30 June 2016

Thoughts Of Home On Thursday #21

Welcome to the 21st Thoughts of Home on Thursday.

We love seeing what you have been creating throughout your busy weeks and we are so 

looking forward to seeing what you are sharing with us today.

Our hostess this week is Laura from Decor to Adore where she shares her

happy collection of gypsy caravans and shepherds huts for the garden.

Now here are this weeks features!

greenhouse, conservatory, shepherd huts, gardening sheds, wagons

                           One more time shared her love of French Farmhouse Style.

buffalo check, neutral, white, kitchen, kitchen table, french country, decorating


               Just in time for Summer My Thrift Store Addiction shared her favorite salads.

tomatoes, basil, cheese, summer, summertime salads, garden salad


                This gorgeous hanging basket was created by To Work With My Hands.

glass, acrylic beads, handmade, decorating, garden decor, handmade


                  Art and Sand shared some lovely images of what makes her smile.

California style, cottage style, red, white, table, ocean, beach cottage


Pillar box blue shared how to create  a magnetic board & pins using vintage maps 

and travel tags.

Art, maps, vintage maps, tags, travel tags, decorating , boys room, game room ideas

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Thank you so very much for gathering with us and we hope to see you each and every week

at Thoughts Of Home on Thursday. We can't wait to see what you share.

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29 June 2016

Summer Seashell Vignette

A few years ago my daughter's and I went on a little adventure to Bald Head Island.

Bald Head Island is a beautiful barrier reef located on the East side of Cape Fear.

Sea turtles frequent the shores and are protected federally.

The only motorized vehicles allowed on the tiny island are golf carts with bicycles being the 

preferred mode of travel.

It is on this island rich with American history combined with stories of pirates that we found 

our collection of seashells.

peonies, birdcage, clear vase, vintage tin bowl, glass dish, decorating

Bald Head Island ends where the beginning of the treacherous sand bars and shoals begin. 

As the tide went out we found ourselves walking along this ever shifting and

intriguing labyrinth of sandbars that form and then disappear into the sea.

bald head island, ocean
                                                                     Bald Head Association                                                                        

With our collection of seashells and one prize sand dollar I was eagerly anticipating

creating something wonderful and Summery for our home.

Bringing my goodies back to Texas in plastic bags and then purchasing a few more from

Michael's  I was ready to create a Summer Seashell Vignette.

decorating , sand dollar, ocean, vignette

I find that my seashells have become my go to each Summer.

I pack them away in late Summer and bring them back out about this time of the year,

every year. 

There is something cooling and refreshing about adding these treasures from the sea to our 

home  decor.

You know with Texas heat, I must find away to trick my mind!

decorating with shells, crystal, roses, summer, tea cart, decor

A few years ago I added some seashells and roses to our gold tea cart for a light and 

Summery pink vignette.

collect seashells, decorating with shells, adding shells to a vignette

Good seafood, lots of sunshine and gorgeous ocean sunrises were our staple for our short 


I am enjoying incorporating the natural beauty of Summer into our home with easy 

going vignettes that are simple, pretty and that will go with any decorating style.

To create this Summer seashell vignette I used the following items that were already in my 


1. Seashells
2. Mason jar
3. White/cream birdcage
4. Small vintage dish
5. Tin dish
6. Flowers of choice

decorating your home by using a vase with seashells, flowers and seashells, peonies and seashells

Simply add the assorted seashells to your collection and toss a few in your vase

for added interested.

Thank you for joining me today and a big thank you to Linda from Life and Linda.

She has given my blog and I a brand new update.

I highly recommend her for any of your blog questions or updates.

Her professional and friendly demeanor will put you at ease and she also educates you

along the way!


Please Join Me~

Savvy Southern StyleHave a Daily CupBlue Sky KitchenFrench Country Cottage
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27 June 2016

My Old Fashioned Garden

Good Morning and welcome to my Old Fashioned garden and a garden party.

Today I am sharing three of my favorite colors of flowers in our garden and a few tips too.

At the end of this post it will be your turn to share your garden joys.

Let's begin our day right here with the daisy.

Stripe table cloth, daises, white and yellow daisy, english serving dish

The pretty and simple daisy brings whimsy and childhood innocence to any setting.

                        Some facts that you might find interesting about the daisy.

Michaelmas daisy (Aster amellus) symbolizes a farewell or a departure.

English daisy (Bellis perennis) symbolizes innocence. 

Gerber daises (Gerbera genera) symbolize cheerfulness. 

wild flowers, daisy, geranium, vignette, garden party

I am always drawn to the cheerfulness of yellow flowers in the garden and in our home.

gardening, yellow zinnia, growing flowers, garden flowers

Celebrating life through the joy of yellow and growing the ever loving and pretty 

blooming Zinnia, is very simple and rewarding.

Toss some seeds in the ground and presto! You will have the glorious happy zinnia 

blooming away in no time at all!

zinnias, grow, seeds, colorful, variety of colors, garden, oldfashion

Red is another color that consistently catches my eye.

