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Veterans Day | November 11 2022

November 11, 2022

Hello Friends,

Today is Veterans Day and it would seem remiss if I did not write a brief post on what this day signifies to me.

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Every November 11th we gather together as a nation to recognize and thank our bravest citizens.

These are the many men and women who have served in our military to preserve our freedoms. 

Preserving our freedoms was a narrative which I grew up with, it was a topic that was spoken of not just on Veterans Day, but all throughout the year.

Mom, Dad, Aunt Madge and Uncle Taylor would gather around our sunny yellow Kitchen table and share stories of their time spent in Guam and the Philippines during World II.

They would reflect with a certain solemnness which was intertwined with memories of friendships formed and the honor and respect which they had for our country.

I hold great respect and tenderness for these people from yesteryear and those today.

I am proud of the heroes in my family who courageously deployed and put themselves in harms way to protect those abroad and at home.

I have several Military heroes in my family who I would like to thank today.

My son Charles, son-law Major Brandon Kiss and Preston Patton; all of these young men were deployed and returned safely home to their families.

With there being 18.8 million veterans living today, please take time to honor those who have served our great country.

Thank you for joining me today,


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