Styrofoam Christmas Ornaments DIY

November 28, 2013
Lets make ornaments out of Styrofoam balls and celebrate 

a DIY retro Christmas craft day.

So lets get busy and make some cute crafts out of these little

Styrofoam balls (caution these are made with thumb tacks adult 

supervision is needed)

Supplies Needed

1- Black craft paint
2- Assorted thumbtacks
3- Styrofoam balls
4- Ribbon
5- Pipe cleaners
6- Small jingle bell
7- Craft glue
8- Florist wire

Directions For Blue and Silver Thumbtack Christmas ornament.

Wrap ribbon around the Styrofoam ball and tie.  Add thumbtacks

one at a time creating what ever type of pattern you like. Secure 

each tack by adding glue.  They will fall out if not glued. 

Directions for Styrofoam and ribbon ornament.  Measure 6-8 strips

of ribbon and cut- secure with thumbtack on top and bottom of 

Styrofoam ball.  Make a loop out of the ribbon and secure with

tacks and glue.

Directions for Rudolph Christmas Ornament, cut and shape antlers

out of pipe cleaners, twist them into desired shape and stick them in 

the Styrofoam, secure with craft glue.  Paint two tacks black for the

eyes, after they have dried insert into Styrofoam- once again 

 securing with glue.  Attach florist wire to the red jingle bell

and push into Styrofoam, glue. 

Thank you for joining me in a blast from the past craft!

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  1. How fun, Jemma! Love the colors you chose for the first ornament !

  2. Oh Jemma....Those are soooo cute. (You are very crafty!)

    Hope your Thanksgiving Day was wonderful. Susan

  3. I did a ton of Christmas ornament crafts when I was younger. It kept the kids busy when they were antsy with excitement. Yours are beautiful colors!

  4. These sweet ornaments remind me of sitting at the table with my mother making styrofoam ornaments when I was little. So proud when my mother placed mine on the tree! Thanks for the blast from the past, Jemma. Yours are perfect!

  5. You can really use your imagination for these, too. Your blog tour looks like fun....lots of my favorite blogs taking part!

  6. These are so cute! Thanks for the tutorial. I've never seen these done with thumb tacks before. I have a set I made years ago with straight pins that you'd put through a seed bead and a sequin before pushing into the styrofoam. I had started with a kit that made three bell ornaments and they were so cute and easy that I bought supplies to make my own shapes. I did various sizes of balls, a heart and a star. We've used them every year for about 12 years now.

  7. Jemma,
    These are so creative, and put a smile on my face, as my son made one of these for me many years ago when he was little. I still have the ornament today. Me and the girls had craft night on Friday. It was so much fun, and you can check out all the things they made when Jess does the post in awhile. I love your little Rudolph reindeer. It's so darling.


  8. A blast from the past, indeed, but I love the idea of sharing these with our little grandsons. Thanks for the reminder!

  9. Kids would have so much fun making these Jemma! Thanks for sharing them with SYC. Have a very Merry Christmas my friend! I am hoping to make it around to your Christmas tour this weekend. Sounds so very fun!

  10. Such a cute and fun craft for kids to do Jemma, and I love the colors! There's no end to how creative you can get with these. You're only limited by your imagination.


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