Thankful and Pleased

November 06, 2013
The winds of Fall took me on a little trip to see some sweet family in

 Ft. Benning Georgia.  Leaves were changing and 

excitement was in the air because it was Halloween.

The little guy is our grandson, our beautiful and sweet brown eyed 

boy- and he is made up of...

"Frogs and snails
And puppy dog tails,
That's what little boys
are made of."

He loves dirt, digging in the dirt, throwing dirt, sprinkling dirt...
and his Mommy and Daddy! Oh and chocolate.

I not only loved seeing my family I loved all of the big beautiful trees

that grow in Georgia-my dear friend Sandie from Chatty Crone lives

in Georgia.  You must visit her blog:)

I was only there for for 4 days but we made sure to make every 

minute count.

We spent time together as a family-which meant the world to me.

Lovely walks, enjoyable lunches near the Chattahoochee river, and 

of course the little guy dressed up as an elephant and did his trick-or 


Ft. Benning is a beautiful Army Base and the home which my

family lives in dates back to the late 1920's it is charming and 

quaint with old hardwood floors, extensive molding and a very 

deep and dark basement which the little guy and I do not like.

Our trick or treating took us to the home of a General-isn't this home

just gorgeous-my son-in-law tells me that the entire first floor of this

old plantation home is not lived in.  It is totally reserved for grand

gatherings and receptions.

Our next stop during my stay was dinner in Columbus, we had an

enjoyable little meal of speciality hand tossed individual pizzas 

topped off with a little stroll down main street.  

I loved the town of Pine Mountain-it was perfectly darling with little

antique shops and of course Rose Cottage itself where we had a 

cup of fresh basil soup, a grilled pear and brie sandwich and of 

course tea just before heading to the airport.

So many gorgeous items were for sale, I really would have liked 

to have it all...don't you love this little Christmas sign.  

And just look at this treasure...

These plates are even for sale-maybe next time...

A beautiful memory maker for certain-do you have any to share?

Please Join Me~

Little Red House

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  1. 'Be Good For Goodness Sake', what a wonderful sign that should be displayed all year long. Such a sweet post today! xox

  2. Your little guy is so handsome and looked so adorable in his costume....What memories you were making and I know you were loving every minute....It looks like you got to see some very interesting sites during your visit to the the way, your daughter is beautiful and looks so much like you with the big smile....

  3. Jemma I love you r shots and it does look as if you had such a wonderful time on this visit. Nothing better than family time! Being a grandma is just awesome !

  4. You have a beautiful family!! That little guy looks like more fun than trouble, and reminds me so much of my son at that age with those beautiful big brown eyes :) It sounds like you appreciated every moment that you shared with your family. I hope you get to see them often, even though they're a distance away. Enjoy the rest of your week Jemma! Wendy x

  5. How wonderful you got to spend Halloween with your cute grandson!

  6. Hello dear friend! I like your picture by the way. This is a wonderful post. Adorable grandson and such a lovely family. A true blessing! Thanks for sharing with us and being such a faithful blogger friend.
    Love ya,

  7. What a beautiful family you have Jemma! That little boy is as cute as they come, I know you want to just kiss his cheeks off!

  8. Love you Momma!! Thank you so much for visiting us and for this sweet post. We miss you everyday! Can't wait to see you again! Xoxoxo, Amanda

  9. Your grandson is so beautiful - and we both love chocolate - what do you think about that? And they live in GA. You were only a couple hours from me - darn - so close yet so far away - 137 miles. Your new blog photo is gorgeous. Thanks for the shout out. Your daughter looks like you. Beautiful. I know you had a great time. She has a lovely home. And there are a lot of wonderful homes down there. Hugs, sandie

  10. Is that your daughter, Jemma? She's so pretty, and your Grandson is precious. What a nice family they are. It sounds like you had a great time on your visit to Georgia. The lunch at Rose Cottage sounds delicious. I would have loved all the shops there.

    Yes, Chatty Crone is a delightful blog friend.


  11. Looks like a fun trip! How wonderful that you were there for Halloween with your darling grandson!

  12. Hi Jemma,

    It's always such a special treat when you take us along with you on your trips to visit your family or your holidays to interesting place and this trip was no exception! Your lovely daughter, adventurous grandson and his daddy are such a sweet family; so glad you got to spend some quality time with them. I love that old hutch with the whimsical Christmas sign! Magical! What a charming place!

    Have a lovely weekend, my friend and thanks for all the fun pics!


  13. I adore that little elephant costume, so cute! And the tearoom looks so cosy.

  14. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time with your family - your grandson is adorable! Lovely antique shop full of so many pretty things...hard to resist!

  15. Beeee utiful. Both your family, and the houses. Sounds like you had a amazing time, I can't believe the detailing in those rooms...sigh.

  16. Oh Wyatt I love youuuuuuuu! Wish I could've been with y'all, I miss you guys! Looks like you had a fun trip! SEE YOU MONDAY!

  17. Jemma your family is so beautiful and there is nothing more important than family time spent. Mine live near, but everyone seems so busy and so we do not see each other as much as I would desire. Have a happy week~

  18. Jemma, you do have a beautiful family. Your grandson is a cutie! I enjoyed this post and all the lovely sights you saw. Thanks for taking me along, have a happy week ahead!

  19. Your grand son is too cute -- love the elephant costume. What a wonderful time you had with your family -- sweet memories. And, it looks like you had a wonderful adventure, too. Be Good, For Goodness Sake! Rose Cottage Tea Rooms -- yum!

  20. What a wonderful trip! Your daughter looks SO much like you...and I like your new profile pic! Cute cute photos of the little one, too. I'm so glad you had a good time. It was a good time to travel. I'm so glad you had fun!

  21. Looks like you had a wonderful visit. Your grandson is sooooo cute. Have a wonderful week.

  22. You had a great trip with family, meals out and shopping. Your grandson is sweet and I noticed there was nice weather for Halloween at your daughter's. We had pouring rain, poor kiddies.

  23. Oh how wonderful to have a little guy to spoil!


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