Deviled Potato Salad

April 21, 2013
Well, I don't know if you all had Potato Salad growing up-but I did!  It was a 

major part of our picnic fare-

My Mom, fixed a great picnic-fried chicken, deviled eggs, potato 

salad, black olives, and a dessert.  This wonderful Potato Salad recipe comes 

from Southern Living Cookbook-Second Printing 1971.

I suppose you remember that I grew up

on a agriculture farm in Idaho-with a 

major emphasis on ...


I can cook potatoes in all sorts of ways

and yes they are always, always, 


You must  cook potatoes in their jackets for this recipe -and I prefer a russet.  

I do know that Yukon's and Red's have a great reputation but on my farm-it 

was and always will be a Russet.

You may be wondering-Southern Living-isn't Jemma from Idaho?

Well, my Mother's twin sister moved to North Carolina after marrying

a Lieutenant during World War II.  She sent Mom this recipe book and Mom

became hooked on many of the recipes.

So, for the presentation of this salad I chose to use my set of Table Arts- by 

designer Debra Cherniawsky. These are such fun pieces and each piece is hand 

painted- Debra is a native of Alberta, Canada.

RECIPE: serves 6 to-8 Prepare a day in advance and chill-makes all ingredients meld together for a spectacular flavor.



8 hard-boiled eggs
2 tablespoons vinegar
1 tablespoon horseradish sauce
2 1/2 tablespoons prepared mustard
1 cup mayonnaise or salad dressing
1 cup sour cream
1/2 teaspoon celery salt
6 medium potatoes cooked in jackets, peeled and cubed ( 4 1/2 cups)
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup finely chopped sweet onion
1 cup finely diced celery
1/4 cup chopped green pepper
1 tablespoon chopped pimento


Cut eggs in half and remove yolk.  Mash and blend yolks with vinegar, horseradish, and 

mustard.   Add mayonnaise, sour cream, celery  salt, and salt; mix well.  Chop egg white; 

combine with potatoes, celery, onion, green pepper, and pimento.  Fold in egg yolk mixture 

chill.  Garnish with tomato wedges and cucumber slices.  (I finely chop all of the vegetables I 

have never liked biting into a large piece of onion or pepper for that matter!)

Now, put all of these yummies in your favorite bowl and chill overnight.  This

potato salad is a great side dish for any of your upcoming barbecues or picnics!

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  1. I am not a big fan of potato salad and just haven't be able to make a good salad. Your's does look very good. I do love eggs in it so this looks really interesting. Thanks for your recipe.

  2. I love Southern Living's cookbooks. Their recipes always turn out well for me. I'll be giving this recipe a try -- thanks for sharing!
    Have a wonderful Monday, Jemma!

  3. I love potato salad. One of my favorite foods and this recipe does sound yummy!

  4. Potato salad is always a favorite at our family picnics and get-togethers. I love trying out new recipes!

  5. Perfect for an outdoor BBQ ., wonderful recipe!


  6. Potato salad just seems so summery, doesn't it?! While I love potatoes...potato salad, not so much since I don't eat eggs :)

  7. I love potato salad! This recipe looks delicious. What an awesome cookbook you have, too ~ I've never seen a vintage one like that from Southern Living. (Doesn't seem like we should be calling something from 1971 vintage!)

  8. I am going to save this recipe - it looks like a good one when you get invited out - I try not to make too many potatoes here. I said try. sandie

  9. What beautiful tableware! And I love potato salad. This sounds yummy!

    ~Lynne @ a new Jersey Girl

  10. We always had potato salad (more German, less pimento and green pepper) along with the rest of the picnic fare of chicken and deviled eggs. Don't remember cooking the potatoes in their skins, but sounds like a good idea.

  11. WE all love potato salad, yours looks a little different and looks worth a try. Everyone loves mine but I am always willing to try something new

  12. This sounds delicious. New follower from Thistlewood Farm. xo Laura

  13. This looks awesome! Thanks for linking up at the Summer Inspiration Link Party!!


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