23 March 2017

An Unflattering Bouqs Flower Review

This is a Bouqs flower review and it is not the one that I had intended on writing. 
In fact I have even struggled with publishing it, after all Valentine's Day was well over a month ago, and I am all about positive.
But this is reality and reality needs to be shared and most of all,  I don't want you-to end up like me.
I am serious.
Flowers and me go back a long ways and I know a good flower, a good deal and an authentic mindset when I see it.
Bouqs-you dropped the ball big time.
You see prior to the order of the tulips for Valentine's Day I had in my mind a glowing description of what I would be writing about your company.

                                                               Bouqs Flowers $100.00
It all began with the Bouqs website.
Bouqs has the prettiest website with pictures of the actual flower farms and their growers.
I am a farmer at heart so I was hooked.
(I guess the photos of the flower farmers are real and the stories are true...now I am wondering about that too.)
Well, we ended up with these tulips (first photo) which are pretty, but certainly not amazing and definitely not worth $100.
We paid for shipping (that was suppose to be waived)  received no vase (which was to be included) never had our emails resolved, and never received a phone call.
Oh, thats right there is no phone number to call or a real person to talk too...

                                                              Kroger Flowers $7.99

Hmmm.... and Bouqs you ask me in your email to send photos of the flowers.
I did not ask for new flowers, I said the blossoms were rather small and I asked for the vase we paid for and a refund of the shipping charges that were "supposedly waived with the order."
I ask you this, how could I take a photo of a vase I didn't receive???

                                                              Kroger Flowers $12.99

So in lieu of flower shopping at Bouqs, I suggest you try your local supermarket, florist or backyard!
Sharing a few more pretty flowers today with you that were all under $20.00


                                                                   Kroger $5.99

                                                                        My Garden Free


                                                              Central Market $20.00

Thanks for listening to my rambles, I hope this information saves one of you some money and disappointment.

Our Brighten Workshop is on Sunday and we are so thrilled that it has finally arrived.
There will be bite sized cookies and cupcakes, flavored tea and flavored water.
Stencil make and take, mini swags and information that you will find so valuable for yourself and your subscribers.
We have a few tickets left so if you haven't purchased them yet now is the time!


As always, sending wishes of good will, positive vibes and hope!

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20 March 2017

Distressed Modge Podge Fabric Jar

Happy Monday and welcome to our Spring Challenge! Today a group of 8 bloggers will be sharing their DIY projects. We were given the challenge of using fabric, Modge Podge and recycling something in our homes for this Spring activity. I will tell you my creativity was certainly challenged. However, once we ate two jars of Homestyle Ragu, I had just the jars that I needed to complete this Spring project! Please follow along for my inspired Spring journey and those of 7  Lovely bloggers.
All links are at the end of this post.

I am a jar saver, I think it all began with the multitude of mason jars that Mother had in her basement. Those jars were used for canning, picking berries, flower vases, water jugs, craft jars and more.
So when I find a jar that strikes my fancy the first I thing I do is soak off the label and wash it up real good.
I liked these Ragu jars from the beginning because to me they had an old time feel.
So here we go with our Blogger Spring Challenge of Recycling and then using Fabric and Modge Podge.
I have included a step by step look on how to paint, distress, then apply modge podge and fabric to a jar.
This project takes one day to complete because of drying time in-between applying chalk paint, sanding and then the process of modge podge.

Chalk Paint & Distressing a Jar
The Supplies

*Glass Jars
*Acrylic Chalk Paint
*Paint Brush
*Paper to cover work area
*Paper Plate
*Paper Towels for clean up
*Sand Paper


The Project

*Cover your work area with paper.
*Pour small amount of chalk paint onto paper plate.
*Using a paint brush apply one to coats of chalk paint to jar, allowing to dry in-  between applications.
*Dry thoroughly before sanding.
This project was a trial and error journey, but I believe that I have it figured out now, so I am quite thrilled to be sharing it with you!
First I sanded the jar on the left lightly, then I discovered that I needed to be a little more aggressive to give them the distressed look that I wanted. I went heavier in different areas to give them an aged appearance.
These jars are all ready now for Modge Podge using fabric.
I chose to go with a Spring theme by using blue chalk paint, floral vintage fabric and multi-color ric-rac trim for my Easter table in our Breakfast nook.

