Jemma's Signature Salad

January 28, 2013

We love salads at Jemma's -I prepare a fresh one every night!  Except on Friday and Saturday when we go to our local and favorite restaurants!  Since I prepare five fresh salads every week, I know a good salad when I see one!  I am going to share with you my favorite tossed salad!

In order to have really great flavor and a truly delicious salad you must have fresh ingredients.  Never ever purchase pre-washed and bagged lettuce greens or chopped vegetables. If you must - you may have to drive a distance in order to get fresh ingredients.

Jemma's Signature Salad 

Ingredients-serves 4

1 1/2- 2 cups rinsed and dried ice burg lettuce
1 1/2 -2 cups rinsed and dried red-leaf lettuce
4 thinly sliced radishes
1/4 cup diced green pepper
1/4 cup diced celery
1 chopped cucumber
1 large vine ripe tomato
3 tablespoon finely diced sweet vidalia onion(optional)
1 medium Haas avocado chopped

salt and pepper to taste
Stella crumbled blue cheese to taste

I am big into rinsing all my fruit and vegetables multiple times. I usually fill up my sink half full and place leaf lettuce, radishes, pepper, celery and tomato in the sink.  I let them soak for 20 minutes. Remove from sink and let dry on a dish towel for another 20 minutes.
I rinse the ice burg lettuce under running water for 5 minutes and let it drain in  a wire colander in the sink.

I dice and chop all of my veggies up into the consistency we like-I add extra ingredients that suit me at the time-(my fridge always has an interesting assortment of vegetables)  The next step is the lettuce.  I know there are many professional Chef's that tear the lettuce instead of using a knife-I am not a professional so I cut up the lettuce too!

I have a very old wooden salad bowl that I use to toss everything together.  Place the signature salad in your favorite salad plate or bowl(this is my Mother's China) garnish with this incredible rich, dense and mild blue cheese.  Top with your most favorite dressing, salt and pepper to taste!  Truly enjoyable!

Hint on keeping avocados from turning brown:

There are many theories on how to prevent an avocado from turning brown, for me it is leaving the pit in.  By that I mean not disturbing the pit from the remaining unused half.  For more information and other theories on this topic.  Please follow this link:

This half of avocado was cut and sealed in a baggie with pit undisturbed for 24 hours in my refrigerator, still has a very presentable color.


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  1. Oh Jemma, that looks FABULOUS. I'd love to eat it right now. Hope you share some of your other favorite salads, too!

    Thanks for your visits to my posts! Susan

  2. This looks delicious and so fresh:) I like the way you've finely chopped some of the veges. It really does make it easier to eat some of the stronger tasting vegetables when they are smaller.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Oh Jemma, what a GLORIOUS header you have; that bouquet of flowers coupled with your pink background here make for a DELIGHTFUL visit! And I am hooked on salads and this one looks like a new love for me! I enjoy lots of walnuts and chopped apple in my spinach/chicken salad! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for coming to visit this morning and for following! I too will follow!

    Enjoy your day and find some inspiration in the most unlikely places! Anita

  4. This looks wonderful Jemma. I wish I had the discipline to make a salad on weekday dinners! I'm impressed.


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