20 January 2017

Love Tales From Cupid & A Valentine Art Giveaway

If I told you that I met Cupid and he shared some Valentine tales with me would you believe me?
How about if I told you that Darren Gygi and I have partnered together to offer you a Valentine Art giveaway would you believe this to be true?
Well one of these statements is true....well, maybe both.
After all it is the season of love and there is a certain magic in the air.
However only Cupid and I will know for certain...
In all seriousness I am delighted to be able to share the kindness of the talented artist Darren Gygi.
Darren is generously offering this darling Candy Heart Giclee Art Print. 
It measures 9x9 inches and would make a lovely addition to your home decor or to pamper a loved one this Valentine's Day.
To be entered in our giveaway please leave us a comment below on how you show your loved ones you love them.

Valentine-table-conversation hearts-cake-tablesetting-jemma
So here are some love tales from cupid on how to show that special someone you love them and you'll be happy to see how simple these tips and tales really are!
1. For the texting person in you life how about a little message letting them know that you are thinking of them.
"Hi I was just thinking of you today and I hope you are doing well!"
2. An honest to goodness sincere conversation letting the people in your life know how important they are to you and what a difference having them in your world makes to your life.
3. It is true, some folks love for you to show them love through cooking for them.
You know at lot of love goes into baking in this house.
Try making your true love a heart cake or really any cake, cookie, pie, muffin or a special dinner.
Cupid and I are 100% certain that this will put a smile on their face and a song in their heart.
Candy hearts-tea-cup-Valentine-ideas-Jemma
4. How about making them their favorite cup of brew or giving them the gift of a teapot and teabags.
Perhaps a one of a kind tea cup or coffee mug with a special saying on the vessel.
5. You can never ever go wrong with a bouquet of flowers and often time simple is the best.
I made these little bouquets from two bunches of flowers. (Total cost for the two $15)
I used pink carnations and baby's breath, trimmed them down, tucked them in pink and blue milk bottles.  (Hobby Lobby on sale for about $2 each)
Both of these flowers will last for weeks, just make sure you keep the water fresh and clear.
6. Always, always follow your heart.
conversation hearts-candy-decorating-table-jemma
7. A little dish of candy goes a very long way. Use your imagination and customize your candy giving. Find a darling and unique dish (antique store would be a great resource) and fill it with your true love's favorite candy or even something as whimsical as conversation hearts. 
8. Teach your love how to do something that you love.
9.Tell them something about them that you absolutely love.
10. Make them a handmade card and enclose a letter telling them how much they mean to you.
Last but not least ask them to be yours, what a clever and darling way to do just that with this 
Giclee Be Mine Valentine print.
Now it is your turn to leave your comment on how you show the love to those special people in your life.
Our giveaway will run through January 25th, winner will be determined by random.org and announced by email at 9 p..m. on the evening of the 25th.
Print will be sent directly from Darren Gygi Art Collection prior to Valentine's Day.

If you are feeling crafty and want to make your own gift bags just follow this link to DIY Valentine Gift Bags.

Here is a little Valentine jar inspiration.
Thank you for joining me!
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15 January 2017

5 Fabulous Ways To Pamper Yourself

The beginning of each year I contemplate the power and hope of a fresh mindset.
For me it is comparable to organizing a room, closet or cupboard.
I like to take a short inventory of the previous year, make a few mental notes and move forward with the new.
I am not one for setting lofty goals, I know what I can and cannot attain, I am learning to accept me the way that I am and that I am  Enough. I am here to encourage you to do the same.
So today I am sharing some thoughts with you on these topics.
For this year I have chosen to begin with a pampering yourself type of mindset.
I like this outlook as it can be easily customized to what your own personal version of pampering is.
While perhaps pampering sounds a tad bit selfish I believe that by pampering ourselves and accepting ourselves for who we are, we unlock the dynamic power within ourselves to share kindness, generosity and love to others.
Taking care of ourselves first, makes us strong and healthy so that we can give joyfully to others.
Well these past two weeks I set my goal on 5 ways to pamper myself in a joy filled and spruce me up manner.
Here they are one by one with tips for you on how to execute a no-fail plan of pampering yourself and igniting the power within.