Fabric Modge Podge The Jar

The Supplies

*Modge Podge
*Paint Brushes
*Paper Plate
*Ric-Rac Trim
*Pinking Shears
*Distressed Jars
*Fabric measured and cut


The Project
*Cover your work area.
*Measure your jars to determine the amount of fabric you will need.
*Cut Fabric with pinking shears to avoid fraying.
*Measure ric-rac and cut to desired to length.
*Pour modge-podge onto paper plate.
*Brush modge-podge onto jar, place fabric on top of jar and brush on more modge-podge.
*Repeat until jar/jars are covered with fabric.
*Brush modge-podge on ric-rac and on jar.
*Let dry for several hours before using.

Thank you so much for joining us all today, we appreciate you taking the time out of your busy days to share that time with us!
Spring Blogger Challenge. Mod Podge and fabric

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17 March 2017

Bunny Rabbit Giclee Print Giveaway & Easter Trivia

It's been such an early Spring for us in Texas, already many of the trees are turning a lemonade green.
You know that fresh green hue of newborn leaves so unlike the deep forest green of mid-Summer.
So with the longer days of sunlight, the chirping of happy birds, hopping cottontail bunnies it seems to me to be the perfect time to celebrate Spring with some precious art and Easter Trivia.
Please join me for this giveaway and for some interesting facts about the season of rebirth!
Today Darren Gygi and I are happily offering you our final giveaway on my blog, and just in time for your Easter and Spring decorating too!
Please leave us a comment on what your favorite Spring flower is and you are automatically entered.
Winner will be notified by email one week from today.
This concludes my year-long contract with them, it's been a congenial and pleasant journey and I have only the best of the best of things to say about them.
Many of you, including myself have their charming pieces in our homes.
I have a few new adventures left in me to embark upon and as the months unfold I will be sharing them with you.
You can shop 24/7 for festive, seasonal and various themes of  art pieces online at Darren Gygi.
Now on to the Easter Trivia.

Easter Trivia

*More than 90 million chocolate Easter Bunnies are manufactured each year.
*Easter always occurs between March 22 and April 25th.
*In the United States, traditional Easter foods include ham, chicken and lamb.
*Americans consume over 16 million jellybeans on Easter, enough to circle the globe more than 3 times.
*The Easter egg is said to symbolize joy, celebration and new life.
*Americans buy more than 700 million marshmallow Peeps during Easter.
*"The White House Easter Egg Roll" event has been celebrated by the President of the United States and their families since 1878.
*Chocolate sales in the UK account for 10% of the annual total.
*According to a recent UK survey the average child in the UK receives 8.8 Easter eggs every year.
*Eggs have long be associated with the Spring Equinox, having been seen as a symbol of  life since  the ancient Egyptians and Persians. 

Bunny Rabbit Giclee Print Giveaway

Thank you for joining me today and be sure to leave a comment on your favorite Spring flower to be entered in the art giveaway.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend!

