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Saturday Musings In My Country Garden

July 09, 2022

Hello Dear Reader,

Thank you for joining me for Saturday musings in my country garden.

You see writing is one of the many joys of my life.

Even though my commitment to writing has ebbed and flowed throughout the years I am currently in a spot in life where reflection, observance, appreciation and wisdom are an asset  for writing articles, poems and short stories. 

Today I am sharing gardening photos combined with musings of  my Country Garden.


Saturday Musings In My Country Garden

An ever present timeless rhythm of nature lingers in my country garden,

much like the fading fragrance of a fine French perfume.


Partaking In Colorful Abundance

I sit very still among vibrant pungent growth,


With my favorite morning brew,

quietly partaking in such colorful abundance which nature has set before me.

Such a table...

ever so rich with color, texture, and full bodied beauty.


Quiet Restful Respite

Oh how natures garden welcomes every weary traveler with opening buds of colorful delight!

Here in my country garden, nature welcomes me with a quiet and restful respite from too much dark noise from a cluttered up world.


Light Up With Nature

Observing Mother Nature dressed in her finery,

as early morning dew offers her a cloak.

I truly rejoice in this beauty!

Lime green stalks light up with nature,

reaching, reaching!

Busy pollinators all abuzz. 


Nature Is The Perfect Catalyst

It is in the crook of the day between early morning and now

that my mind needs tending to.

The noise of the world tries to wedge into my mind.

Nature is a perfect catalyst to shift gears with such clarity from all of the what if's to observe what is.


Weeding Our Thoughts and Gardens

I ask myself ...should I pull a weed or two from my garden

 while harvesting useless thoughts from my mind?



Slow Down World

Oh such blissful harmony found in the garden.

Where bees, hummingbirds, wasps and ants have little regard for cynicism.

If only the world would slow down,

for just a moment.


Barefoot moments in the grass.


Wishing you a weekend with blooms, bees, and barefeet. 



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  1. I love seeing sunflowers. The stores near me have them for sale now. I love to have them in the summer and not just fall. Yours are beautiful. Hope all is well. xoxo Kris

    1. Hello Kris, Sunflowers are such a happy bloom and I agree that they are wonderful all throughout the Summer and Fall months!

  2. Love this!! ❤️

  3. I love this. I've had a long day, and this was just what I needed.

    1. I am happy that this post pleased you Carole. I feel the same way about your blog posts too.

  4. Good morning dearest soul and sizzle sistah! You have touched on the poetic truth that we can learn from the raw nature of nature. To stop and observe, to take in the silence is to hear the struggles of growth underground, to learn the language of bees and absorb the lessons of the dying petals. This is where we got our start: in the garden and where we will return. What a joy are the in between moments of this life!

    1. Good Afternoon Dear Anita! Nature is the key, my friend, to well being and focus. In our hurry scurry world it is way too easy to become distracted. So many lessons to learn in the Garden form the beginning to the end.

  5. I loved reading about your beautiful garden, sweet friend. The world may never slow down, but praise God, we can. We can make that conscious choice to eliminate noise and busyness from our lives and simply be. Sending love and hugs to you today!

    1. Hello dear Cheryl, I totally agree with you! The comfort that I receive in the garden and observing natures darling creatures is a catalyst for well being!


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