Inspirational Thursday-Journey Of A Woman

May 08, 2013
I remember the energy, electricity and glee of being a 

young woman. Embracing the beauty of my youth, my longing,

my dreams, my destiny!

Oh, what would be next, who would I be, what road would I


That was long ago and yet, in the midst of fifty something I am 

at a turn of who will I be... 

I have felt a bit uneasy, confused, wondering and perplexed. 

After all I am a Mother of 4 and a Grandmother of five. 

Shouldn't I be thinking of a rocking chair? 

         From the book-"Mothers"
But to my amazement, I recently discovered, after visiting with 

friends that they too were experiencing these feelings.  Some of 

them wanted to join the Peace Corps, others wanted to live in 

Pairs, some chose to leave their home of 30 years for a 

"different," way of life.  And one of the most resonating themes 

were that they were excited!
  From the Book- "Mothers"

And perhaps this is why-this is our "last hurrah."   Oh we are

not ready for the bone pile.  We simply wish to carve out just a

little of a life that is separate from what has defined us all of 

these years.  We love just as deeply, care just as passionately.

We seem to have a heightened awareness that our best years

are becoming shorter.  We now have the experience and Faith

to know it will be okay.  It may not be perfect, but we do have

the tools to accept.

  From the book- "Mothers"

Oh, we are so very proud and thankful for accomplished 

careers  and stellar credentials.  Photographs of our darling,

beautiful and beloved children and grandchildren fill 

bookshelves and end tables.  Spending time with them is what

we "live," for.  But inside is a tiny flicker of a flame longing to

experience just one more fabulous, incredible and extravagant

event in our life.

  From the book- "Mothers"

 I hesitated to write this, will my family find this odd- and then it 

occurred to me, that they too will have this "happen," to them 

and it is alright!  It doesn't have to have a label of  "good," or 

"bad," it just is.  It is a journey, that we will all encounter

and as women, we need to support, embrace and love each 

  From my Garden

So, as I write this I think to myself, the journey of each woman 

is the most incredible and beautiful experience.  We are truly 

masterpieces that evolve, we have the capability to love with

such an intensity it hurts.  We live to nurture and care for

babies-and go without sleep for years.  Only we, can bring such

joy to our families and offer support to the individuals we

work with.  We hold this glorious world in our caring, warm,

sometimes worn hands.  Our journey is indeed a blessing,

a marvel and a gift.

Please join me this week:

 Dear Little Red House-Mosaic Mondays

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  1. Such a gorgeous mosaic, and I hear you, totally!

  2. This is where I am. I feel the thrill of wonder over what God has for me next, as my two youngest go on to university in the fall. No rocking chair in my future any time soon. There's too much to be done still!

    Have a lovely Thursday, Jemma!

  3. I love your mosaic - it is so soft and delicate just like I imagine you to be. Happy Mother's Day - I enjoyed those words - I had never read that before. sandie

  4. Beautiful post, Jemma. Thanks for visiting me at Doorkeeper. Blessings!

  5. What a beautiful post. Be sure to enjoy life. I am 75 now and I did . No rocking chair for me and I expect to live another 20 years, I still have s much to. Do. : ))

  6. Beautiful post. Thank you for sharing it. Have a wonderful week and take care, Jen

  7. An inspiring post. I think the image of women, particularly grandmothers has changed during our generation. We're not sitting on rocking chairs knitting any more but still experiencing and enjoying life.


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