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15 March 2017

Buttermilk Cake & Rambling & Reminiscing

It was a typical 1960's vegetable garden plotted out between the slough and our red brick house. Symmetrically framed by asparagus on the North side and Raspberries bushes on the South side.
In between all of this is where the soil was plowed over in early Spring and the garden was planted.
My Mother and Father were natural Farmers and ran a lucrative farming operation.
Summers were spent working side by side digging ditches and hauling in hay. 
They were at their best when they were working in the endless Summer Sun in the soil that they loved. It seems as though they never sat still and their Winter weight of 10 pounds melted off as soon as the signs of early Spring set in, where they grew pencil thin and were at their very happiest.
Time...where did they find the time to run 150 acres?
Mom and Dad, a tumultuous team at times, that managed the books and plowed the fields while tending to me and my sister.
Dad always repairing farm equipment and Mom handing him the tools.
"Marge hand me that wrench, no that's the wrong one."
 Mom rolling her eyes and searching for the right one, and muttering under breath.
My Parents, fragmented beautiful souls who left me with a small farm, but more than that they left me with a clear vision of who they were.
I love knowing this so much and even more so than ever before, they framed their dreams and were never afraid to go after them.
In one word they were AUTHENTIC-always authentic.
You may not have liked what they said or how they said it but they were who they were right up until their final breath.
In my youth there were times this frustrated me. Now, it seems to me to be the only way to live one's life and I wish I'd have figured this out sooner.
They say they you are always learning in this life and I guess this is another lesson for me to learn.
I suppose I got to thinking about all of this as I have been in the garden planting and thinking.
I do some of my best thinking in my garden and I can talk to myself without anyone giving me suspicious looks!
There are no distractions, no noise, no talking.
It is just me and nature and this is where I find such joy. 
I suppose one could say, I solve alot of my own worries and problems as well as the entire worlds.
I've rambled and reminisced enough for today so now it's time to get baking.
This is a tender cake with a nice sugary crunch. I used Raspberries but you could use any sweet juicy berry and it would do just right.
Fun Fact about buttermilk it is sort of the unsung hero of cakes and cupcakes.It's like the secret ingredient to a wonderful moist and tender cake.
Sharing this fabulous recipe found at Epicurious.
I was just thinking how great of dessert this would be for any Spring or Summer gathering and just maybe for one of your Easter desserts too.
Thanks for joining me today!
Hope to see you back on Friday for a bunny rabbit print giveaway!

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10 March 2017

Easy Spring Planter Tips & LoveFeast Shop Giveaway

Hi everyone, seems as though I have been away for quite awhile and now that I am back this post is jam-packed with goodies.
I have recently returned from a special and sweet week in Oklahoma with two of our Grandbabies and came back home to Spring weather.
Naturally the gardening bug hit me hard and I got to work on some Spring projects while also partnering with a great shop which many of you may already be familiar with LoveFeast Shop.
On top of all of this, today is Ten on The Tenth. Where ten "masterminds," just teasing a bit here.
Share creative and thrifty projects or finds for just around $10.  Links at the end of the post.
So in honor of Spring joy, gardening and decorating I am here to share with you some simple tips for creating your own Spring planter that will cost just a few cents over $10 and a perfectly lovely LoveFeast Shop Giveaway too.
Spring Athomewith Jemma

Let's begin with the giveaway, because it is just too good to wait for!
LoveFeast is sweetly offering this "Come In The Evening Sign," for their giveaway.
A retail value of $60 you can follow the link below to check it out on their shop.
LoveFeast Shop Come at Evening Sign
Shipping is for U.S residents only.

At Homewith Jemma

LoveFeast Shop is also generously offering 15 percent off of anything online now through the end of March using JemmaSpring15. 

Let me tell you their shop is brimming with wonderful decor and tons of inspiration that you won't want to miss out on and just in time for Spring too!


You can find LoveFeast on Face BookPinterestInstagram and their online store.
Just leave us a comment below and you are entered in the LoveFeast Shop giveaway!!
Winner will be announced in one week from today by email, good luck and thanks for joining in!

The winner is Cecilia Lynne, chosen by random.org.

How To Make A DIY Spring Planter

gardening- Tips-containers- At Homewith Jemma

About this time of the year the garden centers begin to put our their pretty pots and planters.
I am always taken aback at the hefty price tag of their planters.
So, I want to share with you how to easy it is to make your own Spring Planter for just around $10.
You won't have instant fullness, but if you can just practice patience you will be rewarded with a sweet savings and in a few weeks a full and glorious Spring planter.