1. Spontaneous Pampering In Nature

I love being pampered by nature.
Truly is there anything quite as therapeutic for the body, mind and soul than immersing oneself with Trees, birds, sky, sun, wind, rain, flowers, mountains or the ocean.
The glory of the good earth, the scent, the sights and sounds will never ever fail to re-knew the soul and rekindle the playful, hopeful lost child within each one of us.

 Ten Activities to choose From

1. Walking
2. Biking
3. Hiking
4. Running
5. Bird Watching
6. Journal
7. Photography
8. Picnic
9. Reading
10. Canoeing 

2. Spend Time With A Friend

What better way to enjoy coffee, tea, lunch, movie or shopping than with a cheerful friend.
A true friend just seems to know you better than you know yourself, and understands the nuances of your life.
Laughter can cure the blahs, winter blues, doldrums and when you are chatting, laughing and talking until you drop with a friend all worries recede like high tide.
You'll be amazed on this inexpensive form of therapy and long-lasting joy spent with a friend.
Ten Activities To Choose From

1. Arboretum
2. Museum
3. Lunch
4. Tea
5. Movie
6. Retreat
7. Trip
8. Shopping
9. Book Club
10. Bookstore

3. Spruce Up Your Appearance


May I be honest here?
Every year I promise myself that I will go gracefully into the Holiday season.
Hair freshly colored, fresh coat of polish on the nails and shimmery lips.
Well it all seems to elude me and I usually end up cancelling pre-made hair appointments and feeling like a juggler who has just dropped all of her hoops.
So this week I am happy to report that I did get my roots refreshed a snip here and there and some pretty new nails too...it felt good, I actually felt like a new person!
It's an amazing thing to feel re-energized. 

Ten Things To Boost Your Appearance

1. New Lipstick
2. Fresh hair color (if you choose to color your hair)
3. Manicure
4. Updated hair cut or style
5. New shoes
6. New bra
7. Positive thinking and a smile
8. Regular exercise
9. Drink plenty of water
10. Plenty of rest

4. Find Fun


Don't wait for fun to find you, go find it!
Do remember when you were just a youngster and you uttered these words so many times during the day.
"That was fun!" and then you couldn't wait to have that sort of fun again.
Just the anticipation of having fun could set one to giggling. 
Being a grown up carries big responsibilities and challenges and often times we let those grownup things get in the way of finding fun.
Make Having fun a priority in your life.

Ten Ways To Find Fun

1. Plan a trip
2. Get out of the House
3. Use your imagination
4. Get unstuck from your rut
5. Dare to dream
6. Do a random act of kindness
7. Try a new recipe
8. Grow an unusual plant
9. Throw a party
10. Dance and sing 

5. Mental Quietness


Our minds are constantly moving, and their constant inquiring, wondering and investigation is a vital part of our very existence.
However the mind has the potential to cause great storms and havoc in our lives if we are not aware and mindful of restraining and controlling our thoughts.
By practicing mental quietness we are able to be present in the moments of life.

Ten Ways To Quiet The Mind
1. Meditate
2. Walk
3. Music
4. Yoga
5. Let go of anything that is bringing you down
6. Always believe that something wonderful is going to happen
7. Focus on the positive aspects of your life
8. Quit over thinking
9.Live in the here and now
10.Speak kindly to yourself

Today I encourage you to find a quiet space without distractions.
Take a notepad with you and jot down discoveries you make on all the wonderful ways that you
can pamper yourself.
You are so worth taking the time to be good to yourself, because you know that there is only one wonderful you and you are truly Enough!
Please Join me~

Love Of HomeBotanic BleuLife and Linda

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10 January 2017

Ten Fabulous Valentine Finds On Etsy

Happy New Year to all and welcome to my first blog post of 2017!
I am truly delighted to have you join me today as I look forward to sharing with you a year of reflection, inspiration, adventure gardening, DIY, decorating and recipes. 

