Summer Grapevine Wreath

August 12, 2014
Such a busy Summer but not too busy to make a wreath or two, so today I am sharing

with you one of my my late Summer Wreaths.

I enjoy the process of collecting materials to assemble my wreaths, sometimes I even 

challenge myself to shop the bargain aisle to see just what treasures may have been 

overlooked by weary shoppers.  

I was in luck a few weeks back when I found these 75 percent off flowers and butterflies.

I was also feeling a little bit whimsical, our Texas heat had not set in yet, and the notion of

fluttering butterflies, fairies and magic actual seemed a little bit possible as I strolled along

the byways of life.

I adore nature, I revel in the beauty of it all and I am always amazed and thrilled by

the glorious creatures that our Heavenly Father has created for us.  

This little wreath is a reflection of those thoughts and feelings.

Maybe it is because I was raised on a Farm, 

Maybe it is because I grew up embracing nature in the beautiful West,

Maybe it is because it is just the way it is meant me to be,

But it matters to me to cherish and nourish those feelings that nature

brings my way.

The magic,

hope, wonder, and beauty

which we sometimes loose when

we "grow up."

  And do we ever truly grow up?

  And do we ever truly want to?


I suppose it was just a magical sort of day in general, because even the early morning

shadows caught my eye.

So, when I finished twisting the last wire and placing the last dollop of hot glue on this orange 

polka dot bow, I stepped back and snapped this photo.

It was just that sort of day...

Leaving you with one of my favorite poems from Emily Dickinson. 

I took this photo just a couple of weeks ago while we were in Albuquerque New Mexico,  I 

was thrilled when I saw the Sandia Mountains and could not resist the late afternoon 

shadows as well.

                                                                   Sandia Mountains

Please Join Me~

Cedar Hill Farmhouse

Natasha In Oz


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  1. Oh Jemma, Jemma! What a totally darling wreath. It is just a happy-maker! Loved Emily's poem, too. I went on a tour of her house that was thrilling to me.

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog, too, and for your sweet and complimentary comment. Always so wonderful to hear from you. Susan

  2. Well the answers to your questions are No and no!
    Love your wreathe - I didn't really see the butterflies until you got to the closer picture - which is of course how you see it all the time. It was GORGEOUS!
    And fall is just around the corner isn't it?
    Your blog is wonderful and I have missed you.

  3. Oh Jemma, nature is my favorite place to be, and your wreath is so pretty. I am a polka dot girl too, so that caught my eye right away. I love the orange colors, so happy. I like what the poem said about simplicity. I hope you are having a fun summer. I went into hobby lobby recently, and everything was Fall. It will be here before we know it. :~)


    by the way, how wonderful that you were raised on a farm. You must have had a great time growing up.

  4. I love the polka-dot ribbon - so cheery. For me, summer is time for hot colours - vibrant shades, just like in your wreath.


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