Simple Easter Bouquet Using The Grid Technique

March 06, 2023

Good Monday Afternoon Friends!

Since it is still a bit chilly out I have been fluffing our home and tinkering with some flower arrangements using the Grid technique in anticipation of the upcoming months of steady sunny days and blossoms on Sunnydell Flower Farm.

Earlier in the week I purchased a few flowers from the market; carnations, eucalyptus and red berries. 

(Eucalyptus is a wonderful greenery go to.)

It feels like I chose just the right amount of stems to practice with and also do a test run on my casual Easter Tablescape too.

Please join me!

bouquet-athomewithjemma-sunnydell-flower farm

Are you familiar with the Grid Technique for arranging flowers?

One of the most important steps in flower arranging is not the flowers!
I know this sounds quite ridiculous, however in all honesty if you do not have the proper vessel or a sturdy foundation set in place for the flowers, the arrangement will fall apart.


How To Use Scotch Tape To Make A Grid For Floral Arrangements

I took a few photos of the simplicity of this easy way to stabilize any DIY floral arrangement.
Create a grid using Scotch tape, masking tape or floral tape.
(Chicken wire works well too.)
As you can see this is very self explanatory. 
Depending on the size of the opening of your vessel adjust the tape accordingly.
I have used the grid method over and over and it is always a succesful method.


A little overview of my simple Easter table and Bouquet.
I plan on sharing a couple of more Spring/Easter tables in the upcoming weeks too.
So I hope to see you back again.
Here is an Easter Table from a few years ago.


For this simple Easter Bouquet I used a lead glass basket that I bought ions ago. 
I think it was in the 80's.
Funny story about the 80's and what was popular then...glass parties.
Neighborhood gals would host glass parties (kinda like a tupperware party but with much snazzier items!)
I fell in love with solid lead glass etched basket and purchased her.
I have packed her around ever since.


Mercury Glass Easter Eggs From Pier One.


Today let us celebrate that Spring is on the way, that blustery cloudy days are not here to stay.

Let us celebrate the joy that life can bring in even the smallest details of the simplest of things.


Thank you for joining me for a little fun and Easter joys over here at Jemma's.
On a side note Sunnydell Flower Farm Web site is up and running!

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  1. Jemma, your arrangement and table are so pretty. Your bunny dishes are darling.

  2. So pretty! I do love spring & Easter centerpiece ideas! Spring is really popping up around here.I am ready! I hope we don’t get a late freeze!!

  3. JEMMA! I'm here and I couldn't be more excited for you! First of all, thank you for this tip that I never used and always wondered how to keep my flowers from falling sideways! (you can tell I'm not too good with my flower arrangements!) but thank you for this easy, inexpensive way to secure flowers. And I too love my lead crystal vessels! But then I clicked on your page for your new flower farm. This is so exciting to see your dream become a real place, a real plan.....my friend, I'm with you on this. Anita

  4. What a charming table and flower arrangement you have made, Jemma. I like the blue and white table runner. and those cute bunny plates. The mercury glass eggs are so pretty, and Pier 1 is probably my favorite shop. Haven't been there in awhile, but I did do some shopping at World Market and others, which was so much fun. And your hutch makes my heart sing every time I see it, it's gorgeous. : )



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