Inspirational Thursday-Craft Show

October 30, 2013
Well, I mean to tell you that Oklahoma City knows how to host a  

Craft show.  Full, abundant, selection, quality and look what I 


Primitive Dough Bowl-can't wait to use this for my decorating this 


Sugar mold-

Perfection with candles...singing happily to myself.

I collect snowmen, so when I spied these linen napkins with hand 

embroidered snowmen-they were coming home with me.

Love these darling and huge acorns-my daughter sneakily purchased 

them and tucked them in my bag.

This is my Rebecca the sneaky little acorn bandit, with Molly.  Who

you can't see.

So here is Molly who was a real trooper and shopped with us for a 

total of six hours!

The theme was An Affair of the Heart.  So many women in one 

place.  On a very chilly day.

Still everyone was smiling with a zest and gusto like I have never 

seen before.

Rebecca and I have started a tradition and we promised that no 

matter where lifes journey takes us we will always meet in Oklahoma

City once a year to attend this fun, exciting, quality and great Craft


This trip was a true memory maker for more reasons than just the 

Craft Fair! 

Please Join Me~

Daily Cup Of Mrs. Olson

The Brambleberry Cottage

Elizabeth & Co.

Cozy Little House

Little Red House

Dedicated House

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  1. What a great way to spend time with each other. It reminds me of the many times my mother-in-law and I would go to craft fairs together. She's gone now but nothing can replace those fond memories.

  2. I love these huge craft fairs; we have several here in NC...Your daughter and granddaughter are beautiful and I know you loved spending the day with them...I love that you two decided to start a tradition of meeting up every year to do this....Girls day out....By the way, you found some great things...

  3. Jemma I love a great craft fair and this sounds like one. I love your napkins and those acorns are so cute! Of course not as cute as Molly! What a fun time you had!

  4. Great finds at the craft fair! It always amazes me to see the creativity that people think up!

  5. I know you had a ball shopping - looks like you got some nice items. I have to tell you that your daughter and granddaughter are just wonderful and beautiful! They take after you! sandie

  6. What a fun day and I know it was even more fun to do with your daughter and that precious little Molly! She is a doll and what a trooper!

  7. I had the BEST time with you! Molly and I love you so much!!!!

  8. Lovely is Molly and the snowmen napkins.
    Greetings, RW & SK

  9. What a great thing for you and your daughter to agree to do each year. I love your dough bowl, your sugar mold and those adorable acorns. You have an adorable little one there with you - what a good girl to hang with you all at this event. Looks like you three had an incredible time. You are a lucky lady.
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  10. Jemma, what a wonderful thing to look forward to each year. Both Rebecca and Molly are such dolls! I can see a bit of you in Rebecca. I love your finds. I have a dough bowl and a large sugar mold. Two of my favorite decorating items. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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