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Faith, Flowers and Sunnydell Flower Farm

February 24, 2023

Greetings from Black Forest Colorado where I am growing yet again!

Today we are visiting Sunny Dell, a Colorado Flower Farm built on faith, family, flowers and hope.

 Sunny Dell Flower Farms will be launching a new webiste next week.


The new site is on squarespace with access available for ordering bouquets, scheduling flower farm appointments and various workshops as well photo sessions in the Sunflower and Zinnia Fields.

New post with a link to Sunnydell Flower Farm will be written here next week.


After many a year and many a plan for Sunnydell Flower Farm we have constructed a brand new flower house on our 5 acres of land. The flower house is currently being wired for electricity!

While right now it may be a challenge to invision fields of dahlias, asters, zinnias-this snow will melt and flowers will grow and bloom!

Sunny Dell- Flower Farm-Colorado-

This lifelong quest of pursuing my Flower Farm goals comes with much faith and many, many bumps along the way.
On this cold day in February it feels right for me to share my heart and a sampling of the farm.
Waiting is a struggle and waiting on direction from God can "feel," painfully slow.
Yet while waiting in God on His time is but seconds.

Flower-Farm-Sunnydell-Gardening-Gardening Tales

Sometimes waiting breeds fear and doubt which has the potential to boil into feeling paralyzed.

Since I have been pursing Sunnydell Flower Farm for several years, I began to question the validity of my goal.

I have started over many times...


The more I pursued Sunny Dell Flower Farm the more hope and patience danced just out of my reach. Infact hope and patience seemed to scoff at me as they skipped further away.

Fear laughingly grinned and was more than happy to gain a heavy handed grip on me.

I have been the merry-go-rider on the not so merry of a ride that was spun around and around in angst and worry.

I am so very thankful for my loving family and good friends who recognized my frazzled soul and who love me enough to hit the spinning switch on the carousel.


Book Recommendation-athomewithjemma

Immersing myself in recent months and days with positive affirmations both secular and faith filled has also been a catalyst in putting one foot in front of the other and marching onward.

If you happen to be on instagram I highly recommend the writings of Author-  Donna Ashworth , her poems are written to help navigate life's many twists and turns.

Thank you to my life long friend Laura Peyton for gifting me this book.


I've been waiting ...

For blessings...

For Family members to be healthy..

For healing...

I have been waiting for the right time.

The right time is now my friends, for whatever your beautiful journey looks like.


When we returned to Colorado in August my three daughters lovingly reminded me it was time to take action. 

I pretty much knew that it was now or never and that the perfect time for everything to fall into place wasn't coming.

My most recent inspiration is a Bible Study on the life of Elisabeth Elliot. her obstacles were many and those very obstacles inspired her to lean even more into Christ and to get moving!

No waiting for Elisabeth!


Elisabeth is "A missionary and a critically acclaimed author and speaker. For over half a century, her life of obedience, timeless teachings, and best-selling books have influenced both believers and seekers of the Christian faith."



Faith continues to lead me in this process as I have leaned into the Lord loving Him with all of my soul. 

I give the glory to Him. He has removed many of my fears on many, many things.


For years and years this has been one of my favorite Bible verses:

Isaiah 40:31 31 but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles ; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

I am having a custom sign made From the Crafty Penguin on Etsy with the scripture above to hang in the flower house.

I will always be reminded on how the Lord continues to renew my strength and walks with me through my journey.

Thank you for joining me today!



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    1. I'm so glad your dream is coming true!

    2. I wish you nothing but the best on your new path! I can't wait to watch is all unfold!

    3. Best wishes and much success, Jemma! I'm very happy that you will be fulfilling a life long dream and I know your flowers will bring you much joy!

      1. Pat thankyou for the words of friendship and encouragement! You are the best!

    4. This is absolutely beautiful. Brought happy tears to my eyes and I am extremely excited for you. The pictures here are fantastic, they just bounce perfectly with the words. I love this post Jemma. It's hope, it's good and it's moving forward without fear. LOVE!!! Looking forward to the new site but hope that every once in a while, you keep writing here because it really is one the brightest places on the internet. HUGS -Carole

      1. Thank you dear Carole. You are such a treasured and creative friend. I appreciate your enthusiasm and joyful outlook on life too!

    5. I admire your goals and have no doubt you will succeed. Prayers for putting your plans in place.

    6. What a beautiful post! This is so exciting & I’m thrilled to watch you do what you love with your whole heart! Oh & thanks for the shout out. I love Donna’s work & Im glad you do too! .

      1. Good Morning Laura! Good friends, flowers and Christ are an awesome combination!

    7. Oh sweet soul sistah...this is Anita! I see my profile is "Anonymous" so I thought I better identify myself! What can I even say to this other than your words are timely for me as well. Waiting is not an easy skill to jump into when youth allows us to run and not grow weary. But when wisdom wants to take the thrown of our hearts, wisdom wants to slow us down but we refuse. However, look at what you are doing: creating a space to GROW flowers but that requires patience, failures and trying things over again. I tell ya, I believe we humans were meant to be in the garden from the very beginning of time. We are seeds that were meant to grow through the droughts, floods, seasons and joys of life. I am SO proud of you....look at you, you have a FLOWER FARM!!!!!!!!

      1. Oh Anita dear we are soul sisters for sure! Walking this journey of aging with Christ by our side while striving to be the woman He wants us to be is only possible through grace. Thank you for your sisterly love and enouragement!

    8. Jemma, you grow some of the most wonderful flowers. And you kept pressing on, and now you are filled with knowledge as to how to grow the loveliest of flowers. I couldn't help but smile at those three hot pink vases. They are sooooo pretty. Yes, when we are troubled in life, Jesus lifts us up when we trust in Him. And I have to say your snow picture is awesome! We are supposed to get hit hard tomorrow and Tuesday with a big snow, and they say "blizzard conditions," oh my. Thankfully, I have a warm place to live. Take care, Jemma, and you are doing wonderfully with your flower farm.


      1. Hello Sheri!
        I do enjoy growing flowers. They bring me such joy and a certain amount of serenity. My faith in the Lord is my guiding principal and throughout all of these years He always walks with me and brings me such comfort. Thank you Sheri, you are a good friend.


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