pine cones….

  4. That wreath and those gorgeous pillows look just lovely in the bedroom. Perfect!

  5. You have a beautiful home! Would love to come visit you sometime! And your wreathe with the touch of reddish'orange - gorgeous!

  6. Jemma, the description of your seasonal moment sounds heavenly. Rustling leaves, cinnamon candle and tortilla soup...d i v i n e!
    Your wreath is gorgeous and so is your beautiful armoire and chair. Love that throw pillow.
    PS, I just noticed you use Instagram. I'm thinking of giving it a try, so I hope to see you there too.
    Have a lovely, lovely.

  7. Love how rich the wreath looks against the whites.

  8. Lovely lovely post! You are the queen of wreaths Jemma. I am always fascinated with them. Nice to see what you have been doing.

  9. So beautiful and elegant, Jemma ! And you are the queen of wreaths, yes :)

  10. Jemma, your wreath is so sweet and I love, love your armoire! Perfect backdrop indeed. We have had absolutely gorgeous weather here also. Loving every minute of it!! It was so beautiful today that I really wanted to be outside, but I started painting my built in desk area in the kitchen white. I'm putting glass in the cupboards and turning it into a china cabinet. Can't wait!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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