Glitter and Glitz Valentine Wreath

January 19, 2013

You remember my Valentine Vignette?

Well, I had quite a few materials left over-soooo, here is my third 

post on Valentine Wreaths.   This wreath is pure fun, nothing 

serious just glitter and glitz.

Supplies needed to make this wreath. Hot pink wire edged ribbon, 

light pink tulle, polka dot chiffon ribbon, straw wreath form, silk 

tulip buds,glittery letters. pearls and bling, florist wire, wire 

cutters, hot glue gun and glue sticks. 

Step 1:  Wrap straw wreath with wire ribbon.  I use wire because it 

is sturdier and I like the stripe effect.

Step 2: After straw is completely and uniformly covered with 

ribbon secure with florist wire.

Step 3: Layering all the wonderful goodies and securing with 

florist wire.  Layering makes an ordinary wreath extraordinary! 

There can never ever be too much ribbon or bling!

Step 4:  Cut tulle into seven strips each six inches long and secure 

with florist wire or sequin wire.  Once again attaching with florist 

wire to the wreath

Step 5: I wanted for the BE MINE letters to be raised a bit. So I cut 

small pieces of cardboard from an old shoe box and attached them 

with hot glue to the wreath.  After the hot glued had dried I hot 

glued the letters to the cardboard.

Step 6:  Secure wire on the back of the wreath and hang!! 

 This is my family room Valentine Wreath and Mantle!

Do you have any Valentine decorating tips to share?

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  1. I love the glitz and glam!! You are a master crafter extraordinaire!

  2. So colorful, so festive, so Valentine's! ;)

    Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday. Be sure to stop in tonight to see yourself featured.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  3. Love it! Great for the upcoming holiday! Susan

  4. Very cute!! Terrific job!! ;)


  5. Very festive indeed! Nice job - love all the glitter!!!!

  6. So pretty! Thank you so much for sharing this on The Creative HomeAcre Hop! I hope to see you again tomorrow! Here's the link:

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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