The vibrancy of the red rose is timeless and adds charm to any spot in the garden and 


Knock out rose, red rose, gardening with roses

Every old fashioned garden must have a red rose or two.

red rose, floral, crystal vase, decorating with flowers and roses

The meaning of the red rose~

Red roses are given when you want to show love and passion.
Red roses are also given to those who are being recognized for respect and great courage shown.

Quantity also has a special meaning.
One single red rose shows love, one dozen shows gratitude, twenty five red roses shows congratulations and fifty red roses is symbolic of unconditional love.

purple dahlia, butterfly, garden party, decorating with purple flowers.

Purple is another one of my favorite colors to use in our gardens.

The deep rich blossoms stay colorful and strong even in our Texas heat and sunshine.

gardening, purple flowers, cosmos,

The simple cosmos grown from seed thrive in many climates and I like their lacy foliage as 


potting bench, purple flowers, petunias, clay pots, decorating with pots

The color purple is tied to royalty and ceremony.
So naturally purple flowers represent dignity, pride and success.

A fantastic way to create depth and contrast to your flower beds or container gardening is by grouping a bold range of rich hues or mix in other colors.  

If you want to create a arrangement that represents accomplishment and admiration use purple blooms.

purple hibiscus, grow your own, gardening, tips on growing hibiscus

I highly recommend the Perennial Hibiscus, the color and the size of the bloom 

is unparalleled.

purple cosmos, dahlia, asters,  gardening

Please share your gardening joys with us, the link up party is open!

We also invite anyone from Instagram to include their gardening photos as well.



Image Map

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23 June 2016

Thoughts Of Home On Thursday #20

We want to thank each one of you for making Thoughts Of Home On Thursday such a 

inspiring and joyful spot to be at 6:00 a.m. on Thursdays!

Last week we announced that you can link up thumbnails from your Instagram account too.

If you have any questions on how to do so here is the link.

Your hostess this week is Jemma from At Home With Jemma.

She has recently returned from the wedding of her daughter in Guthrie Oklahoma.

                                                                  Our Features


I have been obsessing over bandanna's so when Sadie from Sadie Seasongoods shared

these easy and festive bowl covers I was hooked.


Who could resist this sweet and angelic tea time inspiration that Betty shared with us

last week over at her blog My Cozy Corner.



The charm of home shares with us her gentle and lacy Tidepool runner and Summer 



Summer time and parties just seem to go together so when Kathy, from Kathy's Cottage

shared her recipes, tips and tricks on how to host a Tapa party, it seemed like a good fit

for us all.


Poppy from a Dash of Color shares her Spring apple blossom blooming orchard 

with us and how she decorated the branches of her apple trees with these most precious 


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 2. Share up to three of your favorite posts, remembering to not link to advertising or shops.
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22 June 2016

Welcoming Summer Into Our Home

When I first thought about our Summer home tour, I said to myself what is it that truly 

makes Summer Tour different than a Fall home tour?

Summer, decorating, summer vignette, gold tea cart, boxwood, candles

Is it just that there aren't any pumpkins, or is there more.

Could it be that the cozy furry throw got tucked away on that warm sunny Summer day and 

those heavy burgundy velvet pillows were pushed into a guest room closet.

French country home, tulips decorating for Summer, guest room, tips

Or maybe it was the soft pink petals of those geraniums that gave it all away.

ship lap, tongue and groove, walls, pine furniture, decorating,summer

How about the guest room that sings songs of Summer with it's refreshed and renewed 

decor.  Bye, bye federal blue, welcome bouquets of tangerine, carnation pink and aqua.

flower pillow covers, white pillow covers, blue pillows, floral bedspread Summer decorating

Then there are those mischievous pillows that tumble and refuse to stay straight.

French country decor, bright, cheery, blue, country, cozy, happy

And that one silly pillow that said a cheery HELLO!

charming, guest room, quaint, bright, colorful, gray walls, white walls

Brilliant pink Cosmos that grew from tiny little seeds into proud, tall and strong 

Summer blooms, dodging eager scissors and even a butterfly or two.

Signs of Summer, cosmos, blooms, bright, happy, garden, decorating

aqua creamer, bird creamer, pioneer woman decor, flowers, birdcage

Could it be that the rooster gave up his dark fluffy feathers for a crown of white?

Did merry little creamers all in a flutter over longer days of sunlight dance next to colorful 

milk bottles on my kitchen counter...

flowers, peonies, crown, linen, china, china hutch, decorating

And then there are those perfect flowers of early Summer.

They magically unfurl their glorious manes of pink, and a eager gardener snips them fresh 

from the garden, arranging them carefully for the honored spot in her home.

gold tea cart, clay pots, vintage watering can, decorating outdoors

Dining room doors opened wide to welcome nature in and a bouquet of wild flowers in

a vintage watering can.

aqua, pink, glass bottles, jars, hydrangeas, decorative pillows, bike pillow, french doors

And so it is, the Season of Summer has arrived.

I thank you for welcoming me into your home today to share with you how we welcome 

Summer into ours.

          For more Summertime inspiration please visit these talented Ladies.

    White Spray Paint      Poofing The Pillows       Our Good Life         Decor To Adore


Please Join Me~

French Country CottageLove Of HomeLife and LindaJ & JCozy Little HouseVMG206,
Cedar Hill FarmhouseAn Extraordinary Day

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