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Balloons and Pompoms Al Fresco Tablescape

I love Al Fresco dining do you? Dining outdoors feels like party time. But when a sundrenched Texas Summer decides to roll in, dining outdoors becomes challenging. However where there is a good challenge, there is also creativity, so come on in and let me share with you how I decided to beat the Summer heat with fun colors, handmade flowers, pompoms and balloons.

Thank you for joining me today and 19 other creators as they share their imaginations, décor and creativity with you too. You will find all of their links to their Alfresco Tablescapes at the end of my post.

Please come on in!

Let's leave the French Doors open this morning as their is just a slight breeze and I hear the birds chirping, do you?

Truthfully my flowers are wilted, the blooms are faded and the water bill is rising, so the homegrown floral centerpiece is no more.

So let's party with some economical handmade table accessories and centerpieces!

Today I am using my turquoise three tiered stand along with a variety of pink and turquoise hued handmade pompoms as part of this tablescape centerpiece. Then I added some white balloons attached to variegated paper straws and placed them inside petite turquoise milk bottles.

Balloons are such a fun and easy way to add color, texture, height and interest to any tablescape.

I found these precious, pink and petite ceramic basket at Micheals for 60% off-they seem so perfect to use as baskets of blueberries for breakfast.

Plastic blue and pink Margarita glasses are perfect vessels for Breakfast parfaits.

  1. One container of coconut yogurt.
  2. Sliced banans
  3. Blueberries
  4. Granola


Handmade crepe flowers are so easy to make and add such a sweet touch to any tablescape. To make these petite and sweet little flowers I simply used a roll of white crepe paper and used a felted blue ball for the center.

Thanks so much for joining us all and may all you have a Sunny vibes sort of day and week!


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Haint Blue Or Cedar

We have our preliminary house plans to tweak and there are rooms that need to be shrunk down.

We have a very over sized garage for my husbands tools-saws and more saws-really a shop of sorts

just attached to the house.

He loves to build and in his retirement years that is exactly what he hopes to be doing.

My mind is a whirl wind of choices today for everything-

Inside, outside and my thoughts are in a muddle on whether or not to use Haint blue on the

ceiling of the back porch or cedar on our French Country Home

We have a backyard view of nature, plenty of trees and cute critters to watch too.

We plan on spending as much time as possible on our back porch.

Rocking in our rockers, listening to the cicada's, reading and sipping sweet tea.

So decorating the porch is just as important to both of us as any of the inside furnishings.

This is why I am wondering what you think and I am open to your thoughts,

so please share...


Painting a porch ceiling blue is not a new notion.

In fact, painting porch ceilings blue gained popularity as far back as 1850.

Once just an old Southern tradition, painting porch ceilings blue extends all the way from the

Northwest to the Northeast.


There are many theories as to why one would paint a porch ceiling blue, on top of just loving it.

Some say, it will fool spiders and wasps into believing the ceiling is the sky and keep them away.

Others like the fact that having a blue porch ceiling seems to extend daylight hours, provides

relaxation and "feels," like the sky.

There is also a deeply embedded Historical significance to Haint Blue.

Many people suggest that the blue porch ceilings originated out of the fear of Haints,

a restless spirit of the dead, who for one reason or another, cannot move on from this earthly world

to the spiritual one.


Picking the best shade of blue is ever so important, I do not want the shade I choose (if I do)

look like an afterthought.

I think that just maybe the shutters on the front of the house should be an extension of the

same shade-do you?

Oh goodness, so many questions and decisions.


Here we have a cedar porch ceiling, I like it so much too.

It seems to add such a warmth, rich and earthy feel to me, what do you think?

My daughter and her husband added cedar to their back porch ceiling, she has written a

complete tutorial on DIY on her blog Crafty Texas Girls.

I suppose the cedar is also less maintenance, unless it needs to re-stained?


This is so natural, so appealing, especially with the natural back drop of the forest.

Looking forward to what you are all thinking.


Summer Grapevine Wreath

Such a busy Summer but not too busy to make a wreath or two, so today I am sharing

with you one of my my late Summer Wreaths.

I enjoy the process of collecting materials to assemble my wreaths, sometimes I even 

challenge myself to shop the bargain aisle to see just what treasures may have been 

overlooked by weary shoppers.  

I was in luck a few weeks back when I found these 75 percent off flowers and butterflies.

