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Inspirational Thursday-The Table

I am of the mind set that many things happen for a reason.

So  I am very certain it is no coincidence that we found the table.

There it was...

weathered, worn and waiting.

Sitting there, perfectly charming in the high Mountain Meadow, where the Rocky

Mountains blend together over thousands of miles of valleys and peaks.

The journey to hike to this perfectly magical mountain meadow,

in the glorious Colorado mountains, took four hours and brought us to an altitude of 12,000 feet.

This is where we found the table.

Along the steady uphill journey I ran out of energy, being the pitiful flat-lander, that I am.

(I learned my lesson on the previous day of hiking) and  packed a milk chocolate bar in our

back pack, which came in very handy on this vigorous hike.

I gasped with delight in finding the table,  such a treasure and also in having

a lovely and interesting perch on which to rest and finish my soft and gooey chocolate bar.

A perfectly perfect 360 degree view.

I found it so intriguing, to feel the weathered wood nearly white in spots and

to see the carved names wondering who had sat here before me...

Mr. O and I had different theories on to why the table was here.

However we did both agree on one thing, only a person with a horse, perhaps a few

horses could have brought the table up here, in pieces, then assembled it in this serene mountain


The table, proved to be the perfect perch to sit upon to soak in  the mountain sunshine and  breezes.

It seemed as though the cool air, the pine trees and the wild flowers spoke to me

softly and gently reminding me of the joy of life, the wonderment of each moment.

I do not know if I would have sat as long, meditated so thoughtfully, embraced the beauty of the

mountains as long as I did, if it hadn't been for the restful and comfortable spot which

the table offered me.

While it is certain that Mr. O and I will always have different theories on the table.

It seemed only fitting to pick a small bouquet of flowers to adorn the table which had provided me

with such a restful and picture perfect spot to catch my breath, reflect and embrace the beauty of

the mountains.

And I will always

know in my heart that it was not just a coincidence that the table was there...

Welcome Fall Entry Vignette

Although the weather outside is still a tad bit warm and muggy, I am 

in full blown Fall mode.  I have decided that if I wait for the weather

to tell me it is Fall, I will have to wait for a very long time and, I am 

just am not willing to wait.  

And so I shall begin to welcome Fall.  I have many ways to 

welcome Fall and since I am admittedly a bit of a pack rat, thanks to 

age and saving many, many treasures. I no longer have to purchase 

any decorations. (Unless of course I feel as though I must!)  Just 

another great thing about getting older, I have stuff!

All of these marvelous orange pumpkins, golden baubles, 

copper whatnot's, burnished leaves, and tattered burlap reside in a 

very special box in the attic marked "fall."

I must tell you, that to those around me I appear rather matter of 

fact about the business of decorating, but deep inside me...well...I 

am smiling-giddy, happy!   I have always loved to decorate, ever 

since I was just a child. 

You see, my parents had an old travel trailer.  It was a rather beat up

old vacation vehicle, but it did serve it's purpose.  However, I wanted

to spice it up a bit.

So, my Mom let me spend some allowance money on crepe paper.  I

suppose by now you are getting the picture...not a great one is it-oh


Well with pink and blue crepe paper, scissors and tape in hand I 

began to make curtains.  I am sure they were just lovely-wink...

So a tweak here and a tweak there I found myself in the midst of 

enjoying decorating. Those childhood days are now just a fond 

memory.  Once a girl, now a woman who has a passion for creating 

spaces that reflect love, joy, happiness and inspiration.

So, please join me in my reflective mindset, welcome Fall, embrace

lost youth, give gratitude where it is do and for certain never ever

take the love of crepe paper lightly!

I am so excited to share with you that I am going to have my first

giveaway!! Yippee-it will be this week and it is a Halloween Wreath!

Details to follow! Thank you all for being such great blogging 


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