09 December 2012

Fresh Noble Fir Wreath DIY

I was just simply in the mood for FRESH!  

Most of the house is decorated, but this day, I was in the mood for the smell, feel, and look of fresh!!

These are two of the fresh boughs from the Noble Fir Christmas Tree.

I gathered up natural burlap, straw wreath, florist wire, various picks and boughs of the Noble Fir that I had cut with my nippers.

(Tip: Straw wreaths are great, they are light, easy to work with, picks insert easily, decorative items attach with little effort.  I used a straw wreath for both of my DIY wreath projects this season.)

Cut and trim the boughs from the pine tree of your choice-place them on the straw wreath and attach with florist wire-
Lay and secure one layer of boughs and continue layering until you reach the density that you like.

Once you have the boughs on and secured, insert decorative florist picks, and burlap bow.

Fresh is now part of the season!


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