I was also feeling a little bit whimsical, our Texas heat had not set in yet, and the notion of

fluttering butterflies, fairies and magic actual seemed a little bit possible as I strolled along

the byways of life.

I adore nature, I revel in the beauty of it all and I am always amazed and thrilled by

the glorious creatures that our Heavenly Father has created for us.  

This little wreath is a reflection of those thoughts and feelings.

Maybe it is because I was raised on a Farm, 

Maybe it is because I grew up embracing nature in the beautiful West,

Maybe it is because it is just the way it is meant me to be,

But it matters to me to cherish and nourish those feelings that nature

brings my way.

The magic,

hope, wonder, and beauty

which we sometimes loose when

we "grow up."

  And do we ever truly grow up?

  And do we ever truly want to?


I suppose it was just a magical sort of day in general, because even the early morning

shadows caught my eye.

So, when I finished twisting the last wire and placing the last dollop of hot glue on this orange 

polka dot bow, I stepped back and snapped this photo.

It was just that sort of day...

Leaving you with one of my favorite poems from Emily Dickinson. 

I took this photo just a couple of weeks ago while we were in Albuquerque New Mexico,  I 

was thrilled when I saw the Sandia Mountains and could not resist the late afternoon 

shadows as well.

                                                                   Sandia Mountains

Please Join Me~

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Blue Yarn Spring Wreath- DIY

Welcome to Day Two of Spring Wreath Week, I am so happy you dropped by.

This little wreath just has to be one of the easiest, sweetest and most 

enjoyable wreaths to make in the entire crafting world, maximum time 20 

minutes and mess free.

Such a relief after that Moss wreath!

I love the color blue, it is such a serene and calming shade.  

We have several rooms in our home which are painted blue and I have one 

spot in one bedroom which needed just a little something.

I really wanted to keep it simple, since this guest room is all about 

feeling serene, relaxed, and peaceful.

With fresh blue paint on the walls and our antique wrought iron bed updated 

with new linens, this room needed just a little something.

It seems to me, this Blue Yarn Spring Wreath is perfect for this Season.  

In retrospect I should have made it larger, but never the less it pretty

much fits the bill.

(Note to self-larger wreath for this bedroom)

Supplies For Blue Yarn Spring Wreath

1.  Styrofoam Wreath Form
2.  Fun Fur Yarn light blue and dark blue
3.  Paper Daisies 
4.  Hot glue gun
5.  Grosgrain Ribbon
6.  Thumb tack

Directions for Blue Yarn Spring Wreath~

Wrap the light blue fun fur yarn around the Styrofoam form until completely


Wrap the dark blue fun fur yarn over the top of the light yarn leaving 

about an inch between each wrapping.

This adds diminish and depth to your wreath

creating visual interest.

Secure ends of yarn with a small dollop of hot glue.

Arrange paper flowers on wreath and secure with hot glue.

Tie grosgrain ribbon around wreath and tie a bow.

Hang on wall with a thumb tack.

Now, wasn't this so easy and you know you could make this wreath in any

color and add whatever you personally like to make it perfect for your lifestyle.

Please join me on day three-

fabric wreath with buttons, perfect for your backdoor!

Please Join Me~

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Savvy Southern Style

Savvy For Blue Style

A cool blue door, a blue chevron bow on a  wreath, two blue 

antique jars, a shimmering blue pool.   What could all of 

these items have in common - Blue - and when you live in a 

State as hot as Texas, anything that looks cool, will make you 

feel cool, and that has to be a good thing.

Our daughter recently re-painted her front door. I love the color

she chose-cool turquoise. When she asked for a welcoming 

wreath, I made my way to Hobby Lobby and grabbed the last

roll of blue chevron ribbon.  As I was adding the last twig of ivy..

And adjusting the bow, I put her wreath on our antique 

armoire.   Amazingly enough just that touch of blue seemed to

make our bedroom feel cooler and breezy.

This is when I began to think about adding more blue to our

own home.  

I found these darling Blue vintage mason jars at a little antique 

store in Oklahoma, while visiting our youngest daughter.  The 

owner of the booth shared with me some information 

on choosing vintage jars.  The more defects the jar has, the 

more of a collectible it is. I suppose this is because it 

verifies that they are not reproductions.

You might notice the pink I have sneakily added in! 

Wink, know I love my pink!

And then, there is the beautiful outdoors and the cool waters

of the swimming pool.

Soft blues, vibrant blues, there are a myriad of choices.  

Do you have a favorite blue?

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