Beginning today a group of ten friendly bloggers are sharing some interesting and fabulous finds all under $10.00.
Now, wouldn't you agree that this is a wonderous way to kick off the beginning of each and every month.
Each month on the 10th we will be here and sharing our bargain deals with you.
Thanks to our sweet friend Stacey from Poofing the Pillows for gathering us all up for this fun and friendly blogging event.
Links to all of the other blogs will be at the end of this post.


Today I am showcasing 10 assorted Valentine ideas  all under $10.00 and all on Etsy.
These are some new shops which I have discovered as I perused the internet.
I ended 2016 by showcasing several Etsy Shops and so many of you enjoyed our Etsy Christmas shopping links that I thought we'd explore some new shops together.


Who doesn't love a little sweetness and who can resist a Macaron.
Splendid Sweet Shoppe is offering these delicate handmade French confections in this special packaging for $7.00.
There is a minimum order requirement and orders must be placed 4 weeks in advance.


I love this spin on a conversation heart.
My Studio 91 has created these adorable Conversation Hearts on a ball and chain and you can choose the colors and sayings, only $4.00 each.


This Valentine card inspired me and I was quickly reminded of my dear friend
Anita from Castles Crowns and Cottages.
You will find Anita sharing her artistic talents and gentle nature also on her Instagram account.
Just look at the beautiful detail of this French Valentine Card and  beautiful French girl looking for love.
Katy Dids Cards has many lovely choices of cards to choose from.
This card measures 5x7 comes with an envelope and sells for $3.50.


Another lovely friend is Sheri from Red Rose Alley when I saw this red rose, I was quickly reminded of her. 
Enchanting Red rose ring is from Little Gem Girl with an adjustable band in antique brass or bright silver.
Please allow one week for order to be made and shipped.
Only $8.00


Two foxes in love just in time for Valentines day. 
These cards just make me smile...set of two cards and envelopes for $4.00 find these at 
Lizzy Clara.


If there is a special little girl or baby in your life wouldn't this make a precious little 
Valentine gift.
Brooklyn Rose Beads has a delightful selection of customized bracelets and necklaces for all ages.
This bracelet sells for $5.00. 


Love Lee Designs By A has the perfect mug for anyone that you love!
Sweet, simple and to the point, only $10.00.


You might be wondering if this a real cupcake...surprise! It is a Valentine bath bomb!
Looks good enough to eat doesn't it, but just imagine giving this as a gift or keeping it for yourself!
Custom made over at Velvet Moon Studio for $9.95.


I know how much we love our pets and even though I am pet-less at the moment many of you are not.
So whether you have a dog, cat, hamster or bunny rabbit here is a little Valentine love for them too. 
Another FRcreation  has this little bow tie selling for $3.00.


BUtiful Designs has created this adorable hand painted and distressed Valentine Mason Jar.
This one sells for $8.99, candies not included.

Now, lets see what these other friendly bloggers have to share!

At Home with Jemma
Bluesky Kitchen
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Garden Up Green
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Patina and Paint
Poofing the Pillows
The Purple Hydrangea
The Queen in Between
White Spray Paint

Thank you for joining me today!

Please Join Me~
Love Of HomeLife and LindaBotanic Bleu

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24 December 2016

Merry Christmas

I am sitting here today as the heavy clouds of Winter release a steady and soothing rain.
Stark and naked trees are silhouetted against an early morning sky.
Christmas Eve has arrived and is being welcomed by brilliant red cardinals and watchful hawks.
The hectic frenzy of Christmas preparations are coming to a close and it is now that the stillness of these precious moments remind me of what it is that I am to be focusing on.
The beautiful and miraculous birth of Jesus Christ.
His birth created a joy unlike any other and in those chaotic moments of daily living His presence is like a calming sea upon the soul.
I am reminded that my personal joy, peace, contentment and happiness are not dependent upon objects, hopes, dreams or people but on Him, and He never has nor will ever let me down.
My  Christmas wish for you is this;
May thoughtful people bless your life with soft spoken words of  kindness and gentle care.
May the dawn of Christmas day bless you with joy and a heart that is full of love.
As Christmas day unfolds it's gentle wings of magic and wonder, may the presence of that single ray of hope guide you gently through the end of this year and into the upcoming one.
Merry Christmas with Blessings and Love,
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