The Christmas Sled

December 08, 2013

This is the tale of a well loved Christmas sled, a sled that was used 

until it was worn out. I received it the year I was between five and 

seven along with a baby doll. The sled carried me from the edge of 

the sloping river banks on to the bumpy crystal frozen waters.

Where I sailed across the glassy, slippery ice with complete glee and

freedom from heavy boots, soggy sweaters, frozen mittens and rosy 

frosted cheeks.  When the ice became too thin for safe travels, my

parents would pull me behind the pick up truck, while snow and 

wind swirled about me like a small tornado.  I loved it all, every 


My sled is long gone, where I do not know. It was no ordinary sled, 

it was magical, at least to a youngster.  For years I 

have been looking for a sled and just when I thought I had found 

the perfect sled I found fault with it.  Until I found this one.

I found this Dano 80 sled in a antique shed-not shop, there is a huge

difference.  I literally crawled over and moved all sorts of ancient 

cobwebby treasures to reach this sled.

My sled traveled the long distance with me in my car  from 

Tupelo Mississippi to our home in Texas.  I feel as though I have 

found a long lost friend. 

I think there is some sort of a Christmas magic happening because 

the week we arrived home we had snow.  Of course this sled will 

live in quiet retirement, there won't be any wild rides on icy ponds. 

But it will be decorated with care each Christmas and provide many 

warm memories for me.

Naturally, I had to take my Christmas sled outside because I just 

do not know if there will ever be snow at Christmas time again.

I hope to see you back tomorrow for more glimpses into our home.

It is the beginning of  Tis The Season Christmas Tour and I am 

day one of the tour, our door is open I can't wait for your visit!

Please Join Me~

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  1. Glad you found your treasure :)

    I had a wooden sled as a child. Then my boys had wooden sleds when they were little ( though we did get the plastic ones then too ) I really wish I'd have kept a lot of that stuff ...looking back I wish I HAD but we usually always gave it away to the next family with a younger child but now all that stuff is vintage! :) And I want it again! :)

    You have certainly done your treasure justice ...the displays and photos are stunning. And I am happy that you enjoyed your snow. The first few are magical....( though we've had about four here now and technically it is not even winter yet so I wonder what we are in for this winter! :)

  2. That was snow in TEXAS? Yukes - that is more snow then we have had in GA! So did you get this beatuy sled on your last trip? I am so glad you found it and remembered all those good memories that will come with it. Tell me where did you grow up? I am from Chicago.

    I know you have a beautiful home can't wait to see it.

    And we had a toboggan when I was younger. I have to say I do remember my dad taking me sliding and then letting me ride on it and pulling me up - that was a nice memory - thanks.


  3. What a great and quite unique way to decorate for Christmas! Love it.

  4. The snow added the perfect touch to your photo. You should make these into Christmas cards! Beautiful my friend!

  5. It is wonderful how a childhood toy brought back so many happy memories to you of thrilling rides on this beautiful sled. It must have seemed magical to you. I'm glad it traveled safely home with you and that it found just the element it needed to be displayed perfectly--fresh snow!

  6. I like how you've decorated this sled! So cute! I grew up in South Dakota, so we had lots of opportunities for sledding!

  7. Wow, I can't imagine a childhood that filled with joy and your parents so sweet to do all that. I am so glad you found a sled!

  8. How fun that you found your sled and you decorated it beautifully.

  9. Heartwarming memories of your childhood sled. I'm glad you found the special one to help relive them and you have decorated it so nice.

  10. Love your sled. When we were small we had snow every year and went sled riding down the front hills of our home. Lots of good memories, hot chocolate when we got inside, fingers and toes so cold. Looking forward to your Tis The Season tour tomorrow!
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  11. What a beautiful sled! I wish I could find a vintage one for my front porch. I haven't given up - I'm always on the lookout! I'm looking forward to seeing your house on our blog tour tomorrow!

  12. This is such a wonderful story Jemma and I'm so happy to hear that you've found the perfect sled! Holidays ARE a time of magic and being that this appeared when you wanted it to .. AND it snowed;) I think Santa may be involved;) I am so excited to see the hour tour! The entrance looks so festive! xxleslie

  13. That sled was a real treasure to find. And to have snow along with it! Wonderful. You've done a great job of decorating the sled.

  14. What a lovely tribute to your sled. You've done a beautiful job decorating this one. Ann Marie @ Iris Abbey.

  15. Jemma, it is truly magical that you, as an adult, should come across this perfect little sled, a symbol of your Christmases past, Christmases that still shine brightly in your sweet memories of a toy that transported you to thrilling, snowy adventures!

    Wrapped in a beautiful seasonal wreath, it is a sentimental gift to yourself, and one that will remain treasured, like the muse of its inspiration.


  16. Your sled brought back many childhood memories of my sledding adventures. Sounds like you had lots of fun too. Your new "old" sled looks beautiful decorated, you did wonderful. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  17. I enjoyed your story and the beautiful decorated sled.

  18. Just saw this on Pinterest, how gorgeous! Looks like a Christmas card!


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