Terra Cotta and Cloche Vignette

August 28, 2013

This is a spot that has needed just a touch of something.  I wasn't 

quite certain what it was that would perk up this spot on 

my bookshelf

until I came across these two charming glass cloche's at Michael's.

The history of the glass cloche bell jar is quite interesting.  The 

cloche was developed by the French.  The purpose was to protect 

an early garden plant from frost.

It is not the season for sprouting plants or protecting them from 

frost, but I do have an abundance of marigolds blooming.  I picked

a few and used two marigold blossoms and tied a simple bow out of 

twine around their stems and placed them under the cloche.  

The French knew that by placing the plant under the dome it would

hasten the crop to maturity.  So, it seems that not only were they

decorative they were are also very functional. 

I like this seasonal arrangement and mix of terracotta and glass 

together.  These two saucers were natural terracotta-In order to 

achieve a scratchy chippy appearance I dry brushed painted them.

I simply dipped the tip of the paintbrush into the paint, I usually 

just use the lid of the paint can that has a small amount of paint on it.

Then wipe the paint off the tip of the paintbrush and apply light to 

medium brush strokes.  For me this all adds an artistic interest to 

our home.

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  1. Your French Cloche is so pretty Jemma and the vignette you've created is lovely:) xxleslie

  2. Simple decor at it's best. I love a cloche!

  3. I didn't know the history of the cloche - I love to learn things like that. They are very pretty and I love the simple flower tied like that. Very nice Jemma. sandie♥

  4. I do love a cloche and your vignette with them is perfect!

  5. You just know the minute you see it that it's going to be perfect for that spot that has needed attention....Sounds like you knew these cloches were going to fit the bill. I love what you did with them....

  6. I love cloche's - I tend to call them domes - I have no idea why. These can be used just about anywhere and any season. I need to go get some more.
    Thanks, Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  7. What a cute idea! Your marigolds under the glass are very pretty.

  8. The dry brush painting gives them such a nice effect! And the cloche...both of them...are perfect for decorating for the different seasons or moods! You love beautiful things....so do I! Sweet hugs my friend!

  9. I have a cloche addiction, I'm going straight to Michaels to look for these babies. Thanks for the tip. The flowers look so pretty under them and so do the painted saucers.

  10. Simplistic beauty Jemma! I have to tell you that I put a large sunflower under one of my cloches and placed it on my kitchen cupboard. Today I looked over and it was covered in mold. YUCK! I will let the next one dry first. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  11. Loved a cloche!! I am on the look out for some larger ones then I currently have, but they all seem to have writing on them. I will keep looking. Yours are lovely.
    Thanks, Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design


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