Inspirational Thursday- Serenity

February 27, 2013

Have you ever thought

that if you just tried harder,

that if you were just a little better,

if you just got that promotion,

or just overlooked-that something

or someone- one more time,

things would change?

But they didn't...

Remember discovering 

that the only way things were ever 

going to change was to hand

it all to God?

Wasn't it such a relief when we finally handed it all to Him?

And He knew exactly what to do.  

That the love of our Heavenly Father,

shelters us, protects us

and guides us, 

as only His love and care can ever do.

Finding out that it would not be easy,

but it would be possible.

Through the power of God's grace,

We would in time have serenity.

I am linking up for Gratitude Sunday with my friend~
Linda A La Carte

 Sweet Blessings,

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  1. Good morning, Jemma!
    A beautiful reminder of how great our God really is!

  2. Dear Jemma,
    Thank you for your comment and good wishes. I was very pleased. I wish you a good day.
    Lots of love greetings... Dorothea :-)

  3. I love that prayer and try to remember it but sometimes it eludes me. People like you keep reminding me and for that I am thankful! Happy Saturday!

  4. Wise words, but not always so easy to live, right? In the last few years I have started memorizing favorite Scripture to repeat to myself when needing a reminder. It is comforting knowing 'The One who loves me has the Greatest power in the Universe'!
    Thx for your visits,

  5. Jemma thank you so much for linking this up with Gratitude Sunday. I've been a little slow getting back to everyone, as I've come down with a head cold..ugh! This letting go and letting God has gotten me through more rough times then I can share. I find myself trying to 'fix' things and realize I can't and I just have to trust
    God. Then I feel peace. Sending you a big hug, Linda


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