Inspirational Thursday-The Table

September 17, 2014

I am of the mind set that many things happen for a reason.

So  I am very certain it is no coincidence that we found the table.

There it was...

weathered, worn and waiting.

Sitting there, perfectly charming in the high Mountain Meadow, where the Rocky

Mountains blend together over thousands of miles of valleys and peaks.

The journey to hike to this perfectly magical mountain meadow,

in the glorious Colorado mountains, took four hours and brought us to an altitude of 12,000 feet.

This is where we found the table.

Along the steady uphill journey I ran out of energy, being the pitiful flat-lander, that I am.

(I learned my lesson on the previous day of hiking) and  packed a milk chocolate bar in our

back pack, which came in very handy on this vigorous hike.

I gasped with delight in finding the table,  such a treasure and also in having

a lovely and interesting perch on which to rest and finish my soft and gooey chocolate bar.

A perfectly perfect 360 degree view.

I found it so intriguing, to feel the weathered wood nearly white in spots and

to see the carved names wondering who had sat here before me...

Mr. O and I had different theories on to why the table was here.

However we did both agree on one thing, only a person with a horse, perhaps a few

horses could have brought the table up here, in pieces, then assembled it in this serene mountain


The table, proved to be the perfect perch to sit upon to soak in  the mountain sunshine and  breezes.

It seemed as though the cool air, the pine trees and the wild flowers spoke to me

softly and gently reminding me of the joy of life, the wonderment of each moment.

I do not know if I would have sat as long, meditated so thoughtfully, embraced the beauty of the

mountains as long as I did, if it hadn't been for the restful and comfortable spot which

the table offered me.

While it is certain that Mr. O and I will always have different theories on the table.

It seemed only fitting to pick a small bouquet of flowers to adorn the table which had provided me

with such a restful and picture perfect spot to catch my breath, reflect and embrace the beauty of

the mountains.

And I will always

know in my heart that it was not just a coincidence that the table was there...

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  1. Dear Jemma,

    Exploring the beautiful Colorado countryside, adorned with flowery meadows, and decorated mountains of thick, green forests, to be gifted that little luxury in the midst of such surrounding splendour, is, indeed, inspiration to breathe in, appreciate, and acknowledge, as you did, with that sweetly scented offering, to mark your own magic on this weather worn, lovingly signed, wooden table in the mountains.

    Loved this post; thanks for doing the legwork to plant a smile on my face!


  2. Oh my goodness, that table was meant for you to find, it is gorgeous and wow that backdrop is breathtaking. Just wanted to say thanks for linking up your cornbread to Inspire Me Monday, it looks so yummy!

  3. Oh how beautiful! I think someone wanted to provide a place to enjoy the view and share it with others too! It's a sanctuary! The flowers look wonderful against the weather worn wood- you will enjoy looking at these pictures even more once winter sets in- great memories!

  4. Dear Joyce,

    THAT table was meant to be there for YOU! And while it gave you what you needed a must needed place to rest - you paid if forward with a beautiful bouquet.

    Love, sandie

  5. Oh, how beautiful, Jemma. Sometimes it's better in the not knowing, just enjoying the beauty and sure joy that all came together at this special moment, .... just for you!


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