Homemade Boo Buns and Easy Braided Bread

October 21, 2014
Could I interest you in a warm Boo Bun or Braided Bread?

A great and simple no fail recipe that is full of endless possibilities from

these fun Boo Buns to Cinnamon Rolls, this Basic Sweet Dough is an all time favorite.


These buns won't scare your little one, in fact they will run for more-great fresh from the oven

with a dollop of butter or slice them in half for a mini sandwich.

This recipe comes from my Mother's Southern Living Cookbook 1970.

The Basic Sweet Dough recipe is the same no matter the shape you choose.

I used half of my dough for the Boo buns and the other half for the braided loaf of bread.

I really like braided bread because instead of slicing your piece of bread you simply

break off a piece of this soft, tender sweet bread then add butter and maybe some honey too...

Mind you, you will have to knead this dough, I know that can be a deterrent to making bread,

but honestly these buns and bread were well worth the effort.

In fact on a scale of one to ten these buns got a ten!

Here is a great tutorial from Baking Bites on how to braid bread using three to five strands of bread.

Now seriously wouldn't you like some warm Boo Buns!

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  1. Your bread is a work of art - love, sandie

  2. Your braided bread looks delicious, Jemma. When I used to visit my sister, sometimes she would have homemade bread baking in the oven, and she would give me a warm slice with butter. I haven't had it in so long. Your boo buns are a clever idea. Perfect for Halloween.


  3. In my twenties, I baked bit loaves of wheat bread. So good right from the oven! I have a lot of arthritis in my hands, wrists and thumbs, but I'd like to try this sometime.

  4. Jemma, this bread looks delicious! Your braid is so pretty and I love the boo buns! I am pinning.

  5. There is nothing better than freshly baked bread...the braid is perfect, Jemma!
    Have a wonderful week.


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