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Growing and Learning on Sunnydell Flower Farm

May 03, 2023

Greetings Friends and Happy May!

Welcome to Jemma's Home and Sunny Dell Flower Farm💗

Today we are working in-between the Greenhouse and the Flower Cottage.

Dave and I are hedging deeper into our middle sixties as we plant, nurture, grow, and fight the wind up  here in the high coutnry of Colorado! Folks we have WIND!

For us farming is a good way to age, stay active, engaged and breathe in the great outdoors while developing new skills.

Sunnydell Flower Farm is truly blossoming-even though we just had a snowstorm!


I have definitley lagged behind in keeping up with the happenings on the farm and around the home. So today I thought I'd pop in to say Hi and Happy Spring!


I am dreaming of these beauties blooming-the beloved and glorious Dahlia!

Scroll on down and you'll see some of them actually growing in my greenhouse.

I am really enjoy experminting with growing techniques and philosophies in greenhouse production. Since I live at a higher elevation I am making great use of my greenhouse.

There is a learning curve and I dare say this learning curve is going to last a very long time.


We purchased this greenhouse/caterpilliar tunnel from Farmers Friend and we are so happy that we did.
It is increasing my growing season by nearly 2 months!
We have been heating it with a diesel torpedo heater and it's been a life saver and plant saver too.


We have this wild and crazy pumpkin plant growing from seed and also just look at these cute little dahlias!
I sprouted these dahlia's  in the flower cottage from seed, then moved them to raised beds in  the greenhouse. 



If you are on the lookout for Dahlia seeds I highly recommend these. I purchase them (Dahlia Bee's Choice Mix,) from the one and only Floret Flowers!


My dear friend Carole and well known author of various books and her blog See The Good recently reminded me that the challenges I am facing with Sunnydell is my flower farm story. So there is no need for me to sugar coat the journey.  I feel such a release with this mindset. 



Thank you for visiting me today!
 May we always remember to embrace this journey, as well as take note that we are all a budding work in progress -just like the flowers in my greenhouse are!



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