Supplies For DIY Spring Planter.

1. Lodge Round Pot Planter $4.52 ( or use a planter you already have!)
2. 14 Qt.  All Purpose Potting Soil $2.44.
3. Three Assorted 6-pack of plants @$1.25 each is a total of $3.75.
4. I used Dusty Miller, Dianthus and Petunias.

Directions For Assembling Easy Spring Planter.


For this Spring Planter I used 2 Dusty Miller, 5 Dianthus, 5 petunias.

1. Add potting soil to just about 1 inch below the edge of the planter.
2. Dig a small hole in the center of the container and add tallest plant/plants first depending on the size of your planter.
3. Repeat step one using medium height plants.
4. Repeat steps one using shortest plants.
5. Water well.
6. Fertilize.

For More Inspiration of 10 on the Tenth stop by these lovely blogs!

                      To Work With My Hands/Bluesky Kitchen/
                    Cottage at the Crossroads/ Garden Up Green/
                          Patina and Paint/Poofing the Pillows/
                 The Purple Hydrangea/ The Queen in Between/
                                   At Home With Jemma

Don't Forget to enter the LoveFeast Shop giveaway by leaving a comment!                 

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01 March 2017

Meet The Brighten Team And A Giveaway

Hello dear friends! The Brighten Team is happy to be able to share with you a Brighten Workshop Ticket Giveaway.  For those of you who have already purchased your ticket to the workshop and would like to have an extra ticket for a blogging buddy or friend we would love for you to enter as well.
If you have not purchased your workshop ticket this is a great opportunity for you! 
Just leave us a comment telling us your favorite flavor of cupcake and then follow the rafflecopter instructions. Winner will be notified on March 6th.

Blogging-workshop-creativity-lecture-make-and take-Royse City

We are just 25 days away from the Brighten Workshop and we really want to share a little bit about the journey of how we organized this event and also who we really are.
Last year we had the Bloggers Art/Craft Retreat at my home and we connected with so many talented and creative ladies
This year Carole and I have been meeting in Royse City periodically for lunch or coffee these past months to discuss the vision which we both have in bringing the Brighten Workshop to you.
It is a workshop with a lot of heart and bright hopes for success for us all in whatever we blog about.
Our theme is universal and that is being the best we can be and uplifting one another to be the same.

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27 February 2017

Homemade Lemon Cake & Lemon Frosting

I have a pretty, festive and happy homemade lemon cake to share with you today.
I made it this weekend for the hubby and I, well mostly for the hubby.
I am going to be out of town for a few days taking care of two grandbabies while their parents are away.
Whenever I am away for a bit I always like to leave a little treat for my sweetie!
I am pretty certain that this cake would be a very nice addition to an Easter gathering, Spring shower or just because.
I have changed my format for adding recipes to my blog, as some of you mentioned not being able to pin the recipe, sure hope you'll be pinning and making this Homemade Lemon Cake!
You know how I like lemons...right? 
Well, I infused this cake with extra hand squeezed lemon juice from yours truly and oh goodness it is soo good.
Just look at the texture of this cake. 
This is a take to an event cake that you can be proud of.

You are going to love this cake if you love lemons!!
Isn't this an adorable spatula, a little gift from a sweet daughter.

Now I have a true confession about the lemon frosting.
I took a short cut and you know what, you are going to like it!

I made up the recipe as I was sampling the cake batter, I sort of ran out of steam after I baked this amazing cake and well one thing led to another so here we go!

I think every seasoned baker should have a little cheat recipe or two...don't you??

Thank you for joining me today and if you are into lemons like me here are a couple of other recipes too!
Meyer Lemon Friendship Cookies
Lemon Icebox Pie

Affiliate Links Included

Please Join Me~
Our Holiday Journey

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