Inspirational Thursday-Family

February 07, 2013
What would we do without them? 

Who would love us as they do?  

Who would forgive and forget as no other?  Our Family.

Who can bring us delight and frustration,

 all in the same second, our Family.

They are the very essence of our lives.

They are our Family.

They are the people who we can't wait to call when something goes 

wrong or right-they will laugh with us cry with us and love us.

They are our Family.

As my dear Mother would say "Family loves' you warts and all."

My Mother was my family and I was hers.

Family is the cream in our coffee, Family is the salt in our soup!

We are thankful we have one another-life is bumpy, life is full of 

surprises, friends come and go but Family, is well Family.

Oh, we have our share of this and that, we certainly are far from 

perfect.  But we are a bit like the Three Musketeers-"One for all 

and all for one."  We are Family!

Family-I am so thankful for my family, I am thankful for my 

husband who keeps us safe and warm.  I am thankful for Samantha 

who creates beauty all around her. I am thankful for Amanda who 

shares her bountiful love every day. I am thankful for Rebecca who 

brings daily joy to our lives.  I am thankful for Charles who has a 

keen mind.

So have fun, laugh, embrace one another and know that your 

Family loves you!

Please Feel Free To Print any of these Quotes.

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  1. Love my family! I can especially relate to that 'fudge' quote! Your new blog design is divine.

  2. Cute post! Love our cooky family! Your blogs face lift is fab! (: love you!

  3. What a fun post! I sure miss mine...they live all over the country! But it's nice to keep in touch and I love them all!

  4. This is just beautiful!! It Love my family so much! They really are the center of my world! Thanks for joining Gratitude Sunday!
    hugs, Linda

  5. oh, i love it a sweet family with nuts - too cute. i guess all families have a few nuts, right?? that is funny!! glad to meet you. great group here. take care. ( :

  6. Family.....nothing like it. One of our greatest blessings in life. :)

  7. Hi Jemma. Yes, having family is a special gift. We are blessed. And that goes for extended family in blogland, too! Susan

  8. Family...had to laugh at the comment about family, fudge and a few nuts! How true. Family just means more and more to me as I grow older. My immediate family is a JOY and my extended family is a challenge. I'm trying Lord...with you all things are possible!

  9. I am here from Linda's blog - Grateful Sunday - late, but here. I LOVE your blog. And let me tell you - I am also grateful for my family too.

    And mine has a few nuts in it too!



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