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January 05, 2023

Welcome to our home!

With the New Year upon us it is time for a slight refresh in our home and perhaps yours too.

January seems to me to be a sensible time to usher out the seasonal décor, declutter and brighten up our spaces with refreshed antiques, indoor plants, new reading material and perky pillows.

This year I have incorporated a refreshed library table.

As with any good antique piece of furniture this library table has a story...


Library Table Rich In History

Throughout the years this library table, which is originally my parent's maple dining room table, has functioned as a formal dining room table, white kitchen table, craft table and now it is our blue library table.

Such a petite table for being a dining room table, yet I remember all of the Sunday dinners that my parents, sister and I dined on, on this sweet table.

My Mother always protected the finish on her proudly acquired maple table with floral tablecloths. 

 As Mom's own family grew up, she served all four of my children on this table too.

Many roast beef, mashed potato, homemade roll and pie meals were served lovingly on this table.

Having a rich history like this, you can certainly understand why I could never part with this precious and petite table.


 My Decorating Style

Since I don't like labeling my decorating style (too confining these days.) I prefer to incorporate what brings me joy.

Many of the things that bring me joy in my home are treasures from my Grandmother, Mother, Daughters and dear friends.

Just one of the many reasons that in all of our many moves the same treasured antiques travel with me.

They might get a facelift or a repair, but as I age-they age with me, they know my story and I know theirs. 

I find there is comfort in that too.

Memory Lane Blue Chalk Paint Behr

*How fitting that the name of the chalk paint is Memory Lane Blue...such a strange and endearing 


Neutral and Nature 

By keeping some of our larger pieces of Furniture neutral (sofa) flooring and walls.
I find I have more freedom to bring in color in selected furniture and accent pieces.
Combing color, antiques and nature with a neutral palette inspires me.
Perhaps my style is a blend of French Countryside and eclectic dreams.
I ABSOLUTELY adore nature; flowers, plants, fields, streams, pastures, prairies, mountains and most critters as well.


Styling A Library Table

  • Collection of favorite books-still working on this.
  • Assorted plants, blossoms and greenery
  • Seasonal blooms
  • Lamp
  • Collectibles


The Power Of Blue

I am smitten with all shades of blue; blue- which reminds me of the endless blue skies of our tender world, rushing rivers and trickling streams, blue mountain peaks framed against a setting sun.

All of these earthy elements help to calm my anxious soul.


Thank you for joining me today and may your day be peaceful and comforting.



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  1. Love a table with a story! Beautiful new/old addition! It’s great!

  2. What a cute little library table, and you have such special memories of gathering around it growing up. Your mom took good care of it all those years. The color is pretty, and I love blues in the home. You displayed so many of your cute items on there, the hour glass, horse, and that pretty blue plate. It's so nice to keep cherished items that belonged to our dear moms, and I'm so glad you will always have this little library table, Jemma. It looks very nice.


  3. My beloved sistah, good morning! OHHH I love the history of your table here! A table has such significant meaning - it is a gathering place where memories are engraved. Of all the tables that I have or have had in my life, the most beautiful ornaments on or at these tables are the family and friends gathering around the skirts. Your library table in BLUE! My friend, blue is my favorite color and if you go to my Instagram page, you will see my first photo in over two months.Our move was wonderful but exhausting as you know. I have an antique library table that is now sitting ina wonderful walk-in closet in my new studio, serving as a place where my desktop sits.Tables bear the brunt of our sustenance, or hopes and dreams. The light in your home is fresh and wonderful!

  4. Oh, Jemma! What a sweet table and so full of memories! It is so wonderful that you have the very table that you and your parents and sister used to eat on as you were growing up! Thank you for sharing with us. Your home is absolutely stunning.

  5. I love your vignette on your charmingly painted blue table. Pinned and inspired for a few of my own table top spaces.


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