Adding Shine With Metallics

January 27, 2014
I am so glad that gone are the days when mixing vibrant gold and 

cool silver were a decorating taboo. 

Marrying metallics provides an intriguing contrast and texture and

they can be easily incorporated a little at a time. 

I think we may have known that, don't you?

I have added a little shine to our family room mantle and kept

it low cost as well.  I painted the white window frame which I 

used for Thanksgiving gold.  

I didn't even sand it down...and while I had the paint out the mason

jars got a fresh coat too.  

Don't you  think frames are just one of the simplest ways to 

incorporate gold into a space and depending on the style of the 

frame, they can add some glorious glam.

This is one of the spaces in which I incorporated a touch of gold. 

I like the suggestion of gold nestled with white.

A little sparkle during these Winter months is a real mood booster 

as well. 

Metallics are a fun way to add a little drama, and can easily be 

done with paint, wallpaper, or accessories. 

Let's head on over to the kitchen now, I wanna show you the little

mixing I have done in here.

I kept the mix of metallics very low key in our kitchen, with silver

hardware, a gold leaf box  and two simple gold chandeliers.

The two metallics play off one another without a huge commitment

of colors.

Using white in the kitchen too-keeps it simple,

Creating a little equilibrium in small spaces and using the light from

the kitchen window to get a feel for how the different hues interact.

Oh, have you seen my Tea Cart?

I am like a proud Mama over this tea cart-ask me if I have pictures

and I will show you my gal...

I think it was three years ago now, when I painted her gold

yes indeed she was a hot gal before being gold was really cool.

I did not inherit a Great  Aunt's tea set, so I have started collecting

my own random pieces of silver as I travel to and fro to visit the 


It is so much fun!

They are random pieces, but by the time my collection is complete,

I will have a very eclectic and personalized mix.  I am sure I won't 

stop with collecting silver.  I have really been considering painting

an entire piece of furniture gold or maybe a sunburst mirror.

How are you adding shine into your Winter days?

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  1. I love the chandeliers in your kitchen, Jemma. I have the same color of granite countertops and the white cabinets too. That's so nice that you started to collect pieces of silver for your collection. This reminds me of the silver tea set that my mother used to have. When she passed away, it was handed down to my sister. I remember cleaning it sometimes.

    Your house looks very nice, and I love the white flowers. Isn't it fun to decorate?


  2. Jemma, what a pretty palette of mixed metallics you have bejewelled your home with, each piece glows with a rich patina, adding a fine luster to the space around it. I love the chandelier and the tea cart; they are elegant and quietly extravagant! You have transformed these every day objects into gorgeous little gems! Thanks for sharing the magic!

    Have a sparkling super week!


  3. LOVE it all, Jemma, especially your kitchen. I've always loved to mix metals, woods, and other textures and finishes. I do keep it simple and uncluttered but I love mixing it up. I've been thinking of bringing out my old copper molds and buying new copper pots to add a whole new dimension to my kitchen which has plenty of stainless steel. It all says free spirit to me ... as the lovely Martha Stewart would say, "It's a good thing." =D

  4. You are such an inspiration...I love all the rich textures you've given your home with the gold and silver...Love the two chandeliers in your kitchen which give it such elegance along with the tumbled marbled backsplash, garnet countertops and white cabinets. I just love the mixture of all the textures....

  5. How do I add shine - I read your blog!!
    Your gold is beautiful - you did a great job! I love your home - looks show case ready. You know my watch is gold and silver.
    You home is wonderful.

  6. Jemma,
    I take all of my "just because" pictures, but there is one that my husband took and that is of the Golden Gate Bridge when he visited San Francisco recently. He took it on his phone, but came out pretty good. Most of the pictures are taken just a few blocks from my house - it's surprising how many interesting things you find right around the corner. Thank you for your sweet comment. I loved it.


  7. Everything is so pretty. I love your mantle.
    Debi @ Adorned From Above

  8. I like your silver collection and I'm totally in love with your kitchen.

  9. Hi Jemma,
    thnk you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. So I came to visit you and liked it very much. I am a big fan of silverware and shiny gold. You did a great job with painting some things golden. The metallic look adds such a fantastic highlight. Love the vignettes all.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  10. I love mixing metals too......your fireplace mantel looks beautiful. Love your kitchen too :o)

  11. Love the mixing of the metalics, love the silver with the brass and golds, always makes for a beautiful collected over time home...thanks for sharing with us...

  12. I've always loved silver and have just a few pieces around to add some sparkle. I've never really been keen on gold, but your kitchen with the gold chandeliers & the gold in your countertops look so inviting! Wendy x

  13. Oh very nicely done, Jemma!!! Love the tasteful decor of your home and mixing of metallics

  14. I love mixing metals,all of your pics are gorgeous. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  15. Oh pretty! I love the mix of metals. It all looks effortlessly collected over time!

  16. Jemma! I love the mix you've got going on! Thank you for sharing. You will be one of the features tomorrow at the Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see your prettiness again at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  17. Just lovely! So glad to find it at SYC.

  18. Sweet Jemma, everything is just lovely! I have always loved silver much more than gold, but my daughter just decorated for a shower using pink and gold and it really was sweet. I painted some mason jars for her flowers and love how they turned out! You have created such a pretty combination on your mantel. I love your kitchen and I have that same light as one of my fixtures in my basement bath. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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