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June 23, 2022

Hello Dear Reader,

I hope this Jemma Tale finds you all doing very well.

It has been a while since I shared a Jemma Tale and now that I am back to writing, there is a good chance that you may find a few more of my tales in your inbox.

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Focusing on the field is a collection of heartfelt musings combined with a tad bit of pondering on the nuances of life.

Sharing where the calm of the day lives and for me it is always in the field.


Focus on the Field

Oh the beautiful fields that are scattered like colorful quilts all around our  majestic America.

For me the field is both literal and figuratively speaking; it is the amber waves of grain on my Idaho farm, wispy cottage gardens  which consistently delight me, rushing rivers that caress pristine mountain ranges, long walks in nature, hikes up mountains, mediation and prayer.

My burdens are lighter each time I encounter the whispers of nature.


What is your "Field?"

I return often to the field and especially so when I am stuck. 

Nature always speaks to me and resets my rhythm.

Your "field" may be anything that you'd like it to be.

Perhaps a well loved book, a special movie, a routine that comforts and allows a breath of angst to be exhaled and a new perspective to be taken in. 

However,  I dare say spending a little time each and every day outside will refresh a tired or worried soul in one way or another.


Consistent Gratitude and Attitude

Throughout the course of life there have been many consistencies which I turn to navigate this circuitous journey and one of them is consistent gratitude.

We all know that the path we all travel is most certainly not a straight one.


Our Choice

We all experience periods of difficulty and loneliness.

We also come to understand that we have choices.

Our choice which is choosing a state of mind.

It is our chief task in life to control our attitudes, wants and desires and even our opinions on what has happened to us.


Beautiful Reminder from one of the Great Philosophers in History

"You have power over your mind, not outside events. Realize this and you will have strength."
Marcus Aurelis


Wishing you a peaceful Weekend,


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  1. Oh Jemma, your words and your photos really got to me this evening, as I have been trying to get an airline ticket with the help of my children to see my granddaughter for her birthday soon.....and nothing is ever simple any more. Such a frustrating time, but I have faith it will all work out. I think about my Mom and how she had all her five kids in the same town, and that usually doesn't happen any more. So we travel. Those fields are so peaceful, and your zinnias are such a unique and pretty color. What a glorious photo with the sun shining through. You're right, spending time in nature makes all the difference, even if it's just for a moment or so. Thank you for your beautiful words here today, Jemma. I needed to hear them. : )


    1. Hello Dear Sheri,
      I am thinking of you and hopeful that everything has worked out in regards to your plane ticket purchase. We all have many challenges these days and I know nature and time in the garden resonates with both of us.

  2. Dearest heart, I missed this; I remember seeing on our Instagram post that this post was in the making but I never got the notification in my email until today! You are such a wonderful writer. You notice the world and the nuances that the literal events and environment unfold into metaphors for living. My field is also nature. The water is my soothing space as well as HORSES. hehehehehehe I just love to watch them be silly, majestic, vulnerable, powerful. I don't get a chance to see the latter much but nature itself gives me peace. May our fields forever expand my friend.

    1. My Dear, Dear Anita,
      You are such a treasure to me and our viewpoint on the power of healing through nature is in total alignment. I do know you love your horses!
      Thank you for the kind words of encouragement too!

  3. I'm completely getting what you are sharing here. My heart is in nature and I'm counting the days to when I return. Just imagining waking up in the morning to the quiet and enjoying a cup of coffee as I look outdoors sounds like a dream come true. I am finding that trying to navigate this life is challenging. I've decided to be positive and not settle because we can all do a little better. Thank you for sharing this- it's beautiful.

    1. Hello my Dear Texas Friend,
      We have always gotten one another and what a treasure our friendship is to me.
      Your dream come true is on the horizon and I am so looking forward to following your journey. Thank you for the lovely visit!


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