Decoupage Pumpkins for a fun Fall Craft

October 01, 2013
This time of year is just fun and what better way to have 

some whimsical fun than to decoupage some pumpkins.  

Decoupaging is such an inexpensive way to decorate your pumpkins 

and also to make them last throughout the season.


With endless choices of scrapbook paper the sky's the limit for 
adding decoupage pumpkins to your vignettes.

These are the basic supplies you will need to decoupage pumpkins.


Supplies for DIY Decoupage Pumpkins


Directions for Decoupage Pumpkins

Approximate time to complete this project is 45 minutes per 
pumpkin with a drying time of 45 per pumpkin before moving.

Place on parchment to dry-this way the decoupage strips will not stick to drying surface.

  •  Measure and cut scrap book paper into 1" x 7 3/4" strips.
  • You will need approximately 16 strips per pumpkin-this may vary according to the size of your pumpkin.
  • Apply mod podge to pumpkin with paint brush-or fingers. 
  • Apply the strips of scrap book paper and work out all bubbles and bumps so strips lie flat.
  • Continue applying mod podge and working strips into place until you are pleased with the project.
  •  Option-apply glitter glue.
  • Place on parchment paper to dry.
  • When pumpkins are completely dry add twine and burlap flowers to pumpkin stem.
  • Place decorated pumpkins on a terracotta saucer.
Everyone needs a little inspiration and mine was Lemony Snicket.   
A Series of Unfortunate Events.


I remember my girls enjoying this series, so I just sort of went with 
that whimsical theme! 

This project is all about fun-so if the strips are not even, there are
a few bubbles and bumps, just forget about it and enjoy the fact
that some projects are all about enjoying them!

This is day three in decorating with pumpkins, please join me on 
Thursday for more ideas!

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  1. These are the first decoupage pumpkins i've ever seen. They look so cute!

  2. These are so darling! Come over and share your post with us on the Style Sisters linky party..

  3. And here I thought pumpkins were just for carving & eating!! These are very cute & creative :) Will be using your pumpkins for pies once the decorations come down? Looking forward to the next creations. Wendy xo

  4. What gorgeous colors you chose and the nice thing is, you can use any color to match your decor or other decorations. Something with a black and white design would be gorgeous. I need to go to Pumpkin 101...I'm challenged! lol

  5. Girlfriend, you are on a roll....These are just about the cutest pumpkins I have seen in a long time. I am going to try several of these with my granddaughter when I see her next week....Thanks for the directions....

  6. Jemma,
    Oh how clever. Your decoupage pumpkins are so cute. I love the bright colors. Jess and Nel do many craft projects during this month, and I'll have to send them over to check these out. They look so nice in your home.

    Happy October!


  7. Your pumpkins are so cute!! Love adding whimsy to seasonal decor. Makes me smile!
    Mary Alice

  8. Girl did you say you saw this being done somewhere or did you dream it up yourself? I think that is a fantastic idea. I saw one that was duck taped too - so many wonderful ideas are out there. sandie

  9. Hi Jemma,

    I love your pumpkins!
    How Festive. Thanks for sharing.

    Bear Hugs,

  10. So fun Jemma to travel along with your blog post! I love these little pumpkins, very charming and fresh.
    Have a great weekend.
    Love ya,


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