Memorial Day- World War II Remembrance

May 26, 2013

I am sharing with you my gratitude for the men and 

women and their families who have given their service and 

support in the Armed Forces.

Today I find myself remembering the stories my Dad and Aunt

would share of their experiences of being a soldier and nurse

during World War II. 

Dad was in the infantry and Aunt Madge 

was a nurse stationed on the tiny Island of Guam.  Both of 

these dear people came home safely and lived full and 

abundant lives after the War.  However their stories of passion

for our country resonate in my heart and soul.  

Dad received his basic training in California - then was 

deployed.  He traveled to his duty station on a ship, over the

rough Pacific Ocean, it took many weeks, which to him-

seemed like it took forever, so many of the men became 

seasick.  Aunt Madge shared stories of service people getting 

Island Fever. ( a term used for being "stuck," on a rock and 

longing to get off of it.) The Island of Guam is very small. 

(Guam is only 30 miles long and 4-12 miles wide)

My Mom, my sister and my Dad-prior to his deployment.


Mom would tell stories of how the women had to give up 

wearing stockings because the material used for stockings had 

to be used for the war. Since the women did not have 

stockings,  they would then draw a line up the 

back of their legs to resemble the seam on their nylons.

This is my family and although they have died.  They will

always be with me.  These are the people who helped to build 

our Nation.  Not only through their service but through their 

hard work.   Let us never forget what they each gave to 

every American that walks this Country on this Memorial Day 


Thank you Dad, Mom and Aunt Madge- I am proud to say you 

all were mine.

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  1. Hi sweet friend! I am here to salute those from your family who fought and soldiered on so we could have freedom! I think often people forget the women who served too! You are so blessed with a beautiful and rich history. God Bless You and I know how you loved those that have gone before you! My husbands cousin Carolyn was a nurse in Desert Storm. Left her hubby and five young children to serve! My late father-in-law served the USN. He was at Pearl Harbor went that happened. My brother-in-law John served in the USN and was in the Suez Canal when Anwar Sadat was murdered! My grandmothers cousin lost her son in a submarine in WWII, her only child as did my mom's cousin who lost her only son in Vietnam! My sisters ex hubby served in Vietnam and my late cousin-in-law Jesse died from the effects of Agent Orange way too young! My girlfriend Kathy, her sister Marlene and their late brother Michael served in USN and my late brother-in-law served in the Army and two of my uncles served in the Army Air Corp. My hubbys uncle Virgil is a retired AF Major and my cousins father-in-law was a retired Admiral! Whew! Lots to give thanks for. Love you friend and enjoy the weekend but I know you and I will always remember why! Hugs Anne

  2. Good morning. I too want to thank and honor all the men and women of the service. I am thankful to be living in the USA!!!

    You look just like your dad! What a handsome guy. And I thank him and my dad for serving. And what our moms had to give up. I had never head of island fever.

    You have a lovely family there.

    Love, sandie

  3. My father served in WW II in Germany and France, but never talked much about it. True heroes in my eyes. xo

  4. That was a nice post, Jemma. I'm sure your loved ones still look down upon you and are happy with your tribute to them today. Hope your Monday is lovely. Susan

  5. Beautiful tribute, Jemma. I really enjoyed reading about your dad and aunt's experience in the war.

  6. What an amazing generation. Such a proud memory! Xo- Sam

  7. Beautiful post and tribute to your father and aunt. I have an uncle who served in the Korean war, he was a paratrooper. He had some pretty interesting stories of the war, chilly stories that would make the most toughest of men tumble!

  8. Jemma,
    What a great post paying tribute to your Family and there service to our Country for which we thank them for!!

    Thanks so much for always stopping by and leaving such sweet comments!!

    Wishing you a great week!!



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