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Greenhouse Tales

February 26, 2014

Thank you all for sharing your gardening stories with me on how you handle 

challenging plants, unpredictable Weather, climate changes and poor 

gardening soil.

I so enjoyed reading each and every comment and found them very helpful-so 

please keep them coming!

We live in North Texas where gardening soil is not great, space is limited, we 

are on constant water restrictions and our weather is erratic and hot in 

the Summer. 

To help out with the conditions which Mother Nature has given us- we have 

purchased a small, very reasonable priced and  functional Hobby Greenhouse

I ordered my Greenhouse online and it arrived in a box. 

Can you believe it began in such a simple manner and blossomed into such a 

nifty structure? (Big thanks to my dear Husband!)

A few things which I have learned about purchasing a Greenhouse-

1.Make sure it comes with shelves or at least provides a link on where to 

order them.

Can you believe my Greenhouse had nary a shelf-hum...

It did in the picture-sold separately, neglected to mention that and for a 

handsome price. 

Home Depot and hubby to the rescue-really isn't selling a Greenhouse without

shelving like selling a car without seats?

Oh, well we have moved on and even have some sprouting going on-see 

those cute radishes, we love them in our evening salads.

Most Hobby Greenhouse are made out of clear-as-glass polycarbonate-

offering thermal insulation, 100 % UV protection, aluminum galvanized steel

frames, roof vent and rain gutters, and magnetic door.

2- You will need to anchor your greenhouse in place.

Hobby Greenhouses are super light and need  to be anchored one way or 

another. Our Greenhouse came with some stakes to anchor it in the ground. 

Because of limited space we could not put our Greenhouse on the lawn-so the 

stakes were of no use to us.

Instead we built a wooden base from 4 x 4's and attached them to the frame 

of the Greenhouse with screws.  (First photo shows this)

I am enjoying and loving every moment in my Greenhouse, can't wait to

start planting those tender plants!

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  1. Oh I love your greenhouse and my hubby would really love it. Fantastic. Thanks for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  2. Honestly, Jemma, that is an absolutely ADORABLE greenhouse. I'd LOVE to order one. SOooooo cute. But, alas, financially, it's out of the realm of possibility now. Love yours, though! Susan

  3. Your greenhouse is wonderful, Jemma. I've always wanted one. I can't wait to see what you grow in it. Look at those yellow flowers! Gardening is one of my favorite things to do. It's so peaceful to me, and I love to see lovely flowers blooming after a cold winter season.

    Have a happy day.


  4. I wish I had the money and place for that - that is BEAUTIFUL! You are going to have to show us when you get yours going. This is going to be so much fun for you and I can hear or feel your excitement about it. I think that is a great gift - idea. sandie

  5. Oh, a greenhouse is always so pretty! I love them. Lucky your husband did such a good job!

  6. Wow, this is great. My son is the gardener in our family. He'd love to have one of these -- and we're already into growing season in Florida. I saw your link on The Scoop link party. Ann Marie @ Iris Abbey

  7. How great!!! Someday, I hope to have a greenhouse, too. Please continue to post about your experiences with it now and then. I'd love to hear how it's going!

  8. Oh what a sweet greenhouse! It is not only functional, but adds character to your yard. And of course the shelves are a must! ... Totally making me wish for spring, even though it's snowing again today!

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  10. It's wonderful Jemma! I toyed with the idea of having a green house, but eventually opted for a she shed. Just in phase one now. My son says it will be finished by my grandsons wedding. That is June 25th. We shall see, it will be here sooner than we realize.

  11. No shelves? Yes that is like a car with no seats! I think I need one of these with shelves.

  12. I was surprised when you said that you have little space. I think of Texas yards as acres and acres.

    I love your little greenhouse, but I'm disappointed that the company neglected to mention that. We recently went to see Jeff Bridges play at a local spot in town. When we bought the expensive tickets we were surprised when we got inside to discover that the price we paid didn't provide a seat and we couldn't eat dinner in the restaurant. We stood to eat and stood through the entire concert (he was wonderful) and informed the management that we wouldn't be back.

  13. It is such a sweet little greenhouse. Maybe they provided no shelves as the shipping would have been costly. Just a thought. Didn't realize you are in North Texas too.

  14. Despite the lack of shelves your greenhouse is completely enchanting!

  15. Jemma,
    A greenhouse!
    How lovely for beginning your plantings, dear friend!
    Great tip to remember to add shelving!
    Love all the photos of seed packets!
    "Mr. Ed" is our Master Gardener, but I adore seed packets!
    Visiting from The Garden Party!


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