Inspirational Thursday-A Picture

January 17, 2013
             " A picture is worth a thousand words."

There are times when a picture can convey a message more powerfully than the written or spoken word.  Sharing with you  some pictures that "Speak." to me.  They offer me inspiration and I hope that they will do the same for you!



印尼,Situ Gunung湖的早晨

Blue ï ¿  ½ ï ¿  ½ ï ¿  ½ ï ¿  ½ ï ¿  ½


As always wishing each one of you love, health and happiness!



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  1. Hi Jemma,
    Those pictures are gorgeous. You are so right --- they put you deep in thought and completely relax your mind. Thanks for visiting my blog and joining as a member. I also am now a follower -- so will will be meeting often I'm sure.
    Missy M

  2. Oh Jemma! Stunning photos. I LOVED looking at them. Thanks so much for following my beloved blog. I'm back at cha! I'm YOUR newest follower! Keep in touch and please stop by often. I'll love your visits. Susan


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